Friday, February 06, 2009

Valentine's Love

The holiday about love is right around the corner. If you are left without any ideas, try some of our easy Valentine's day tips guaranteed to spark the love, passion and a whole new world of intimacy. Remember, if you can't afford to give diamonds, you could always give vibrators which are a woman's best friend!

1.) Give a massage.
Intimacy and relaxation go hand in hand. Try massaging each other with lovely scented massage oil. Put on slow nature music, have only the light from a few scented candles give the room ambiance for a romantic evening. Make it a professional-caliber massage, lay her (or him) face down, naked except for a towel covering the derriere.

Massage the back, neck and arms. Move in slow circular motions, Be sure to apply lots of massage oil because you don't want any friction. Rub light and heavy, alternate and move slowly, see how they respond with moans and groans. Massage for about 15 minutes to half an hour to let them fully relax.

2.) Go from the massage to the bath.
Have a bubble bath ready for your lover. Get them to go directly from the relaxation of the massage into the relaxation of the bubble bath. The massage oils will spread into the water, making it soft and slippery. Be careful not to slip however because it will be very slippery! Use a bath pillow to support the neck. Surprise your lover with a glass of wine in the bath. Float rose petals in the tub. You can buy rose petals in a bag from any florist and they are not as expensive as you think!

3.) Enjoy extended foreplay.
If you have sex toys, now is the perfect time to bring them out. Make foreplay last as long as you can. It's like practicing Tantric sex, build up and then let them come down. Make them anticipate when you are going to allow the release of sexual tension and explode in an orgasm. Tease and please but don't go too far, you are saving the best for last!

4.) Have Aphrodisiacs on hand
Try some ancient aphrodisiacs like chocolate, oysters and hot sauce. Even if they don't really work, it's all about the fun. Chocolate has proven effects but oysters are still controversial. In my opinion, I would set up a chocolate fondue, even better, feed your lover chocolate covered strawberries in the tub.

5.) Enjoy the grand finale.
Make sex different, do something you never normally do. Use warming lubricant, leave the lights on, try a new position like the wheel barrow. You began the night slow and romantic, you built up passion, now let is explode in a new way, the intimacy of the slow romance contrasting with the vigorous sex with make your connection closer and give new meaning to the romance of Valentine's day!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Home Made Costumes Ideas for Halloween

Looking for that perfect Halloween costume? Here are a few ideas on costumes that will stop any man dead in their tracks and give you that sexy look you are after. Besides the spooky costumes like a witch or a devil, you can be something sweet like a French maid or a wild dominatrix!

A fancy fairy is a sweet costume to bring out your flirty side. This costume can be easy to put together. Simply get some accessories like a wand and a tiara from a dollar store or discount shop. You can get the dress from a thrift store and add your own fun extras like lace, beads, extra layers etc with fabric you either have laying around or from various other clothing pieces you find at the thrift store!

A French maid costume can be maid simply by wearing a sexy, short black dress and add a skimpy waist apron and a feather duster. Make sure to put of lots of sexy make up to make you look a little sluttier, as the whole French maid idea is supposed to be seductive and sexy! Wear this costume with a sleek pair of fish net stockings and some tall heels and you've got a perfect costume!

Another easy costume is a cute waitress! Get yourself a small pink dress and apron and a pad of paper. You can take your partners kinky order and give them only the best service money can buy! If you have any sexy lingerie, wear it underneath any of your kinky costumes and surprise your partner with a hot body after they take your costume off of you!

This can be an incredibly sexy holiday, and can be the perfect occasion for kinky play! Incorporate your favorite sex toys with your hot costumes and make it a Halloween to remember!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Forever Foreplay!

Sex is fun, and sex with sex toys is even better. But what bout foreplay? If you are lacking in your sex life, perhaps the problem is a shortage of foreplay! Fore play includes acts such as sexy talk, passionate kissing, smooth massages, tongue teasing, tickling and taunting, naughty nibbling on various body parts: ears, neck, arms, fingers, legs, tummy, bums and so much more.

