Friday, September 09, 2005

Venus Penis: The Revolutionary Strap On Clitoral Stimulator

The Venus Penis is such an amazing invention. The name alone became the adopted term for all wearable strap on clitoral and vaginal stimulators. There have been many knock offs and imitations since, but the Venus Penis reigns as the best strap on clitoral stimulator of all time. Tens of thousands have sold and there are nothing but rave reviews about this toy.
I own one, I had it for quite a few years now. They are so comfortable to wear.
Here's a tip from me: wear it at home while you are washing dishes, vacuuming the rug and cleaning the house.
The Venus Penis makes household chores so exciting! It does not move around at all, it hits your hot spots until you want it to stop!
The straps are fully adjustable to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit for every woman. The controller has a clip on the back so you can strap it to your pocket.

One of the greatest features about the Venus Penis has a very low price.
This makes it ideal for the woman on a budget.

It straps on like a thong and the unit itself is in the shape of a cute butterfly with a little penis coming out of his belly. This gives your vagina incredible teasing tingling sensations while it vibrates. The nose of the butterfly sits right on top of the clitoris and tantalizes it with pinpoint accuracy. The tail of the butterfly stimulates the anal region, but it does not penetrate or come too close for those who are squeamish about back door action! I highly recommend this discreet sex toy.