Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to Make Sex More Comfortable

If you enjoy sex and like to experiment with a variety of sexual positions, you might suffer from a sore leg or kinked wrist in between your sexual encounters and position changing. That is probably the only downside to exciting sexual positions, your limbs don't really co-operate!

The following are some tips and ways that you can make sex more comfortable on your arms, hands, legs, feet back and virtually any other body part that gets in the way of sex!

1.)Prop with a pillow.
You can use any type of pillow but the harder type seems to work better. You can purchase a sex pillow or use your own that you sleep on at night. You can also use a throw pillow from your sofa.

The purpose of the pillow is to thrust your pelvis upward to allow easy penetration. You can allow use the pillow to rest the head during oral sex to prevent a kink in the neck.

The larger pillows work well for sexual intercourse and the smaller more square pillows work better for oral sex, in fact, a throw pillow is almost essential when doing a 69 oral sex because quite often, one partner will be larger then the other and one partner;s head won't be able to rest easily on the mattress or floor or wherever you may be.

2.) Swing into it.
Using a sex swing is a common way to make sex more comfortable but it's not all it's hyped up to be. Be careful because injuries can result from sex swings when a partner swings into a wall or flips over on their head! Sex swings do however offer you a fun way to have foreplay.

If you wan to experiment with foreplay and make it fun and exciting, a sex swing is a great ay to enjoy something different in your love life. It's not as comfortable as you think it might be, but it relieves pressure off the legs since you are held up high and it is fun so for the right couple, a a sex swing is fantastic addition to your love life.

3.) Slinging along.
A sex sling is the ultimate way to keep your legs un cramped and your back nice and limber. There are a variety of sex swings that hold up legs and necks. You can freely enjoy virtually any sexual position if you adjust a sling.

The most popular types of sex slings feature a padding that your neck rests on and the loops are for your feet. They are adjustable and meant to be used during wheel barrow sex positions and for when the woman lies o the bed and the man stands in front of her.

Another type of sex sling is the doggies style sling which is juts as the name says, it supports the tummy so that the body can be held up and you can enjoy sexual intercourse doggie style. It reduces the strain on the arms and allows for a great night of animalistic sex!

4.) Tie it up.
Bondage restraints are an overlooked way of making sex more comfortable. By typing your lover to your bedpost, you are doing them a favor by holding the limbs so they don;t have to. It creates more comfort and enables more excitement during sex because your lover can focus on what you are doing to them rather then trying to keep their hands up.

There are many ways to retain your lover like with handcuffs or leg cuffs and there are even adjustable clamps and straps that you can use in intricate ways to keep them in one place for as long as you desire.

These simple tips are great ways to keep sex more comfortable for both lovers to allow them to enjoy the best of the intimate act and to engage fully into any sexual fantasy they desire without having to worry about the strain on the limbs.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rabbit Vibrators vs. G-Spot Vibrators

For many women, it's a million dollar question, the rabbit vibrator or the g-spot vibrator? For most women who are experienced with vibrators, they know that each brings a completely different flavor and satisfies a different urge.

The g-spot vibrator allows internal orgasms and the rabbit vibrator allows external orgasms. Many people debate that there is a difference between the two, but gynecologists have studied sexual response in women have noticed that there are two different types of orgasms, the internal orgasm and the external orgasm.

The internal orgasm is brought on by g-spot stimulation and feels more like clenching muscles inside, followed by a craving for penetration. Many women fake this sort of orgasm during sex because it is not possible to achieve this during regular sex in missionary position unless the man's penis is curved upwards.

There are a few sexual positions that enable g-spot stimulation during sex such as doggie style or with the use of a pillow propping up the woman's lower back, but every woman agrees that the best way to stimulate the g-spot for the best orgasm is with a g-spot vibrator. For those who love the internal muscle spasms and feeling of deep penetration, this vibrator is your best friend.

Next is external orgasm which is given by the rabbit vibrator. This amazing creation is for clitoral stimulation which is the easiest form of orgasm for women. Easy and well known because the feel is very intense, it feels as is the clitoris itself itself is having the orgasms, you can feel the difference as it occurs outside and brings tingling feeling to your whole body.

Many women crave penetration at the time of clitoral orgasms so in this case, a bullet vibrator leaves more to be desired, since they are made to be used during sex only, the man should be penetrating and filling that desire for penetration This is exactly what the rabbit vibrator is designed to do, offer the replacement penis should the man not be present to provide the filling feeling.

Which is better? Neither, they are both essential for complete sexual satisfaction. That is not the question really because in order for a woman to really feel sexually whole, she needs to experience both types of orgasms.

Many women will get bored with the same orgasm time after time so it is best to stock up with one of each type and vary the sexual feel. Give yourself the type of orgasm you want at the time you want it, that is the best way!