Friday, August 31, 2007

Sex Toys Are Great!

Sex toys are perfect additions to a happy marriage, or relationship. They bring love, respect, and above all, hotter, wilder and kinkier sex! Bringing sex toys into your relationship will bring the two of you closer mentally, and physically, and will leave you both smiling all day long.

Sex toys also help reduce stress. A good orgasm will please a man and a woman in their minds by reducing special chemicals that ease the mind, and bring a more peaceful state. This is what our bodies are meant to feel, and when we do experience a great orgasm, we all become happier people!

Now there are many myths surrounding sex toys and health issues. Some people think vibrators for example can hurt women and they will not be able to experience a great orgasm again after they use a vibrator. This is very untrue. Anything can be dangerous, and vibrators are no exception. If used inappropriately, or for any other use, of course vibrators can be dangerous. But if a vibrator is used solely for it's use to pleasure a woman, then everything should be fine. Consulting your doctor before you invest in a vibrator if you are not sure is probably is a good idea.

But vibrators have given the pleasure of an orgasm to many women who have had operations for some types of cancers. This is a great thing for these women. They may never be able to feel the pleasure of a man again, but the intense vibrations and strong sensations of sex toys may be the only thing they have! This is a wonder to these woman, and people trying to tell them that vibrators are bad, I'm sure they have gone through enough to even bother!

There is also the example of the older couple who are still so in love, and want nothing more than to please each other. But what about the poor man who is not as young as he used to be? He may need a little bit of help getting a full erection so he can please his wife. This can be solved simply with sex toys! No embarrassing prescriptions or doctors appointments needed, simply invest in a male strap on dildo, or even just a cock ring! This way he can have is erection, and she can have her orgasm!

Besides helping many people who cannot experience sex the way others can, sex toys are all around great little additions to self pleasure! A woman taking a bath, why not take a little waterproof vibrating clit toy with her and have a real tub time experience! Just a quick little masturbation aid, she can reach her orgasm quickly and with great satisfaction!

Also for men, a masturbator can make his self pleasing time more erotic and exciting! This all has to do with the orgasm creating happy chemicals in the brain. A man wants an orgasm, as it will keep him calmer, instead of all worked up, happier, and even less horny around other women. The worst thing is a man who has a very high sexual appetite being around pretty girls and having all these thoughts running through his mind. If he goes home at night and satisfies his needs, perhaps he can control his urges and keep himself less restless! Male masturbators come in all shapes and sizes, from jelly flowers with suction chambers to mimic oral sex, to an ultra soft, ribbed tunnel surrounded by a molded vagina!

Sex toys in general are great for helping couples rekindle their sexual flame, and for simply pleasing a solo masturbation session. Whatever your reason for using sex toys, never be ashamed, and always be excited! Sex toys bring many people happiness, calmer minds, and more peace on a daily basis! So go on, and enjoy sex toys. They are not only for porn stars, and they are definitely not dirty and degrading, but rather for every adult who wants something new in their sex life. Sex toys are for everyday people and couples, and may be enjoyed privately by all kinds of partners daily, with no shame or disgrace. Enjoy your sex toys, and share your passion with your partner. Let sex toys give you better nights together, and more fantasies to share!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rekindle your Relationship

Sometimes people are very in love, but have a hard time rekindling that sexual spark that brought them together in the first place. This can be a very difficult time for some, and many emotions flare up and change in an instant. Well, one of the most successful ways of rekindling sexual love in a relationship is by incorporating sex toys into your relationship.

Sex toys are very personal items, and sharing them with your partner is a great way of telling them, “I want only you to know my dirty little secret”. Not only that, but you and your partner sharing the most extreme orgasms and mental bliss will also help in firing up that flame.

Think of a vibrating love ring being a couples sex toy; the man wears it, and the woman feels it. Well, they both feel it, and together they will feel closer and will experience a more sensual, sexually heightened experience. After this great sexual encounter with someone you love, you mind will be at ease, you will be more calm, and all your worries will not matter at that one point in time.

Does that not sound nice? Well there are more examples of sex toys bringing back the love in a relationship. How about a vibrator? Arguably the most popular sex toy, and the first sex toy ever invented, the vibrator can also help bring a couple closer sexually. It all starts with a simple gift for her, from her loving partner. Give her a vibrator is a very sweet way of telling her that you are interested in trying something new to try and rekindle the sexual spark.

Let her ease into her new sex toy. Try it together at first, and don't be shy. Don't forget your lubrication, and have a private and calm yet exhilarating experience. Then the next morning, cook her breakfast. This is the cherry on top of the cake. This whole loving experience all together will show her how much she means to you, and will definitely help ignite your flame into a fireball!

These are only two ways of letting sex toys bring better orgasms, and more of them. Even if you wanted to go wild and get a strap on dildo to wear and tease each other with, or something small like a vibrating clit toy that you can use on her. Then every time she uses it, she will think of you!

Not matter how you do it, rekindling your relationship with sex toys is a very personal and intimidating thing. But this will turn into exciting and erotic with lots of love and respect in mind. Let her know you care about bringing back the wild sex you used to have, and get her a kinky little sex toy.

