Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ass Palm Pal

This male masturbator was such a good investment for me. I always just liked pussy, but I decided to try this butt-like masturbator for a change. I've never had real anal sex, but I might try it now after loving the tightness of this sex toy.

It is made out of UR3-Ultra Realistic 3.0 material, which is pretty much a silicone/jelly mix. It is kind of translucent, but it's rather kind of cloudy, and purple. The material is very soft and smooth, and very velvety to the touch. It feels a little powdery also, but that is because to maintain the material this adult toy is made from, you need to dabble talcum (or baby) powder on the surface and wrap it in plastic so it dose not dry out. The toy comes already lightly powdered from the manufacturer, but you will need to continue applying the powder.

The front opening is molded to visually reproduce an anus hole. So it's kinda wrinkled and bumpy, although it is purple, it's not 100% real looking. The hole is also very tight like a real ass, but stretches nicely and tightly around your manhood when you push it in. Use a water based lube for this toy, a silicone based lube with ruin your toy. The tunnel inside the toy is bumped instead of ribbed and can really be felt. The bumps kind of massage your penis while you thrust in and out.

Once lubed up, you can thrust yourself as fast as you want with the help of the easy grip design. The outside of the masturbator is kinda ribbed with large finger slots and the other end of the tunnel is open, so you can push yourself inside as deep as you want. The open end helps for clean up too, because you can just stick the tip right through just before you blow your load. This sex toy is completely waterproof, so for even easier cleanup, you can just use it in the shower. After you use it, just wash it down with soap and water, or you can use sex toy cleaner.

This toy is great to use with a partner as well. If they don't really feel 'in the mood' for sex, then you can just ask them to use the masturbator on you. Then you get the togetherness of having your partner there, and you can still reach a very pleasureful orgasm. So if you are used to using masturbators and want a tighter one, or if you are trying something new, this is a great investment. It's super flexible, bendable, tight and soft, and ready for you every time.

Sensual Curve Clitoral Vibrator

This personal clitoral stimulator is great for anywhere use. It is kind of big compared to some that are more discreet, but super pleasureful. It is designed to deliver pleasure to all your sexy spots with it's main probe and a smaller one with dual teasers.

I like carrying this toy with me when I travel as it is quiet and discreet, and power packed. I like the super soft, smooth, pliable, non-translucent jelly with a little rubber compatible lube. The main probe is so nice feeling when used for vaginal stimulation. It has a round bulb at the end, for a little extra massaging inside, and it is super bendable and flexible. It is curved to apply a little pressure inside and vibrates very nicely.

The second probe is also pliable, and instead of bunny ears like most, it has two clitoral arousers that have little textured pleasure nodes spotted on the inside. This little bumps are great and feel so nice and totally give extra pleasure on the clitoris. The two little tongs surround the clitoris and send you straight to ecstasy! I mention how good it is enough!

The jelly is a nice material, as it is non-slip grip, along with the hand held controller. The controller has a molded grip, so you can control the multi-speed dial with one hand and control the sex toy with the other. The battery pack take 2 double A batteries, which are not included. The controller is connected by a 20 inch wire to the bullet inserted in the handle in the base of the toy.

This toy is not waterproof, but it is OK for cleaning. The non-waterproof piece is just the hand held controller, so the clit vibe its self is OK to be cleaned with sex toy cleaner, or just soap and water. Make sure you use it with lots of lube for the most pleasure.

So this toy is one of the best feeling clitoral AND vaginal stimulator's out there. A good design and strong vibrations. Perfect for reaching an super orgasm quickly, or excellent for keeping you aroused during foreplay. Have Fun!

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Different Types of Lubrication

There are many different types of lubrication out there, so what kind should you get? Don't be over whelmed or confused, here is an article to help you determine which type to use for your own needs.

First of all, the different types of lubrication's you can get are: water based lube, flavored lube, silicone based lube, petroleum based and anal lube. They each contain similar ingredients, but some are recommended for sex toys, and some are not. Some are ingestible, and some are not. Here's a closer look.

