Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rekindle your Relationship

Sometimes people are very in love, but have a hard time rekindling that sexual spark that brought them together in the first place. This can be a very difficult time for some, and many emotions flare up and change in an instant. Well, one of the most successful ways of rekindling sexual love in a relationship is by incorporating sex toys into your relationship.

Sex toys are very personal items, and sharing them with your partner is a great way of telling them, “I want only you to know my dirty little secret”. Not only that, but you and your partner sharing the most extreme orgasms and mental bliss will also help in firing up that flame.

Think of a vibrating love ring being a couples sex toy; the man wears it, and the woman feels it. Well, they both feel it, and together they will feel closer and will experience a more sensual, sexually heightened experience. After this great sexual encounter with someone you love, you mind will be at ease, you will be more calm, and all your worries will not matter at that one point in time.

Does that not sound nice? Well there are more examples of sex toys bringing back the love in a relationship. How about a vibrator? Arguably the most popular sex toy, and the first sex toy ever invented, the vibrator can also help bring a couple closer sexually. It all starts with a simple gift for her, from her loving partner. Give her a vibrator is a very sweet way of telling her that you are interested in trying something new to try and rekindle the sexual spark.

Let her ease into her new sex toy. Try it together at first, and don't be shy. Don't forget your lubrication, and have a private and calm yet exhilarating experience. Then the next morning, cook her breakfast. This is the cherry on top of the cake. This whole loving experience all together will show her how much she means to you, and will definitely help ignite your flame into a fireball!

These are only two ways of letting sex toys bring better orgasms, and more of them. Even if you wanted to go wild and get a strap on dildo to wear and tease each other with, or something small like a vibrating clit toy that you can use on her. Then every time she uses it, she will think of you!

Not matter how you do it, rekindling your relationship with sex toys is a very personal and intimidating thing. But this will turn into exciting and erotic with lots of love and respect in mind. Let her know you care about bringing back the wild sex you used to have, and get her a kinky little sex toy.

Or, why not try picking one out together. This is another great way of doing something together. Search through shops or websites, and pick something out together that both of you would like to try. Some great ideas for couples looking to rekindle their sex life would be a clit Flicker love ring, a secret stash of love gifts, a sexy little clit toy, or a wild pair of edible undies. These are just a few suggestions of products that would suit a couple well. For more ideas, or to pick out your own items, visit

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