Or, why not try picking one out together. This is another great way of doing something together. Search through shops or websites, and pick something out together that both of you would like to try. Some great ideas for couples looking to rekindle their sex life would be a clit Flicker love ring, a secret stash of love gifts, a sexy little clit toy, or a wild pair of edible undies. These are just a few suggestions of products that would suit a couple well. For more ideas, or to pick out your own items, visit

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Penis Pumps For Penis Enlargement

Many think penis pumps to be one of two things: a wave of the future, or the most dangerous thing you can do to your favorite bits. Well, in reality penis pumps fall into both of these categories, but mostly in between. Penis pumps have helped many men, but can be very dangerous if not used properly. With some simple care and no overuse, penis pumps may be successful for you in more ways than one.

To get one messy theory out of the way, penis pumps do not really give you “more length”. This is pretty much impossible to do without painful surgery and months of recuperation. Instead what they do is help you get a raging hard on! So for men who have a hard time getting an erection in the first place, or for men who want a slightly larger erection than your natural erection, penis pumps are one of the most helpful tools.

So to use a penis pump, always follow the instructions provided with your pump. Before you beginning using your penis pump, it is best to massage and stretch your penis for 3-5 minutes to get it warmed up and ready to go. A warm body, penis and scrotum will pump easier and safer, and the blood will flow easier. It is always easier if you lubricate your penis before beginning, this way when you go to remove your penis from the pump, it will slide out easily and not pull painfully.

Next, slide your penis in to the plastic tube, and make sure the seal at the base is secured and air locked around the base of your penis. Do not insert your testicles into the pump, as they are not part of the pumping process! Begin pumping slowly; no pain or discomfort should be felt when pumping. Once again, read your instructions to know what pressure you should pump to. You should always use the minimum amount of pressure needed to reach your erection.

Only pump until you have reacher an erection slightly larger than your natural erection, but be careful. Improper use of a penis pump can result in rupturing blood vessels under the skin or inside the shaft of the penis, which can lead to hemorrhaging and other medical conditions. If ANY discoloration or major pain should be experienced, see a medical professional straight away.

If you follow the instructions and never exceed the minimum pressure you need to reach your erection, everything should work fine, and you should be able to enjoy a rockin' hard on! 99% of penis pumps will come with a quick release valve for added safety. Once you are finished pumping, simply push the quick release valve to release the pressure.

Some penis pumps are simple, and some have fancy additions, like a vibrating tongue at the top that will tickle your head while you pump, getting you way more aroused for intercourse. These little added functions are a great addition to any pump, but do not interferer with the pumping process.

Enjoy your new penis pump, and never forget to read the instructions fully before beginning. Make sure you wash your pump thoroughly as to not grow bacteria in the tube. Also, discontinue use and see a medical professional if any discomfort, pain, swelling or discoloration should be a result of use. Have fun and love your new, bigger erection!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sex Toy Review: 10 Function Love Vibe

The 10 Function Love Vibe is one of the most popular vibrators, and there are good reasons for all the fame. This vibrators is one of the most versatile vibrators available as it literally has 10 different vibrating modes to choose from. Not only that, but this vibrators is beautiful and comfortable. The perfect shimmering, fiery red for women who love the feminine sex toys.

This vibrator makes the perfect valentines day or anniversary gift for that special girl, as it is a personal gift, and the shaft of the vibrator is spotted with little red jelly hearts! What a way to say “I love you” than with a female sex toy that has hearts on it! But the hearts are of course practice, not just pretty. When the vibrator is on, the hearts act as extra stimulating bumps that will add more pleasure to the womans encounter than the standard vibrator.

The jelly is not firm, but squishy, and slightly pliable and is laced with sparkles for a glistening effect. The core of the vibrator is not solid, so you can bend and flex this vibrator any which way you want, or if you happen to be crawling around of the floor, or sitting on a chair, the vibrator will bend with your body to keep comfortable and not rigid.

The ultra sexy 10 Function Love Vibe only requires 2 AA batteries, but has all the power you could even want. Strong and quiet, this vibrator has the word 'discreet' in mind. The loudest mode is the steady-strong vibrations. The vibrations range from steady-soft to pulsing, to a kind of pumping, to some very unique vibrations to steady-strong and everything in between. The ON/OFF button is separate from the NEXT FUNCTION button, so it is easy to change the mode in a hurry, right before you orgasm, or whenever you need to try the next one. Having different functions is perfect for women to be able to create their own personal vibrator.

Besides the hearts as added pleasure nodes, the shaft of the vibrator is deeply ribbed for even more sensations! Moving this vibrator in and out will feel very sensual and very erotic for a woman. Along with all the 10 different styles of vibrations, and the extravagant ribs, this vibrator is one of the best vibrators for feeling extra sexy, and reaching your orgasm uniquely and comfortably. The design is perfect for any woman, as the shaft is only 1.75 inches wide and 7 inches insertable.