Water Based Lube
Water based lubrication is the most popular kind because it is safe for use anytime. It mimics natural body fluids, and is sex toy, condom and compatible and ingestible. They usually contain deionized water, glycerin and propylene glycol which are the ingredients which make it slippery and wet.

Water based lube is pretty runny, and will gradually absorb into the skin. This can put a temporary hold on sexual intercourse or masturbation, but there is no need to apply more lube, just add a little water or saliva and it will reactivate the wetness.

There are also natural, sugar-free, water based lubes that contain vegetable glycerin, purified water and hemp seed oil as the slippery ingredients.

Water based lubes are the one to pick if you are a women with vaginal dryness conditions, in particular is a brand called "Astroglide". This brand has been specially formulated for women.

Also, warming lubes are mostly water based. They can be used other places than just the penis and vagina. Try rubbing on the nipples or behind the ears for a sensual experience, or warming lube can be used to rub and warm sore muscles.

Flavored Lube
Flavored lube is typically water based lube and is flavored with sugar. It is ingestible, sex toy and condom compatible, and almost always nicely scented! The downside is they are flavored with sugar, so you have a pretty sticky mess afterwards. But regardless, flavored lubrication adds a whole new aspect of oral sex. If you find a flavor you really like, whenever you smell that scent, you will think of sex and keep coming back for more!

Silicone Based Lube
This type of lube is not compatible with silicone sex toys, as it will literally melt the toy. It is important to be careful with jelly toys also, because some jelly toys do contain traces of silicone, so it is better to stay away from mixing silicone lubrication with any kind of sex toy, except plastic. Silicone lube is fine with plastic adult toys.

Silicone lube is also great for masturbation, and it is very viscous, and does not get sticky or tacky. It can also be used underwater and will retain it's slippery properties. The long lasting properties and silky texture of silicone lube also makes it a great massage oil.

Silicone lube should not be ingested, and it dose contain actual silicone. Also, it should not be used for anal sex, and the anus does not naturally cleanse itself. It is harder to clean up as it is not water soluble. It may also stain clothing or linen.

Petroleum Based Lube
This type of lube is only recommended for male masturbation, as petroleum should never be ingested or used internally. Petroleum is a type of oil, and is only safe for external use. If it is used internally, it will be very difficult to clean out and get it all off.

Petroleum lube is not at all recommended for use with sex toys as it will completely break down and destroy the material. This type of lube is not very common

Anal Lube
If you are going to use butt plugs or anal toys or condoms, specialized anal lube is highly recommended, as anal lube is a thicker water based lube that coats the anal toy and stays there. This property helps with the thrusting in-and-out motion, as it won't rub off easily.

Also, specialized anal lube won't absorb into the skin as easily as regular water based lube. Anal lube has a higher glycerin content which makes it thicker, and is water soluble. Anal lube is safe for ingestion and internal use.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Comparing Jesse's Pocket Pussy and Black Orchid Masturbator

Jesse's Pocket Pussy and Black Orchid Masturbator are two products that are similar in function and price, so which one do you buy? To make it easier on you, here is a detailed comparison of each sex toy, including how to use them, what they feel like, and the materials used in each.

Jesse's Pocket Pussy

This masturbator is made out of hygienically superior futurotic material, similar to a mix of high quality rubber and silicone. This sex toy comes from the manufacturer dabbed with talcum powder and wrapped in a plastic bag, and should be kept that way during storage. The talcum (baby) powder helps keep the toy moist, as it is possible that it will dry out over time. It is a good idea to continue applying powder before storing.

A soft, almost velvety texture makes this toy feel close to real skin. Molded vaginal lips and slight groves along with the pinky, non translucent colors are also similar to a real vagina. The vagina piece is on a flat surface, where the extra tubing is long and sticks out the back. In between the lips is the tunnel where you insert your penis; make sure to use a rubber compatible lube for the most pleasure.

The tunnel is lightly ribbed inside, and extends long enough to cover base to tip of the penis. The end of the masturbator is open to aid in keeping clean. Sex toy cleaner is suggested for cleaning this masturbator, as soap may dry out the material.

