Monday, July 30, 2007

Get In Touch With Your Sexy Side has so many items and ideas to help individuals and couples get in touch with their sex sides. Everything from sexy lingerie to kinky love toys and games, all exceptional products created to bring more excitement and sex appeal to your sex play. Now that you have your sex toys and lingerie, what should you do with them? Well here are some ideas for couples on how to really bring out your sexy side and to get things fired up in the bedroom!

A good starting point is to make everything a super sexy surprise! Don't let your partner know that you've ordered and received a nice new selection of kinky sex toys that will tickle their fancy later on! Make all your arrangements perfect, and figure out all the small details. This will make your experience erotic and special. Of course leave room for improvising. I mean don't plan who will have their orgasm when, that is just silly! Plan things like where you will keep your sex toys; maybe under the pillow or in the night stand drawer. Make sure they are easy access so you don't waste any time searching for them. Try also having a variety at hand; the better the selection, the more sensations and excitement you will have!

Don't forget the lubrication and condoms. These items should also be kept close for easy access. Keeping the condoms under a pillow is probably the best place, as long as hands don't slide under and knock them down. This way you can reach them quickly and a very short stop is only required!

Keeping a towel right beside the bed on the floor for the messy ending will save you a lot of hassle. This way once everything is said and done, you can just reach down and grab it with out having to move and get everything everywhere.

Waiting until the right moment, and when he or she comes home, the good old fashioned trail of rose petals to the bedroom is still a very elegant and arousing entrance. Or why not try something new like placing a blind fold, a vibrator and a bottle of warming massage oil on a table right by the front door. Place a little note saying something like, “Take these things to the bedroom, take off all you clothes, lay down and put the blind fold on.” Hide in the bathroom or closet, of course wearing something super sexy (even if you are a guy), and come out only once they are ready and blind folded. Get some music going and drip some of the massage oil on them. Start rubbing around and eventually turn on the vibrator. The humming sound will drive your partner crazy, as they will surely know the sound and get really excited!

You could step it up a notch and instead of vibrator and massage oil, you could put a strap on harness and a dildo on the table! (This make-your-own strap on kit comes with the blind fold and harness in a cute leopard print).

This is just one idea to get in touch with your sexy side. Being mischievous and clever, and setting up a sexy erotic night is such a good way of feeling sexier yourself, and really getting closer with your partner. Try mixing in some vibrating jelly cock rings and some flavored blow job lubrication to really spice things up! What ever you do and how ever you do it, have fun and play safe. Remember to always think about how sexy you are, and this will radiate around you, and your partner will be sure to notice!

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