You can drop this vibrator from a decent height with out fracture or cracking. The base is plastic, and may crack, but the shaft being a durable jelly will not. It is easy to see why this sexy vibrator is one of the most popular vibrators on the market today, and why every woman should own one! Easy to keep hidden, comfortable, beautiful, versatile, flexible, powerful, strong, supple, soft, easy to clean... what more could you want in a female sex toy! Great for spoiling yourself, or for your perfect gift, ask your man for your 10 Function Love Vibe today and start enjoying your self pleasuring time more tonight!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Clitoral Stimulators

Clitoral stimulators are some of the most powerful female sex toys around. They vibrate strongly, and feel oh so good for the lucky girl wearing it. There are of course many different styles and sizes that are available, all with their own unique sensations. Some are more popular than others, and some are more comfortable than others, but all the different characteristics make for a great selection and choices!

Some clitoral stimulators are worn with thigh straps, which keeps the vibrator piece in place with a hands free option. You can of course simply hold the stimulator up to your love spot and move it around as you please, but the straps are there for you to b able to wear your stimulator under clothing while doing house chores, or simply just lounging around! These are a popular style of stimulator, as it is easy to wear and feels great. The nylon straps are adjustable,comfortable and durable.

Finger toys are another popular style of clit toys, as she can wear it on the tip of her finger, and move it around easily. The finger ring is usually stretchy or adjustable, and can rest on any finger. Turn the vibrations on and feel the wonderful pleasure of a finger clit toy. A great feature of these stimulators is that not only she can wear it, but her partner can place it on his finger and tickle her with it. A great form of foreplay, these stimulators turn a mans finger into a vibrating, clit stimulation, and highly orgasmic machine!

If you like the feeling of a sucking sensation on your clitoris, then a small clitoral suction pump is the clitoral stimulator for you! A small hand held pump with little suction chamber that will vibrate your clit while gently sucking on it. The hand pump lets you decide how much suction you want to feel, and usually multi-speed, you can also decide how much vibrations you want to feel.

You can also feel the vibrating sensations that you love so much while going out your daily routine. Vibrating panties are the perfect way of stimulating your clitoris while going to the supermarket, or while doing the dishes in the kitchen. As you move, the stimulator may shift a tiny bit, which will tickle your bits the right way, moving slightly, but concentrating on your hot spot.

Of all the clitoral stimulators, it really depends on your wants and needs to find the perfect one for you. If you like hands free, or if you prefer all hands on, there is a clitoral stimulator that is perfect for you. Shop around and try many different styles of clit toys. Most likely, you will love what you feel and won't even want to go without your clit toy ever again!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sex Toys, What Are They Good For?

Sex toys are a big part of tons of peoples everyday lives. Some people use them in their jobs, and some people in private. Either way, sex toys are great for spicing up sex, taunting and teasing your partner, filling the void on those lonely nights, or just having because you love them!

The people who use sex toys in their jobs are either really exotic dancer types, or maybe fetish types, porn stars, and those types of jobs. I must admit, most people do use them only in their private lives, such as erotic sex play, kinky teasing, and that is pretty much the main use for sex toys.

Smaller clit toys are great for female masturbation, and for teasing. The powerful vibrations that most of these clit toys emit are perfect for women who love clitoral orgasms. Or try holding it up to your partners nipples and watch him squirm! For a very erotic and romantic foreplay, get him to use your clit toy on you while you simply lay back and love it.

Vibrators are of course a widely known sex toy. These were the first sex toys ever invented, and it was for medical purposes. Now days, vibrators can be found in almost every home across the globe, and theres a good reason why. Vibrators for women can be the only source of pleasure they get when their husbands are away on business or if they are in the army for example. Not only that, some women who have had certain surgeries cannot feel the pleasures of sex anymore, so they turn to a vibrator. Vibrators are very powerful, which the women can feel, returning to them the sexual pleasures they have lost.

Cock rings are useful as they help a man keep premature ejaculation under control. This is possible as the cock ring will fit tightly around the base of the shaft, and this will restrict the flow of semen. They should only be used for about 20 minutes during a sexual encounter, as they could damage blood veins by decreasing blood flow.

Cock rings also help a man maintain a strong erection. Men who have a hard time keeping their hard on strong can use a cock ring to keep the blood in the shaft. Again, only a maximum of 20 minutes for each session should the ring be worn. These cock rings are a savior for men who have erectile problems. Some of them also come with mini bullet vibrators for his partner to enjoy.

Male masturbators are great for men who are either lonely, or their spouses are away. Comfortable and safe, male masturbators are usually shaped as vagina's and made out of life like materials. They can also be made out of jelly and shaped like other things, like flowers or just cylinders. Masturbators help a man reach his orgasm quickly and strongly.

Strap on dildos are a vital part of sex play for some couples. Think of the man who is older, and just can't 'get it up' anymore. Him and his wife still love sex, but what to do if he can participate? Well, a strap on dildo will come and save the day! Strap on's for men will have a space to allow the mans real genitals to hang down below comfortably so he can still penetrate his wife and give her pleasure.

There are many other types of sex toys that have many other uses. Sex toys in general can be used for many reasons; helping an older couple who still want to enjoy sex, helping a woman who cant enjoy regular sex, a man who wants to maintain his orgasm or avoid premature ejaculation, or just add an erotic side to a couples sex life. Whatever your reason, sex toys are good for so many things, and will continue to help people express their sexuality for many years to come!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sexy Anal Toys

Many people use anal toys for increased pleasure during sex, but not everyone does. This article is geared towards the people who are nervous about using anal toys, but want to try it out. I will try to help explain anal toys, how they are used, why they are used, and hopefully anal toys will be introduced into your bedroom fun!

