Saturday, April 22, 2006

How To Use A Dildo - Double Dildo

Double Dildos are not just a sex toy for two, double dildos are great dildo to use solo. They are usually double the length then a standard dildo, and they bend quite easily. The length (about 12-18 inches) of a double dildo allows you to maneuver it comfortably. Double dildos are escpecially suited for women who enjoy deep penetratation. A double dildo facilitates deep penetration without you having to lean forward or contort your body in any way to reach your hot spots that you want to reach! A double dildo with inner veterbrae allows it to keep the shape you desire, bend it into a "C" shape, you might even be able to rub the G-Spot with each slide in. Also, you can use the double dildo to tease your anal region and even your clitoris. Most double dildos are made out of a jelly-type material. This allows it to be bent easily and the soft, sleek and smooth material is very comfortable and produces wonderful feelings. A masturbation session with a double dildo is different then using a regular dildo and many women do not consider purchsing a one becuase they are commonly used as a sex toy for couples. This is a sex toy secret that once known, will allow women to become more sexually self-satistfied!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Why Men Use Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are becoming increasingly popular with men, not just with gay men but straight men too. The reason that men use butt plugs while having sex is to stimulate the prostate, also known as the male G-spot.
The prostate is located about 1-2 inches inside the rectum, and if you were to insert a finger into the anus, you would feel it just on the other side of the front rectal wall (facing the front).
Most men experience amazingly powerful orgasms when the prostate is stimulated, either with vibrations or even when gentle pressure is applied.
Many men do not like the idea of having their partner put their finger into to anus, that's why the use of butt plugs with men is so popular. Simply insert the butt plug into the anus and carry on the regular sex acts and experience extra intense sensations. The pressure on the prostate will heighten the experience tenfold.
A vibrating butt plug is for men who enjoy the vibrations in addition to the pressure sensation stimulating the prostate. Some men experience too mush sensations from this, therefore it is best to purchase a multi speed vibrating butt plug so you can adjust it to the desired intensity that is best for you.

<-- The best butt plug for men.

The best for men to use is one with a slight curve, due to the foraward location of the prostate. There are curved anal plugs that are especially created for men to wear while having sex. They have an ergonomic curve that has the same reach on the prostate gland as a G-spot vibrator does to a woman's G-sopt. Butt plugs have a tapered tip for easy insertion, add water based lubricant to help ease it and keep it comfortable.
Butt plugs add extra hands free pleasure; the flat base keeps it in place so your hands are free to please your partner. This is why men use butt plugs, the man's G-spot is just as sensitive as a woman's G-spot and by wearing a butt plug, you gain maximum satifaction from your sexual experience.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

How To Masturbate - For Women

To make your masturbation experience better, it is highly recommended to wet your fingers first using a personal lubricant, water or saliva. Do not use vaseline or any petroleum based lubricant because it is difficult for your body to expel these compounds. Personal lubricant is recommended becuase saliva or water will absorb into the skin and evaporate easy and quickly so you will dry out before you are done!
The best personal water based lubricant to use for masturbating is ID Pleasure Lubricant with L-Arginine The active ingredient, L-Arginine gives a tingling sensation that enhances sensation to maximize your experience! Feel the zing! A long time ago, women used to use toothpaste on their fingers to give a cooling, tingling sensation. Needless to say, this is not to healthy for your vaginal area, ID Pleasure Lubricant with L-Arginine is the safe answer to that same invigorating feeling.

Tips on how to masturbate - stimulating your clitoris:

You can directly stimulate the clitoris, this is best method to do first becuase it warms you up for the sexual exprerience and helps to get you in the mood.
Spread your lips with two fingers on one hand and slowly circle the exposed clitoris with a finger from the other hand, or squeeze it between your finger and thumb, pinch your clitoris and wiggle your fingers as if you were applying a pinch of herbs over pasta.
Be gentle becuase this is a very sensitive area, make sure your fingers are wet so that they slip and slide easily. Dry fingers will pull the skin and cause discomfort after a while.
Push your finger tip into the space between your clitoris and the vaginal lips folds at the top, near the pubic bone. This hidden area is packed with ultra sensitive nerves. If you have long fingernails, this might not be such a good idea becuase the fingernails will rub the skin and cause discomfort bue to the extreme sensitivity.
Squeeze the lips around your clitoris, as if you are wrapping your clitoris with your vaginal lips. Hold your lips closed with the clitoris neslted inside and put pressure on it while you rock your fingers back and forth. As you masturbate in this fashion, you will notice your clitoris feels like a firm little button, this is becuase it is engorged with blood, your sexual response if fully under way! Rock the little button back and forth and in circles, push it, pull it, pinch it and squeeze it. This is what masturbation is all about!
Stimulate the area in as many different ways as you can and soon you will find what makes you tingle the most!