You can get creative with your foreplay sessions to keep things mixed up and erotic! Incorporate sex toys with your fun foreplay and experience a whole new level of sexy preparation. Use a small vibrator to tease your partners lips, breasts, feet, and both his and her naughty bits! Finger vibrators are great for foreplay as they are worn around one finger, making it easier to loose yourself in the moment without loosing control or dropping the toy!

Sweet feathers can tickle your partner in a sexy way! Gentle tickling is very erotic and stimulating. Get your partner to lay on their back cover their eyes with a silky eye mask. Then use a feather tickler to gently stroke them beginning at the top and slowly working your way down! Having their eyes closed will add to the sensation, making it impossible to resist grabbing you and giving it to you! You may even have to tie them down with some sexy restraints!

Rub your partners feet deeply until they are in a state of total relaxation. Then move up to massage their ankles, knees, thighs and then a slow but steady massage in between the legs! Anything you choose to do should be sexy and stimulating. Keep your partners pleasure in mind, and you'll be surprised how much more you get our of it! Getting prepared for your sexy time with some hot foreplay will add so much exotic and heavy pleasure to the sex, try it and see!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wild Nights with Other Couples

Are you looking into having a three-some, or want to experience the thrills of group excitement but are nervous and don't have a clue where to begin? Once you and your partner-couple, or multiple couples, have decided all of you want to try it, then there is one simple way that is fun and will open the door to your most adventurous experience; why not try an adult board game! There are many types of adult board games that are best kept to one couple, however there are equally as many that can be played with multiple couples!

These games are not only super fun, they will help you get more comfortable with the idea of being naked in front of your friends! Call up your closest couple and ask them to come over and play a kinky adult game with the two of you! Add a little alcohol, or keep it straight edge and enjoy an erotic and sensational new way of spending Friday nights!

Not all of these adult board games are incredibly physical and sexual, you can get some that are simple and sexy, yet still rather closed and comfortable. Start small and add a little humor to your group time! Playing an adult board game is a great way of connecting on a more personal level with the couple you desire. Both couples will surely be ready to step it up a notch after playing an exciting, humorous and all around pleasureful adult board game! Include as many couples as you can!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Why Wear a Thong?

These days it seems women's clothing is getting tighter and they are wearing less of it. It may sound like the world is taking a turn for the worst, but if done properly, this can be a very inspiring and sexy thing! Wearing a thong will help you look your best while wearing those tight little mini's and short shorts! Besides being a practical piece of clothing, it is no secret that thongs are all around simply sexy!

If you are unsure about wearing a thong, but are curious about all the buzz, this article breaks down this taboo undergarment into it's different functionality and style categories. This should help you see the brighter side to wearing less underneath, giving you more in the long run!

Everyday Thong

This style of thong is for a practical and comfortable wear. While still being super sexy, this style of thong will keep you feeling “in place” and snug. The elastic waistband provides the perfect fit and support, while the thong style back allows you to wear a sleek work pant or a cute mini skirt and never reveal embarrassing panty lines!

Sexy String Thong

A sexy string thong reveals your curvaceous figure and adds a simple yet incredibly spicy addition to your body! This is the thong that drives men wild, and keeps that slight hint of mystery! Men will beg to sneak a peek of whats underneath! You can be completely naked except a string thong, and this will automatically make you 100% sexier! These thongs are great for enticing and seducing your lover, and make you feel a little sexier also! These thongs can also be worn under your everyday clothing.

Wide Strap Thong

A wide side strap on a thong is great for practical wear and keeping your curves looking great. The perfect alternative to a string thong, the wider strap is comfortable and the thong style is still sexy! These style thongs are similar to everyday thong, only these thongs are made from lace, silk, satin, or any other luscious material. This thong will drop any man to his knees and have him begging for more!

Matching Thong

These thongs come with a matching top piece. Something like a bustier, baby doll, halter, bikini top, or any other type of sexy piece. These outfits are known more as “lingerie”! The top piece is usually the main attraction, followed down the body by the complementing thong. In this case the thong is not the center of attention, but boosts the look and ties the whole outfit together.

Fancy Thong

Planning a special romantic evening for two? Be sure to include dessert, but not just any dessert... you need a Fancy Thong! These thongs may have fringe, beads, diamonds, glitter, tassels or any kind of delicate addition that differentiates this thong from an everyday or a string thong. These thongs are only worn for sexy encounters when you need to look your best!