First of all, the reason women use anal toys is when the toy is resting in her anus, it fills her up and pushes against the vaginal canal, making the canal slimmer. When her partner, or a vibrator, penetrate her, she feels it more, and so does he. To him, it feels like she is tighter and the canal is longer which will make sex for him better. For her, he massages closer and pushed in deeper, or at least thats what it feels like.

When a women uses anal beads, they will help increase her orgasm. She inserts them all the way, and right before she reaches her orgasm, pull the beads out and feel the sensations all rushing at once. This feeling for a girl is so great, making anal beads very popular for women.

For men, the anal toys will press against the prostate, which also increases sexual desire. The feeling of something pressed firmly against the prostate is almost enough in itself to get a man to reach orgasm, but during sex, it is much better. As for anal beads, its the same thing with women; place them inside and pull them out right before you orgasm.

Vibrating anal toys add to the sensations. They will help a mans prostate stimulation more than ever, and will send him into swirls of orgasmic pleasure. For women, the vibrations will arouse her and help her reach her orgasm stronger and faster.

There are different anal toy materials, from silicone to jelly and everything in between. It all depends on what you like to feel and if you like it firmer or softer. For beginners, it is recommended to start small and slowly ease into larger sized toys. Maybe starting with something super soft and small would be the best choice.

Also, when using anal toys, lots of lubrication is required. Using specialized anal lube is your best bet for the most comfort and safest use. This lube is water based, but thicker. It is made for the tight opening, so it is thicker and won't come off that easily. It does wash away with water, but it is tougher to spread, making sliding a toy in and out a lot easier and more comfortable.

Anal toys are great for couples who want more from their sex, and who are ready to try something new. Anal toys open doors to heightened orgasms and exciting new sensations that you will fall in love with! It is true that when you use anal toys for the first time, you do need to practice a couple of times before you really love it. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but once you make it part of your regular sex routine, you will start loving it in no time.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vibrators Are Good For Women

Some people think of vibrators as bad or dirty, but more people think of them as sexual saviors! There are many women out there who have had specific surgeries and cannot enjoy sex as much anymore, and rely on the vibrator to fulfill their sexual needs and keep that gleaming smile on their faces. Vibrators are not only a necessity in the lives of thee women, they are also a must for women who have a hard time reaching their orgasm, women who's partners are out of town, and even just for women looking for to appease their sexual appetite.

Vibrators have been around for more than 100 years, first being invented for the use by doctors to help women with hysteria. These women would visit the doctor daily, and leave smiling. This process was not sexual for the doctor, it was merely their duty. But as soon as the vibrator made its way into silent adult films in the 1920s, they went underground and were not used by doctors anymore. This is where the vibrator became a sexual tool, only to be improved and perfected all the way up to today!

Today, there are many different styles of vibrators to choose from, with many different materials. All of which are purely for pleasure, of course. But for women who have had surgeries for some types of cancer, they may have a hard time feeling pleasure again. They want to have fun with their partners, but it may be difficult for them to feel the sensations. That is how a vibrator comes into play. The vibrators that are high powered are prefect for these women. They can feel the vibrations and this sends them to their bliss.

Also, for women who just have a hard time reaching their orgasm the old fashioned way, a vibrator is an essential tool. Women can use a vibrator before they engage in intercourse with their partners, and this will help them join their partner in orgasmic pleasure. For a more erotic twist, the man can use the vibrator on the women as a form of foreplay!

For women who's hubbies are away on business or just away from home, vibrators can keep them happy and satisfied until they return. For an erotic twist, she can use her vibrator to help herself while talking to him on the phone. On his end he can do his thing too, and that is a wonderful way of keeping your partner close when they are to far away.

And of course there is the lonely woman with no significant other. Everyone deserves to feel pleasure, and she can too with a powerful vibrator! With so many to choose from, she can be fulfilled for hours, every day! And when she does find her other half, then he can join in the fun, and she will be more excited than ever! This is because women who use vibrators are more likely to be sexually hungrier and way more erotic in the sack than a woman who does not. So not only is her vibrator satisfying her, it is preparing her sexual appetite for when that lucky guy comes trough her door.

Overall, vibrators have been around long enough for women everywhere to know that they are important tools in experiencing the ultimate sexual satisfaction! No matter your reason for using one, vibrators alike are fulfilling many womens needs all over the world, and surely not to stop any time soon!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Making Oral Sex Better

Oral sex is a great way of giving your partner something more than just sex. You give them pleasure beyond their wildest fantasies, and a reason to love you more! But sometimes, oral sex can be difficult if you are just not into it. There are a few options that can help you give great oral, and help you become more attractive yourself!

For women, there are oral sex enhancers that will turn your love spot into the best tasting thing on the menu. Many flavors from Hot Apple Pie to Cherry for you to choose from, and fall in love with. The warming effect will stimulate her while the sweet taste will get his tongue going! Simply squirt a bit on her, and let him lick his way around. These enhancers are perfect for couples where the man does not like the taste or is not to fond of the smell. It is natural for some people to dislike those aspects of oral sex, and these warming oral sex aids will help.

