Friday, June 29, 2007

Mini Vibes and Clit Toys

Mini bullet vibes and clit toys are very close to the same thing, they are both made mostly for women, and are designed to delight the clitoral and vaginal erogenous zones. There are a few differences between them that greatly affect your response to the stimulation, depending on what you like best, and what really turns you on.

The mini bullet vibrators are little egg shaped vibrators usually connected to a hand held, multi-speed controller by a wire, and can be used to tickle the clitoris, or can slightly enter the vagina. These can be quite powerful and very arousing little sex toys. A woman can reach her orgasm quickly if needed, or prolong it for ultimate pleasure. Bullet vibrators are also great for use during foreplay. The man can hold it and massage around the womans vaginal area, and really turn her on. Or the female can use it to vibrate the man and tickle his during foreplay.

Bullet vibrators can also be used during sexual intercourse, the man can thrust into the woman, while she holds the mini vibrator up against her clitoris for ultimate pleasure. Also, they are a great tool for adding extra sensations to oral sex. Either the man holds the sex toy against the clitoris while he pushes his tongue in the vagina, or put the vibrator in the vagina while he flicks the clitoris with his tongue Also, the mini bullet can be place on the nipples for an exciting feeling during sex or oral sex.

Clitoral toys are the same idea, as they are perfect for female masturbation, foreplay or during intercourse. But the difference is that these sex toys are usually jelly or rubber molded into shapes like bunnies, dolphins, teddy bears, or any little animal or shape that can have extending limbs that vibrate precisely for pinpoint stimulation.

Mini clitoral toys can also be attached to the woman by thigh straps and can be worn underneath clothing for discreet pleasure while lounging around, or running errands! The ones that are not connected to thigh straps may be connected to a hand held controller, or they may simply have a small cap and dial on the bottom of the toy.

Both types of sex toys come in any shapes, some bigger and some smaller, and both have their different aspects for different sensations. The bullets may have little bumps for stimulation, or may be smooth. The clit toys may be a flower with vibrating petals, or a bunny with wild ears! Both are great toys with great side effects! Perfect for most women, and can also be used on their partners. Go on, have fun!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Love Rings

Love rings are a great little tool, and an asset in anyones sex play. They are different than cock rings, yet work pretty much the same. Lover rings are cute, fun and fascinating, come in all shapes and sizes, and are designed to enhance a man and womans sexual experience.

Cock rings are simply that, a ring that holds the cock, and sometimes the cock and balls. They wrap around tightly and are not meant to be worn for more than 20 minutes at a time. The reason for these rings to to help men with premature ejaculation, and to help maintain an erect penis. They are so tight that when you put them on, and the blood flows into the penis, making it erect, the ring holds the blood in, and does no let it flow out. That is how the erection stays hard, and that is also why they should not be worn for longer than 20 minutes.

Love rings are the basic, same idea. They wrap around the penis, and some the penis and balls, and in some cases help keep an erection straight and hard. But not all love rings can help with keep an erection, like the cyberskin ones, which are way to stretchy and are just made for fun. The jelly ones, however will help keep an erection, as the material is firmer, and rubber ones will help even more.

The difference is that love rings are fitted with sometimes little noduals that tickle the clitoris as the woman slides down the shaft rub up against the love ring. Some are fitted with a little ring and that holds a mini bullet vibrator that vibrates against the mans penis, and also vibrates the womans clitoris, which will drive her to want to grind hard against the penis, increasing sexual intensity for both partners.

Some love rings have dual action: vibrations and pleasure nodes. Some are fitted with the pleasure nodes on both sides, for anal and clitoral stimulation. Other love rings have a string of anal beads on one side for the man to enjoy while the woman rides him, or they can be left dangling to hit against the thighs and the testicles for a sexy feeling. Other love rings have dual mini vibrators, for the ultimate vibrating experience.

Love rings don't always have the little rubber or jelly pleasure nodes, some have actual shapes for the clitoral stimulator. Some have a little jelly bunny with the stimulating bunny ears, some have the sexy dolphin with the stimulating nose, and some will just have a rubber or jelly piece sticking up to hit the clitoris when she comes in for a landing.

Some love rings have a longer ring piece to cover a long bit of the shaft of the penis. This is a great feature for the man side of things, as it will increase pleasure and sensitivity for the man, while the woman will slide over the rigid shaft of the love rings, and this will get her wanting more. A larger clitoral vibrator may be attached to some of these love rings for an intense orgasmic experience for the woman.

Love rings are lot's of fun, and most except for the really loose cyberskin ones should be left on for no longer than 20 minutes. These wonderful sex toys are great for bringing the spark back into a relationship, or spicing up an already wild sex ride. A great addition to any sex toy collection, or a great toy for beginners wanting to get more involved in the sex toy world. Experience for yourself which love ring best suits your needs, wants and cravings, and have a great, newly hightend love making session to be remembered!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sex Dolls!

Looking for that special someone? Need a never-say-no companion? Well there's no one better than your very own, life like, beautiful, sexy, young and eager for you're hot manhood sex doll! These sex dolls come in many shapes and sizes with different size breasts, booty's and positions for your individual wants, needs and fantasies! But which one is for you? Well, it depends on what you want in your lucky lady, (besides you of course!). Here are some things about sex dolls to help you pick the girl worthy enough for you're wild desires!