Fantasy Thong

Bring out your wild, feminine side with a Fantasy thong! This type of thong is also only worn once in a while, as it will have much more detail and flare than a Fancy thong. Fantasy thongs give more creativity to your romantic encounter, and can even lead to role playing! Fun, flirty and all around super sexy, Fantasy thongs are glamorous and enchanting!

Fetish Thong

All things bondage come alive with the addition of a Fetish thong. These thongs are usually made from leather, vynal, rubber or any other unusual material. These thongs are going to be tight and very sexy. They will usually be black colored, but do not have to be. Typically, a fetish style thong matches perfectly with s blindfold and some sexy bondage restraints! These thongs can have chains, zippers or any other decorations that are farm from girlie. These decorations are taunting and fierce, with a flare for dominance!

Vibrating Thong

A girl's best friend! Vibrating thongs add pleasure to everyday occasion. You can wear a vibrating thong while washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, or get wild and wear one to the grocery store! Vibrating thongs stimulate the clitoris and get her in the mood for more. These thongs can also sometimes accommodate him as well. This means the vibrating piece will rest against the clitoris and the rest will be easy access for him. These thongs are designed for wear during intercourse.

Edible Thong

Purely novelty, these thongs are fun and sexy! Wear this thong and let your lover eat it off you, piece by piece! These thongs come as candy, or as a thin layer of chocolate, strawberry or any flavor of edible material. These thongs make great romantic gifts!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to Make Sex More Comfortable

If you enjoy sex and like to experiment with a variety of sexual positions, you might suffer from a sore leg or kinked wrist in between your sexual encounters and position changing. That is probably the only downside to exciting sexual positions, your limbs don't really co-operate!

The following are some tips and ways that you can make sex more comfortable on your arms, hands, legs, feet back and virtually any other body part that gets in the way of sex!

1.)Prop with a pillow.
You can use any type of pillow but the harder type seems to work better. You can purchase a sex pillow or use your own that you sleep on at night. You can also use a throw pillow from your sofa.

The purpose of the pillow is to thrust your pelvis upward to allow easy penetration. You can allow use the pillow to rest the head during oral sex to prevent a kink in the neck.

The larger pillows work well for sexual intercourse and the smaller more square pillows work better for oral sex, in fact, a throw pillow is almost essential when doing a 69 oral sex because quite often, one partner will be larger then the other and one partner;s head won't be able to rest easily on the mattress or floor or wherever you may be.

2.) Swing into it.
Using a sex swing is a common way to make sex more comfortable but it's not all it's hyped up to be. Be careful because injuries can result from sex swings when a partner swings into a wall or flips over on their head! Sex swings do however offer you a fun way to have foreplay.

If you wan to experiment with foreplay and make it fun and exciting, a sex swing is a great ay to enjoy something different in your love life. It's not as comfortable as you think it might be, but it relieves pressure off the legs since you are held up high and it is fun so for the right couple, a a sex swing is fantastic addition to your love life.

3.) Slinging along.
A sex sling is the ultimate way to keep your legs un cramped and your back nice and limber. There are a variety of sex swings that hold up legs and necks. You can freely enjoy virtually any sexual position if you adjust a sling.

The most popular types of sex slings feature a padding that your neck rests on and the loops are for your feet. They are adjustable and meant to be used during wheel barrow sex positions and for when the woman lies o the bed and the man stands in front of her.

Another type of sex sling is the doggies style sling which is juts as the name says, it supports the tummy so that the body can be held up and you can enjoy sexual intercourse doggie style. It reduces the strain on the arms and allows for a great night of animalistic sex!

4.) Tie it up.
Bondage restraints are an overlooked way of making sex more comfortable. By typing your lover to your bedpost, you are doing them a favor by holding the limbs so they don;t have to. It creates more comfort and enables more excitement during sex because your lover can focus on what you are doing to them rather then trying to keep their hands up.

There are many ways to retain your lover like with handcuffs or leg cuffs and there are even adjustable clamps and straps that you can use in intricate ways to keep them in one place for as long as you desire.