For men, the same idea. If she has a hard time enjoying his tasty treat, make it better! Flavors ranging from Berry to Cinnamon to Pina Colada, and everything in between are what will get her sucking! These oral sex aids may also help with the nasty gag reflex that can occur in some women. Sliding the shaft into your mouth deeply until the head touches the throat can make her gag, and this can be very uncomfortable. These tasty oral sex enhancers will slightly numb the throat, making it easier to deep throat, all while adding some flavor to your lollipop!

Not all of the oral sex aids for a mans penis will help with the gag reflex though. Make sure the ingredient Benzocaine is present, as this is what will slightly numb the throat. This ingredient is safe and edible, as it is the same numbing agent that dentists use.

The numbing oral sex aids may also act as a prolonging cream for him. The same Benzocaine ingredient that numbs the throat may also numb the penis, there fore making him last longer before he cums.

If actual oral sex is not going to happen, why not consider a masturbator that is a sexy set of lips, wanting to warp around your hard manhood? These masturbators are usually made of Cyberskin, but can also be made from other life like materials, and will mimic a blow job for you! A sexy set of lips, sometimes with a pierced tongue, or maybe a vibrating bullet to stimulate you more and get your hard cock relieved!

Also, some masturbation sleeves are closed on one end, and these jelly sex toys will create a suction amount the penis as he thrusts into it. This is also a blow job mimicking effect that will send you to the orgasmic wonderland everyone should visit!

These masturbators are perfect for lonely men, or men who crave oral sex, but their partners are not in the mood. The oral sex creams and gels are great for couples who love oral sex, or want to love oral sex, but need a little flavor, or simply want a little flavor! Weather you already love it and want to try something new, or can help but cringe at the thought, oral sex enhancers will send you and your partner to a land of lust, and great pleasure! The best part is, these enhancing gels and lotions are not expensive in the least. So go on and get your own bottle of oral sex aid, and start enjoying your partners love spots in so many ways!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Male masturbators are great for guys who need a little help satisfying themselves during their self gratification times. Made from different materials, masturbators can bring you to the ultimate orgasm, and leaving you feeling fulfilled. There are many different kinds out there, and it all depends on what you are looking for. Molded like real vagina's, masturbators are a piece of material that a man can thrust into to help him reach his climax sooner, and experience a heightened orgasm.

Cyberskin masturbators are the ones that are closest to real life skin, and they are soft and supple, and super sexy. The come in all sorts of colors and sizes, and feel oh so good on your penis. Most of the time, the love tunnel is ribbed for added pleasures. Some masturbators have a hole and tunnel for the vagina, and one for the ass, so you can take them any way you want.

Also, some masturbators come with a vibrating bullet that will stimulate you, and add extra pleasure to your masturbation experience. Some are placed in their own holes, and some are inserted at the end of the love tunnel. Also, some vibrating bullets have their own strap, and are placed on the outside of they masturbator, sending th vibrations thought the material and surrounding you in lusty sensations.

They don't have to be a vagina though, some masturbators are mouths that will mimic a blow job. These are perfect for men who love getting their blow jobs, and their girlfriends are always saying now There is one masturbator you can get that has a barbell through the tongue for a pierced blow job!

Not all masturbators are shaped like vagina's, some are simply jelly molds of other things, like a flower for example. These are often open ended on one end and closed on the other to create a suction. This means the harder you thrust into it, and the faster you pump, the more suction you get and the more orgasmic an experience!

Which ever masturbator you choose, you will love how nicely they compliment your private time. Use one and you will never go back. Male masturbators open doors to a while new level of pleasure you can not experience with one. Try one today and you will never masturbate with out one again!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pleasure Balls For Women

Pleasure balls are great for women who needs a little pleasure during their day to day routines, and for women who are practicing Kegel exercises. They are placed in the vaginal canal and worn for a couple hours, daily preferably. The more you wear them, the stronger your vaginal muscles will become, and the tighter you will become!

Not only tightening of muscles, but statistically, women who wear pleasure balls over women who don't experience heightened orgasms, and are more sexually hungry in general. The way they work, is a women slips the balls inside her vaginal canal, and holds them in by squeezing her vagina muscles tight. They will bounce around inside her all day as she goes about her daily routine, and the action of holding them in will strengthen her muscles over time.

Also, as she holds them in, she will feel them hit her love spots inside, and this will trigger her to be turned on, and she will crave sex more than ever. All she has to do is wear them for a couple of hours everyday, and after two or three weeks, you will start to feel the difference.

For beginners, plastic or jelly type balls are best, and larger in size as well. This way you can keep them in without them falling out! A good way of getting them out is simply by coughing! But this can be dangerous if you decide to wear them to the super market. Imagine standing in line for the till and having a slight sneeze; all of a sudden, oops! A small ball rolls down your leg, out of your pants and across the floor! You would be so embarrassed, and that's why beginners should start with the bigger, lighter balls. Once you are experienced, move on to the heavier metal balls, which will strengthen your muscles faster and you will feel them moving around inside you more.

Some of the gyrating duotone balls are larger hollow balls with heavier, smaller balls inside. These will bounce around independently inside and you will feel them twice as much as the regular balls. These will give you more of an erotic sensation, and will make you crave your partner even more.