Cup your entire vaginal area with your hand, press your hand and wiggle your fingers while pinching your vaginal lips in between fingers. Rub your pelvis on your hand and you will feel your firm clitoris as it it were a little penis with an erection!

Tips on how to masturbate - vaginal stimulation:

It is quite difficult to finger yourself so it is best to use a sex toy or a vibrator to experience satisfying vaginal masturbation. However, you can tease the area with your fingers.
Hold your vaginal lips open and slide a fingertip from the base of your clitoris all the way to your vaginal opening through the valley bewteen you vaginal lips. Circle the vagina and slip the finger back up, circling the clitoris. Masturbate using a figure-8 pattern around the area. Start slow and gradually pick up speed.
As you approach the vaginal area, put your finger tip inside the opening up to your first knuckle and flick your finger back and forth slowly. Be careful not to do this with too much force becuase that is a sensitive area and it might cause some discomfort.
To experience further vaginal penetration, use a vibrator, if you want both clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation at the same time, consider purchasing a
clitoral vibrator, also known as a rabbit vibrator which stimulates both of these areas simultaneously.
This advice on how to masturbate is only a suggestion. There is no right way and no wrong way to pleasure yourself. Do what feels right for you. It is not necessary to have an orgasm every time you masturbate but using the above technique, it might help make it easier. If you still do not have an orgasm, do not worry, just enjoy the sensations of masturbation, do not set high standards of an orgasm every time, just lay back, fantasize and enjoy!

How To Use A Clitoral Stimulator

Clitoral stimulators are mini vibrators that are used to stimulate the clitoris, as the name says. These mini stimulators are compact, measuring a few inches long so they are easy to keep hidden and are non-intrusive during sex.

This clitoral stimulator is a soft jelly suction cup with tesing bumps and nodules in the cup. It is designed to be held against the clitoris. It hugs your entire clitoral area delivering tantalizing and teasing vibrations . It can also be used as a nipple toy, another powerful erogenous zone.

Clitoral stimulators are perfect for women who may have a difficult time having an orgasm with vaginal penetration only. You can a use clitoral stimulator while having sex, simply hold it against your clitoris, it is small enough not to get in the way. This usually works best in the 'doggie style' position but have fun experimenting with any position that works best for you, have fun with it becuase these mini vibrators are such a fun addition to your sex life!

Unlike most sex toys, these clitoral stimulators do not necessarily require the use of lubricant. This is becuase there is no penetration involved and the sensation of having something vibrating at high intensity on your clitoris will trigger the natural lubrication response on your vagina, so you may get be naturally lubricated which will help the clitoral stimulator to slip and slide around in your most erogenous spots. Wonderful feeling!

These two clitoral stimulators pictured here have the same concept however they give two different sensations. Both have quiet operation becuase the vibrating egg is buried inside the supple jelly material which works as a silencer. Both have multi speed vibrations so you can tease your clitoris the way you like it.
Out of all the clitoral stimulators, these two pictured here are best selling sex toys.
To clean your clitoral stimulator, wash it with hot water and mild soap or sex toy cleaner. Rinse well, dry with a lint-free cloth and store in a cool, dry place. When you wash it, be sure not to get the battery pack wet.

Shaped like lips and a tougne, this clitoral stimulator simulates oral sex. The rounded tounge tip effectively carresses your most sensitive spots and it can be used to tease the vaginal opening. The material is firm yet supple and delivers powerful vibrations.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

How To Use A Masturbation Sleeve

Masturbation sleeves are the ideal first-time adult toy for men - the reason is that they are small, compact, discreet, simple and they deliver the most fantastic sensations! Masturbation sleeves are easy to store and keep hidden and they do not vibrate or make any noise so no one will know what you are doing, they are waterproof so they can accompany you in the shower.

Most masturbation sleeves measure 3-5 inches long, (this is not to imply that the average man's penis is 3-5 inches long), it is beacause they are intended to stimulate the head and the upper shaft of the penis - the most sensitive regions. Lube up the sleeve with water based lubricant for warm, slick and slippery sensations. Slip the masturbation sleeve on the end of your penis and masturbate as if you were using your hand.
Masturbation sleeves have an open end, this makes it very easy to clean; simply flip the masturbation sleeve inside out and rinse it well with sex toy cleaner or mild soap and hot water. To store it, wrap it in a soft, clean cloth and and keep it in a cool, dry place.

There is no complex procedure or detailed steps for using a masturbation sleeve, it is essentially a layer of smooth silicone or jelly material that comes in betweeen your hand and your penis that feels better then your hand could ever feel! Masturbation sleeves are very inexpensive, so order one and give it a try, it will be a valuable masturbation companion and you will never go back to using your bare hand ever again!