Overall, this masturbator is visually appealing, with a close to life-like texture and sensation. Lubrication is required for comfortable use. Cleaning is easy as the tube is open ended, and water can flush right through. The material is durable, but may dry out if not properly cared for.

Black Orchid Masturbator

This masturbator is made from hygienically superior senso plus material, which is similar to a high quality, supple, pliable and squishy jelly. The jelly is translucent and kind of sticky feeling. This masturbator comes wrapped in a plastic bag from the manufacturer. Use with a rubber compatible lube is highly recommended for maximum pleasure.

This sex toy is in the shape of an Orchid, with leaves etched in the side, and petals on top. The tube for your penis runs through the middle, and opens on the top, in the center of the flower. Within the tube are little ribs, and 5 suction chambers, which suck tighter the deeper you thrust, to give the illusion of a oral sex.

The tube in this masturbator is not open ended, however you can ejaculate in it. Totally waterproof, you can use it in the shower, and pull out before you cum to keep cleaning to a minimum. Cleaning with sex toy cleaner is recommended as soap may dry this sex toy out.

Overall, this jelly toy is very flexible with unique suction chambers. Not life-like, yet once lubrication is applied, it can be thrusted in and out very quickly, for a slippery, erotic sensation.
No powder is needed for storing, just keep wrapped in plastic. Cleaning may prove a bit more difficult ans the end is closed. This material may rip is pulled at too much, but is not likely to.

So, these two masturbators are different in their own ways, yet both are very good for their own unique characteristics. If you still can't decide which one is good for you, I recommend just buying them both! Use the first one week, and the second the next week! Have fun!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Waterproof Wireless Bunny

This sex toy came to me as a birthday present from my boyfriend, and made me blush! I am a vibrator fanatic and so this was the perfect gift! This is a completely hands-free, wire-free clitoral and vaginal vibrator, and is oh so powerful! As soon as I got it I went to try it on, and loved it.

The great thing about this wireless bunny is that it has soft, snug adjustable thigh straps so you can wear it under your clothes or just lounging around the house, doing dishes or what not. And it has a multi-speed dial on the back of the bunny to control the level of vibrations you wish to experience. The layout of the toy is a cute little bunny that is hugging the base of a 4 inch penis. The penis is made from a soft, smooth, unscented jelly, and has slight waves of raised lines surrounding the shaft, and the head is moulded to be a circumcised penis. The bunny on the base is where the thin, elastic, straps connect, and also the bunny ears are the clitoral vibrators. The two ears are together, but split a little bit hear the ends, so they do not move freely, but are very flexible, unlike the penis. The penis is firm and cannot be bent even at the head, but the jelly is squishy and sleek. The bunny's ears vibrate very vibrantly and energetically and tickle you as the penis sends waves of pleasure through its vibrations inside.

The vibrations emitted are very powerful while on high speed, and gentle and relaxing on low speed. In between is good speed for bumming around the house. This toy is also waterproof, so you can sport it while in the shower, or watering the lawn in your swimsuit! Being waterproof also makes it easy to clean with sex toy cleaner, or soap and hot water. The thigh straps unsnap and are removable for easier cleaning. The snaps used for the thigh straps are strong though, so they won't come off without being removed. Make sure to clean before and after each use. Make sure to use with lots of lube for the most comfort and easy insertion.

I don't know if this adult toy comes in any other colors, but mine is a cute translucent pink. You can see the motor running up through the penis, and there is nothing in the bunny. Just flexible and pliable jelly. This toy takes two 1 N batteries, and comes with two sets of two, for immediate use! This toy is perfect for a gift as I received, or just an important addition to anyone vibe collection! Enjoy!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Why Use Sex Toys?

There are people who just don't understand the world of sex toys, and if you are one of them, then this article is for you. Here are some different kinds of sex toys, why they are good, and what they are used for. From this list of information, you can decide if sex toys are for you and why you should or shouldn't use them.