You can have sex with pleasure balls inside you, as long as you go very slow, and are very careful. If you are not slow, them may hurt and pinch you inside, which will hurt. So gentle goes, and you should be fine. Use your own discretion and be careful.

Some pleasure balls are graduated on a string, which makes them easier to insert and remove. Leave the loop retrieval ring hang down while the balls are inside, and once you are finished, you can cough to let them fall out, or just give the retrieval cord a small tug!

Pleasure balls for women are wonderful exercise tools and ways of getting your libido going. Try them for yourself! If you are a beginner, start light and larger, and work your way to heavier and metal balls. Enjoy the sensations pleasure balls will deliver to you!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What's New At

Here at, we strive to constantly add new and exciting products to our already extensive list, so that you have a wider selection to choose from, and more detailed descriptions of all our products. This way you can keep your sex toy collection up to date with all the latest great toys, and complete wit all the dirty little things you love! This week, we have a couple great new additions, check them out and see what you think!

Pussy In A Can: Finally, a man's wildest dreams have come true! A pussy in a can! Ease to grab, easy to use, this male masturbator is discreet and small for your secret pleasures! Simply remove the masturbation sleeve from the plastic can, do your thing, and when you are finished, wash it out, let it air dry and place it back in the can! Made from Cyberskin, the best material for mimicking real skin, this masturbator is a great buy for its price. A real deal for men who just want more pleasure from their self gratification sessions. Makes a great gift!

Little Pink Pocket Pussy: A sexy pink masturbator, made out of stretchy latex material. The love tunnel is ribbed for your satisfaction, and is tight like a virgin girl! The vibrating bullet strap is removable, and the masturbator can be used with out it if you please. The multi-speed dial on the hand held controller gives you the power to feel as much or as little vibrations as you please! Instead of other masturbators with bullet vibrators that are inside the shaft with your penis, this one rests above, so you don't touch the cold metal and ruin your experience. Instead, the vibration simply travel through the material to stimulate your cock and deliver you an ultimate orgasm!

Lover's Secret Stash: This is the perfect gift for the special woman in your life. A super sturdy plastic case with a padlock and key that will keep all your naughty possessions private. This stash comes with a sexy and sleek plastic vibrator with multi-speed functions. This vibrator is powerful and will satisfy your every need. The stash also comes with a 4 fl oz bottle of Wild Orchid scented massage oil for all your sexy night time adventures! Rub each other up the right way with this erotic Lover's Secret Stash.

Lover's Enchanted Evening: The perfect kit for that sexy special occasion. This kit includes a 2 fl oz bottle of flavorless and odorless water based lubrication, a 2 fl oz bottle of Strawberry Spice warming massage oil, a 0.14 oz bottle of prolonging cream to keep him going, a 0.14 oz bottle of Cherry Passion Potion to tingle her love spots, a sexy and sleek multi speed vibrator, and a sexy “A Thousand And One Nights” love story to get the passion soaring. This kit has everything you need to prepare for a night of love and wild sex!

Glass Butt Plug: A sexy and solid butt plug that will slide comfortably in to your anus and rest there happily. The beauty of glass sex toys is that they will retain your body temperature perfectly. Or if you choose, you can place your glass anal toy in the freezer for a couple of minutes and feel the cool chill. This glass butt plug is chip and fracture resistant, and comes with a sexy velvet pouch for discreet storage.

These are only a few of our new products here at There are many more, so why not take a look and see for yourself. We have new products coming in monthly, all with your ultimate satisfaction and pleasure in mind!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Anal Toys and Beads

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding anal toys and related items, so first to clear a few of them up! There are millions of straight men who use anal toys and putt plug for sexual purposes, it is not only gay men. In fact, millions of women who use anal toys also. Anal toys are not bad for you, or dangerous, if they are used properly and cleaned adequately. Also, the anus does not naturally clean its self, so if you are an avid user of anal sex toys, you do need to use an anal douche every now and then to clean out your rectum.

Those things aside, anal toys are very exciting, and will send you into a world of erotic pleasures that only they can! For men, they will fill the anus and press against the prostate, which gives a man a very sensual feeling. This feeling makes their orgasms greater and way more explosive! Once you try it and get comfortable with it, it's hard to go back!

For women, they usually use anal toys and butt plugs also because of the full feeling, which in turn presses against their vaginal canal, slightly decreasing the size. This will make them feel tighter and longer, and a penis of vibrator thrusting in and out gives them the sensual feeling, and a heightened, more explosive orgasm.

That being said, there are many kinds of anal toys and butt plugs out there, with all sorts of functions! Mostly for men are the butt plus that are curved to pinpoint the pressure to the prostate directly. Women can of course use them, but they will satisfy men more than woman. All shapes and sizes, these butt plugs are sometime ribbed, or smooth, or jelly, or latex, or rubber.... and so on..

For women, they love the big stuffers. Anything that's mainly straight, with some bulges and some ribs. Anything with texture, as these kinds are what will fill her anus and shrink her vaginal canal. She will also love the probes, as these are meant for gentile exploration. The nerves in the anus are very sensitive, and movement will arouse her easily. There are also cute small butt plug with things on the end, like a pony tail or a feather, which make a cute little role playing toy for men and women!

