Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What's New At

Here at, we strive to constantly add new and exciting products to our already extensive list, so that you have a wider selection to choose from, and more detailed descriptions of all our products. This way you can keep your sex toy collection up to date with all the latest great toys, and complete wit all the dirty little things you love! This week, we have a couple great new additions, check them out and see what you think!

Pussy In A Can: Finally, a man's wildest dreams have come true! A pussy in a can! Ease to grab, easy to use, this male masturbator is discreet and small for your secret pleasures! Simply remove the masturbation sleeve from the plastic can, do your thing, and when you are finished, wash it out, let it air dry and place it back in the can! Made from Cyberskin, the best material for mimicking real skin, this masturbator is a great buy for its price. A real deal for men who just want more pleasure from their self gratification sessions. Makes a great gift!

Little Pink Pocket Pussy: A sexy pink masturbator, made out of stretchy latex material. The love tunnel is ribbed for your satisfaction, and is tight like a virgin girl! The vibrating bullet strap is removable, and the masturbator can be used with out it if you please. The multi-speed dial on the hand held controller gives you the power to feel as much or as little vibrations as you please! Instead of other masturbators with bullet vibrators that are inside the shaft with your penis, this one rests above, so you don't touch the cold metal and ruin your experience. Instead, the vibration simply travel through the material to stimulate your cock and deliver you an ultimate orgasm!

Lover's Secret Stash: This is the perfect gift for the special woman in your life. A super sturdy plastic case with a padlock and key that will keep all your naughty possessions private. This stash comes with a sexy and sleek plastic vibrator with multi-speed functions. This vibrator is powerful and will satisfy your every need. The stash also comes with a 4 fl oz bottle of Wild Orchid scented massage oil for all your sexy night time adventures! Rub each other up the right way with this erotic Lover's Secret Stash.

Lover's Enchanted Evening: The perfect kit for that sexy special occasion. This kit includes a 2 fl oz bottle of flavorless and odorless water based lubrication, a 2 fl oz bottle of Strawberry Spice warming massage oil, a 0.14 oz bottle of prolonging cream to keep him going, a 0.14 oz bottle of Cherry Passion Potion to tingle her love spots, a sexy and sleek multi speed vibrator, and a sexy “A Thousand And One Nights” love story to get the passion soaring. This kit has everything you need to prepare for a night of love and wild sex!

Glass Butt Plug: A sexy and solid butt plug that will slide comfortably in to your anus and rest there happily. The beauty of glass sex toys is that they will retain your body temperature perfectly. Or if you choose, you can place your glass anal toy in the freezer for a couple of minutes and feel the cool chill. This glass butt plug is chip and fracture resistant, and comes with a sexy velvet pouch for discreet storage.

These are only a few of our new products here at There are many more, so why not take a look and see for yourself. We have new products coming in monthly, all with your ultimate satisfaction and pleasure in mind!

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