These simple tips are great ways to keep sex more comfortable for both lovers to allow them to enjoy the best of the intimate act and to engage fully into any sexual fantasy they desire without having to worry about the strain on the limbs.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rabbit Vibrators vs. G-Spot Vibrators

For many women, it's a million dollar question, the rabbit vibrator or the g-spot vibrator? For most women who are experienced with vibrators, they know that each brings a completely different flavor and satisfies a different urge.

The g-spot vibrator allows internal orgasms and the rabbit vibrator allows external orgasms. Many people debate that there is a difference between the two, but gynecologists have studied sexual response in women have noticed that there are two different types of orgasms, the internal orgasm and the external orgasm.

The internal orgasm is brought on by g-spot stimulation and feels more like clenching muscles inside, followed by a craving for penetration. Many women fake this sort of orgasm during sex because it is not possible to achieve this during regular sex in missionary position unless the man's penis is curved upwards.

There are a few sexual positions that enable g-spot stimulation during sex such as doggie style or with the use of a pillow propping up the woman's lower back, but every woman agrees that the best way to stimulate the g-spot for the best orgasm is with a g-spot vibrator. For those who love the internal muscle spasms and feeling of deep penetration, this vibrator is your best friend.

Next is external orgasm which is given by the rabbit vibrator. This amazing creation is for clitoral stimulation which is the easiest form of orgasm for women. Easy and well known because the feel is very intense, it feels as is the clitoris itself itself is having the orgasms, you can feel the difference as it occurs outside and brings tingling feeling to your whole body.

Many women crave penetration at the time of clitoral orgasms so in this case, a bullet vibrator leaves more to be desired, since they are made to be used during sex only, the man should be penetrating and filling that desire for penetration This is exactly what the rabbit vibrator is designed to do, offer the replacement penis should the man not be present to provide the filling feeling.

Which is better? Neither, they are both essential for complete sexual satisfaction. That is not the question really because in order for a woman to really feel sexually whole, she needs to experience both types of orgasms.

Many women will get bored with the same orgasm time after time so it is best to stock up with one of each type and vary the sexual feel. Give yourself the type of orgasm you want at the time you want it, that is the best way!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fun and Sexy Internet Reading

As you surf around the internet, you probably enjoy reading interesting things with sexy articles. We've come across some sexy, fresh new and fun websites that might be of interest to our readers.

This new erotic thoughts blog has interesting perspectives on things regarding sexuality, and sexually suggestive themes in our society. I am very excited to follow this blog becuase her writings are very good and thought provoking!

This second blog is also written by the same author and is a study on sexuality in advertising. A great side-project and ideas for thesis about human sexuality. If you are a college student studying these aspects on society, the sex in advertising blog is of great interest to you.

A final blog by the same author again is called How To Be Sexy. Here she has some fun reads about various ideas and tips on how to have more fun with your sexuality.

We are very honored to mention her new blogs because they have great original content and are a lot of fun to read. We enjoy reading unique articles about sex just as much as you do and want to share what we find! New articles will be added regularly so check back to see what crazy ideas she comes up with next! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sit, Stay! Ideas For Erotic Beginner's BDSM!

Many people have the most unique, deep fantasies, often relating to dominance and submission. These fantasies usually stem from things like embarrassing naughty teacher fetishes as adolescents, or the fiendish and conniving mentality of sly teenagers. So the boy in the corner who purposely forgets his homework simply so the teacher will teach him a lesson, and the bossy girl who makes fun of the weaker ones could easily grow into the most kinky and erotically in-tune adults, and hopefully one day find each other!

Well if this is the case for you, and you've found your discipline partners but are not to sure where to begin, then here are a few ideas of this you and your partner can try to pick things up and get the punishments delivered.

It is usually pretty obvious who is the dominate one and who will play submissive, so once that is sorted, start small. Maybe one of you have some specific requests, for example someone with a foot fetish would prefer sexy shoes or boots, or someone who likes to be blindfolded may require a selection of soft eye covers! These are the small details that will mean the difference between roaring orgasms and frustration.

If you are into bondage, then try getting some sexy restraints. You can get wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs that can be used to hold your partner to a chair, post, the bed etc. Or why not try some silky bondage rope and a book on different rope tying techniques. Then you can practice tying each other up and having your way with them.