Anal beads are prefect for both sexes, as they increase the pleasure of the orgasm. Simply stuff all the beads inside, and keep them there. There is usually a retrieval ring at one end for easy removal. Then have sex or use a vibrator/masturbator, and right before you orgasm, pull out the beds for an intense sensation!

You can get vibrating anal beads, and vibrating butt plugs for that matter. Also, men and women alike love inflating anal toys. These are usually probe style anal toys that have a very strong latex balloon surrounding the shaft. Once the probe is inserted, inflate the balloon with the hand pump until you have reached your comfortable size. This gives you that full feeling again.

Anal toys are great for couples; you can get a matching set of anal toys or butt plugs, and wear them together during sex! They also make a great anniversary or birthday gift for your lover. For beginners, it is highly recommended you start small and work your way larger over time. The anus is surrounded by muscles, and you need to train and gently stretch muscles, or you will rupture and tear them, leading to great pain and possibly bleeding and serious damage. At the beginning, there will be some discomfort, but once you are used to the feeling, you will learn to love it! There are starter kits with small, medium and larger butt plugs so you can get your anus trained fast, safely and easily!

Go ahead and try an anal plug or toy today, so you can start loving it tomorrow!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Looking Super Sexy

There are many ways to look sexy, and of course everyone is different, with their own preferences, likes and dislikes. That aside, here are a few tips on looking sexy from one point of view shared by many.

Looking sexy is of course all about feeling sexy. The more you love yourself and think you are sexy, the more others will agree with you. So going and getting your nails done, or getting a massage to make you feel better will definitely boost your ego, and others around you will see your new glow. Even just eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise will increase your energy, and happiness, showing every one around you how sexy you really are!

Visually, being sexy is whatever you make it to be. Your partner loves red high heels, so you wear red high heels, and he thinks you are so sexy! You like the tiny black bikini you bought, so you wear it, and think your sexy! Chances are many people will agree with you, and thats where this articles it pointing to, the majority vote. Everyone is different, so see what you like and don't like, and make your own aura of sexy!

Shaving your pubic area is a great way of showing your partner that you are maintaining your body image, and that you want to be a little kinky! Try shaving into a shape, like a heart or a lightning bolt! The ultra sexy shave is the landing strip, which is a thin line of hair left from the top of your lips up about 2 or 3 inches. The width should only be a ¼ inch to a ½ inch, in that area somewhere. Now razor burn is of course ugly and painful, so there are shaving creams that are specially formulated for coarse pubic hair.

Another way to blow your partner away is by wearing a strap on! If he loves anal toys, why not try something new? Strap on dildos come in all shapes and sizes, from very small to very large, and with all sorts of harnesses. Why not get a super sexy leopard print harness with matching eye mask, or a strap on that will satisfy you too, like this female strap on. You're partner would be floored to see you strut out in gorgeous strap on harness and dildo!

Cute lingerie is always a stunner! A sexy peek-a-boo lace bikini will stop him in his tracks, or if you want to see him beg for your body, throw on an angelic white number, like this sexy satin bikini. Whatever you choose, lingerie is a tempting and erotic way of telling your partner that you want him to want you! You could do a bikini top with a strap on dildo for a ultimate entrance! The look on his face would be one of lust, and hangar, for you!

Whatever you choose to do to make yourself look great, make sure you always like it before anyone else. Once you've pleased yourself, chances are he will love it! Something like lounging around the house Saturday morning wearing a wireless strap-on clitoral stimulator will satisfy you, and he won't believe how hot of a partner he has! Try something new, and see the reaction you get. If you love it, then he will most likely think you look super sexy!

Friday, August 03, 2007

How To Choose The Best Adult Affiliate Program

If you are wanting to join a websites adult affiliate program, and make extra money for practically nothing, then you will need to know how to choose the most profitable, and most stable one. Considering the number of adult related websites, and how many of them have affiliate programs, choosing the best one is important if you want to see any kind of paycheck! Here are some tips to look for when deciding on an affiliate program to help make things a bit easier on you.

First of all, you need to find a website that is very visually appealing and unique. This is important because if you do not think the website is very well designed, then chances are that other people will not think so, and then they will not make a purchase. If they do not make a purchase, you do not get paid! So a website that has perfect pictures and very detailed and professional descriptions is your best bet for that fat paycheck.

You want to make sure that the site you are considering is actually a real, and professional website. If the website has an easy way of being contacted, the better. They should have an email address for customers to send all they questions to, and an email address specifically for their affiliates. Along with an easily accessible email, the site should also have another form of contact, like a phone number and/or fax number. Some other way that customers and affiliates alike can contact the site with any questions.

Now another important thing is if you want to get paid, you need to make sure the website has affiliate tracking software. This is some sort of way of seeing which affiliate has given which sale, and is important for you so you get the right amount of pay for your sales.

Now for commission rates, the standard is anywhere around 20%, and the affiliate program itself should be free to join. If you see a website that offers lets say 30%, you may think, “well that's better, for more money”. But think about this, a messy, unprofessional looking site offering a high commission rate will not generate any sales! So you won't get paid anyway! But a very clean, professional site with all the important detail to make shopping easy will get sales. Even if they offer only 20%, you have a better chance of getting paid a big fat pay check from them than you do for the messy other site.