First are external sex toys. Examples of these are clitoral teasers, nipple clamps, bondage items, i.e. handcuffs, vibrating cock rings, and little bullet vibrators. These toys are used to get you into the mood, or to keep you aroused during intercourse and to increase sexual pleasure. These toys are for people who are in touch with their erotic side and like adding extra pleasure, or can be for people who are new to the sex toy experience, and want to start with small external toys. Clitoral teaser arouse the female by vibrating her clitoris and surrounding areas. They prepare a women for sex, or can simply be used to reach orgasm. Nipple clamps are a sexy addition to any sexual encounter, and heighten arousal by keeping contact to the nipples. Handcuffs and restraints are fun, and can be very sexy for role playing props. Vibrating cock rings are excellent to maintain an erection and aide in reaching orgasm. Bullet vibrators are like mini vibrators, that can be used externally around the erogenous zones, or just barely inserted.

Next are internal toys. These are mostly vibrators, dildo's, pocket pussy's, strap-on's, finger vibe's, pleasure balls, and anal toys. These kind of toys aid in heightening pleasure and reaching your orgasm. Internal sex toys are great to use during intercourse to greatly arouse both partners. These types of sex toys are very different one from another. For example, the anal toys are great to insert, and inflate if it has this feature, and keep there during sexual intercourse. On the other hand, strap-on's are not kept inserted, but slide in and out, mimicking real penal penetration. Pocket pussy's are more for masturbation for men, as the insert the penis and thrust as you would a real vagina. Pleasure balls are inserted in the female while she gets ready for her evening, or even while she is on her way to her partner. They aid in arousing the female and preparing her for her sexy evening. Although they are all for internal purposes, they are all different and made from different materials. It is best to browse through and decide the best one for you.

Sex toys can be for anyone and everyone. But now that you know what kinds there are and what are mainly for, why use them? Well, sex toys bring a new level of excitement to any relationship. They help keep things interesting and defiantly help reach your ultimate orgasm. They can be creative and fun and help you feel things you've never felt before.

Sex toys are very personal, and can bring a person to a new level of sexuality. Knowing you have a discreet finger vibe in your purse, or that you use a cyberskin masturbator in your spare time can lead a person to feel like a sexier self. When two people share their sex toys fantasies together, their intimate bedroom time can be wilder and way more exciting.

Some people have a harder time reaching their orgasm, and therefore, sex toys really help them, out. As much as they like and want to have sex with their partner, it can be very frustrating for them to not orgasm, and for their partner to not be able to bring them to it. For these people, sex toys are a must. Also, couples who have been together a long time, and have temporarily lost their kinky spark, sex toys can revive their lust for each other, and perhaps save their relationship!

There are many reason why people use adult toys, and related items; such as flavored massage oils, sex games, sex books, and furniture, and each person must find their own. Hopefully this article has helped you understand sex toys a little better, and given you some ideas of ones you'd like to try. Sex toys are a great thing, and have help many people reach that ultimate plateau of pleasure we hear about, and want to experience for ourselves.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Not Just for Girl-On-Girl .... Try This!

Imagine this: You're stuck without a condom and have had enough of fingering and hand jobs. Want to try something to get off, make her have an orgasm and get erotic visual satisfaction.

The strap-on harnesses and dildos for couples are not just for girl-on-girl action, this unique pleasure tool will spark up your sex life. Next time you're sex toy shopping, try a strap on sex toy for the most unique sexual experience ever. You might think it's not for the beginner, but it's a great way to have the most memorable encounter!

Another great reason for a man to use a strap on on a woman, no one-minute man syndrome! The dildo attachment feels quite real, especially from behind. Thrust away with the same motions as sex and the woman receiving the pleasure won't even notice that that's not his penis inside her!

Here's a great tip for man-on-woman strap on sex.
Do it doggie style, with him behind. Lean her over the bathtub, a bed, or a short table. As he penetrates, she can tickle the tip of his penis. Give a hand job to him and get sex from the strap on sex toy.

The greatest sex toys for couples, for advanced and adventurous couples is the erotic strap on sex toy.