If one of you likes to role play, then cute and kinky costumes are a must. Naughty nurse, horny fireman, or perhaps something more detailed like a sweet, innocent maiden versus a blood thirsty demon of the night.

You can also add food to your fetish. Tie him up, beat him down and then gently feed him his dinner. Or get him to tie you up and tease you with strawberries and whipped cream. You can of course be vile about it as well! An idea for her: tie her up with her legs spread so she cannot bring them together, then tie up her hands behind her back and get out her favorite clitoral stimulator or vibrator. Then lube it up, and tease her with some sweet fruit and chocolate. Feed her a piece for a hint of the goodness to come, and the begin taunting her with the vibrator. Using sex toys can be a real sweet treat on its own, but this just adds some eroticism to it all!

So play around with her, poking and probing her with the vibrator, until she can barely handle it. Feed her her fruit occasionally, which will help her mentally link this sweet treat with the sensation between her legs. Also, her not being able to push her legs together will help her reach her orgasm faster, and stronger! The right before she orgasms, give her another piece of fruit and watch her amazing orgasm she will have, an orgasm so grand it will tingle all her senses!

This is just one kinky idea you can do to tease each other. Play around and get creative with your bondage gear and sexy fetishes. If he has a foot fetish, or some kind of fetish that can be tickled with sexy clothing or accessories, then why not lay him down and walk all over him with your spikiest heels and your shortest skirt! Get him to give your heel a good sucking on, and maybe he should be licking and kissing your delicate ankle... then oops! An innocent little kick in the cheek! But make sure you tie him up first, so he can't pounce on you!

Anyway you choose to play, enjoy your partner, and enjoy the sexy things you do together. Keep trying new things, and maybe invest in some kinkier sex toys or some more interesting bondage equipment! There is always bondage furniture you can get, like chairs with built in restraints and so on.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Take Care Of Your Sex Dolls!

So your looking for a sex doll, and you finally decided which one you want. Maybe she is a bit busty, or maybe she is oh so realistic, but either way, you need to care for your sex doll to ensure you get the maximum pleasure from her, and so she will last as long as she can!

As excited as you are, you try and calm yourself as you answer the door. The polite mail carrier hands you over your plain brown box, oblivious to its sweet contents. You, on the other hand, are as giddy as a young boy getting his first blow job! You practically rip the package out of the carriers hands, and slam the door behind you as you run up the stairs. Ripping open the package, your eyes widen with amazement at your beautiful new babe in a box! Get out your sex doll hand pump, and begin inflating your new sex slave.

Now, for your first use, you want to inflate and make sure there are no small rips, tears or anything that will allow the air to escape. The manufacturers are very specific when producing these sweet pleasure dolls, so most likely your doll will be in perfect condition. But, it's best to check. Inflate and let her sit for a couple of hours. If everything is good, then get ready to dive into your sexy slut!

Apply a water based lubrication to yourself, and to any area you are going to insert your penis or fingers, or toys or whatever.. Water based lubrication is important, as other lubricants may harm the latex material. Always consult the instructions booklet before using, but for the lower end dolls, try not to put too much weight on your doll, or it may not be able to handle it, and can burst. They are typically very strong, and your manual will be able to tell you exactly how much weight your doll can hold. For the higher end dolls, they are usually made from a stronger, more life like material and will be able to withstand more weight.

Clean your doll well after every use with sex toy cleaner, or with an anti-bacterial soap and warm water. This is important as the holes that will take your bodily fluids may have crevasses and folds that need to be flushed out in order to stay sanitary. Bacteria can build up if you do not clean your doll properly. The higher end dolls will usually have removable vaginal and anal areas for easier cleaning.

As for the expensive realistic dolls, many have life like features like beautiful flowing hair, glimmering eyes, full luscious lips and notched mouths for the most intensely orgasmic experience you can enjoy over and over.

Weather you like the big booty dolls with extra junk in their trunks, or the slutty super star sex dolls, you will enjoy having a sexy companion with that “never say no” attitude! As long as you take care of your sex dolls and don't leave them stranded on a beach some where, they should last you a long time, for night after night of hot lovin' and explosive cummin'!