Speaking of shopping, the website should also have an easy check out system. Clearly visible button, that works, and is quick and easy for the client. If they are stuck answering a thousand questions with pages and pages of forms to fill, they will leave and find a different website to make their purchase from.

You may want to check the websites traffic rates. If they are getting any traffic, that is a good sign. The higher the numbers are of course better, but if they are not getting any at all, this may mean they could be banned by Google. A proper website will have professional search engine techniques and optimization, and will have traffic rate.

A good selection of banners is also very nice to see on any affiliate program. If you have more selection, then you can pick ones suiting to your site, and change them up every now and then. Once you find a banner that gets a lot of clicks, then stay with that one, and you are sure to have much success!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cock Rings and Love Rings

Cock rings and love rings are for more than just erection control. Some kinds of love rings have mini bullet vibrators to stimulate both partners, and some have pleasure bumps, nodes and tickles that drive your partner crazy while they pump down on you. So here is an article about some of the different kinds of cock rings and love rings, and how they work.

Some jelly love rings have a loop that sits on top of the penis, and a mini bullet vibrator rests inside and when turned on, will vibrate the penis of the wearer. These vibrations will move through the penis, turning it into a wild sex machine, and the partner will be able to feel them. This is a very erotic feeling, and is a great way of experiencing small sex toys with big results.

There are jelly style material cock rings that cover most of the shaft of the penis, with bumps and ribs that will stimulate your partner as they slide over it. This will add a lot of pleasure and excitement, and will drive your partner crazy with passion! Some of these longer shaft love rings have clitoral stimulators also to add to the already great experience!

Some cock rings are rubber and kind of stretchy, but very firm. They have bumps for added stimulation, which your partner can feel when they slide down the shaft and hit the cock ring. These ones are more for avoiding premature ejaculation and maintaining your erection, but they bumps also make these very sensational sex toys.

You can get silicone cock rings that have the bumps, ridges and the mini bullet vibrator also. Silicone is stronger than jelly, will keep your erection stiff, and will keep your partner satisfied. Also some rings have dual rings, one for your penis and one for your testicles. These help keep everything in place and stimulate who is wearing it also.

There are some rings that have a hanging row of beads that bounce around and hit against your testicles while you pump in and out. They could also be inserted in the anus for added stimulation.

Take a look around, and see what you can find. There are many different styles of cock rings and love rings that will stimulate you and your partner! Remember to never wear a tight cock ring for longer than about 20 minutes, or it could risk lack of oxygen and be very harmful to your penis. Love rings and cock rings are great for adding excitement to your sex, and for keeping your kinky habit discreet. They are small and tuck away easily! Enjoy cock rings and love rings, and see which ones work best for you!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How To Clean and Maintain Your Sex Toys

Making sure your sex toys are cleaned properly each time you use them will ensure your sex toys are safe, and ready for you! Each different material requires different care and cleaning, but generally its a small, easy task that will keep you free from bacteria and disease.

When it comes to materials like jelly and Cyberskin, you will need to wash them well, as they are very porous materials and can retain bacteria. Sex toy cleaner is most recommended for these, as soap and water may dry them out over time. For Cyberskin type materials, including Futurotic material, Passion Skin material and all of the really life like materials need to have baby or Talc powder rubbed on them before storing them for long periods of time. This will keep them from drying out and deteriorating. You also need to wrap them in a plastic bag or something to keep the moisture in the toy. Of you leave them open to the air, they will dry out over time.

For rubber and silicone materials, it is not so porous, so it takes more for bacteria to set in. This means anti-bacterial soap and warm water will be fine. To really get in all the spaces, you will want to scrub them really well. Some of these are waterproof, so if you use them in the shower it will make clan up easier. If you wanted, sex toy cleaner would definitely work for these as well. For storing, making sure they are dry first, and store everything separately. I would also recommend wrapping them in a plastic bag for storing as well.

Plastic can be washed with anti-bacterial soap and warm water or sex toy cleaner also. Plastic is very easy to clean and dry, and you can store it by its self or wrapped in a cloth. Plastic will of course never dry out, so you do not need to moisturize or wrap in a bag.

Glass is probably the easiest material to clean. It is absolutely not porous, so you can use sex toy cleaner or anti-bacterial soap and water, or you can boil it, or even just rinse under warm water. There is no chance of the bacteria setting is if you rinse it right away, and for storing, glass sex toys usually come with a nice satin or velvet pouch to place them in.

As for lingerie and clothing items, follow the tag. Either washing or dry cleaning.

When storing your sex toys, always make sure they are not touching other sex toys. They could end up melting together, and you don't want to find out which ones will and which ones won't the hard way. Wrapping your jelly, Cyberskin, and silicone in a plastic bag while not in use is a must, and the Cyberskin types need the Talc or baby powder. Some products say you need 'Renewal Powder', but baby powder is not only cheaper, it is pretty much the exact same thing. Renewal Powder is really just a way of getting more money out of your pocket.

So make sure you clean your toys before and after every use, and especially if you are going to share them with other people. Glass is really one of the only materials recommended to share, as cleaning is easy. Have fun with your sex toys, play happy, play healthy and stay safe!