Different materials are used in making these luscious ladies, some are more life like than others, and some are more expensive than others. Generally, sex dolls are made from latex, or a rubber latex, which is seamless and inflatable. The vagina, anus and mouth of these dolls are usually molded and made out of a Cyberskin type material for a life like feeling when you penetrate her. Other sex dolls can me made entirely from Cyberskin, a memory foam-like material, which is the closest thing to life like out there. These dolls are about $900.00, but are worth is all the way. Girls made from Cyberskin will please you in no way you've ever felt before! You will experience a very amazing sensation, just as good as real life, if not better as she will never say no!

Next, are you an tits or an ass man? This is something else to look for in a sex doll. Some dolls have HUGE tits for you to cum all over, and some have BIG booty's for you to bend over thrust into, and some just have standard sizes of each asset. Take your pick and enjoy these little perks that real women cannot control. Also, these super sexy dolls come in different positions for you to enjoy. Most are standing, but there are some girls who are bent over on their hands and knees for you to take from behind, some are sitting down to ride you on your lap, and some are squatting down for you to get creative with. There is even a girl who is laying spread eagle begging you to cum satisfy her! Other positions are available, look around and see on which one you'd like to cum! Some dolls also vibrate for added stimulation, and a better orgasm. Push into their mouths, vagina's or anuses and feel the vibrations wave over her body and into yours.

Most of these dolls are life sized, so it's just like a real girl. Different designs for different girls are also available. You can get a young, teen-age cheerleader with perky tits and a virgin pussy, or an older, high class "rich bitch" for you to command and show her who really is the boss. Why not try an Italian babe, or a Latino lover? All of these girl are sexy and fun and wanting to satisfy your deepest, wildest, or maybe even dominating desires.

There are also a series of "famous" sex dolls. These are dolls replicated from Super Stars like Paris, Christina, "J.Ho", and Super Star Porn Stars like Chasey Lain, Nikita Denise, Aria Giovanni, and many of the Vivd porn star girls! Take these girls in any of their three tender love holes, begging to be filled with all you've got!

Which ever you choose, it will most likely be a great choice for you. There are so many different girls to choose from, you will find the perfect never-say-no slut or the perfect older woman. Ranging from $20.00 to $1000.00, pick one and see how she satisfies you!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Fun Adult Novelties

Looking for something new and exciting to add to your sex life? Or maybe a funny gift for a bridal shower or bachelor party? Well, if you're not familiar with seductive sex toys, or don't want to go that wild with a crazy gift, then why not try a sexy and fun adult novelty! There are many different things to choose from, and all are kinky and fun, and over the edge!

Why not try buying yourself a pair of edible undies? These are a great way of getting closer with your lover and getting them down and dirty in between your legs! Cute, fun and tasty, there are a few different kinds you can get. Why not try delicious cherry, or yummy chocolate, or even a tasty passion fruit? Or you could go for straight candy! There are candy g-strings and bra's, all made with little candies on a string. Have fun playing with these sexy and delectable treats that will heat things up in ways you never thought you could! Edible panties come in men and womens articles, and also make the perfect gag-gift!

If you're not the type with a sweet tooth, why not get a sex game? Try a pair of sex dice for some new position ideas. Roll the dice, and see what action you must perform to what body part, then go ahead and play dirty! There are also sexy board games that are fun and kinky that you can play with alone in the bedroom, or have a laugh with some close friends. Along with the games, you can also get some erotic playing cards. Sexy men or beautiful women, both decks are sure to distract you from any card game! These amusing board games and card decks are a great gift for a newly wed couple, or a long awaited anniversary!

For a lighter idea, why not try fun cookie cutters or silly ice cube trays! Make the most phallic cookies and share them with your partner for some giggly fun, and make your own kinky ice cubes to put in your drink, or to put in your partner! Any way you do it, these are hilarious gift ideas, and a great way of adding sexy humor to any adult play time!

For a birthday, anniversary or holiday gift, try getting a beautiful coupon book. All coupons are romantic and fun, and the perfect little surprise for your someone special. Tear one out and deliver a romantic promise to someone you love and watch their eyes light right up with love and a curious grin! Perfect for a romantic celebration and the long lasting relationship.

Any of these novelties could be perfect gifts for close friends, newly weds, humorous family members or anyone else you can think of! Maybe even buy one for yourself, as these items are perfect for spicing things up between partners, adding erotic and romantic fun to your night time love making! Have fun with your adult novelties, and let them bring many hours of excitement and sexy adventure to your relationship!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Why People Use Anal Toys

When most people think of anal toys, they probably think of wired, kinky, sex addicts or people who just like things a little different. In reality, there are a ton of regular, old fashioned people who enjoy the added pleasure of anal toys. Once you open the door to this exciting and adventurous world, you will find not only do anal sex toys add so much more pleasure and sensations to your sex play, but also that it is not always a kinky, wild sex adventure for porn stars.

There are many kind of anal toys, ranging from simple butt plugs and curved butt plugs, anal beads, vibrating and multi-speed vibrating butt plugs and anal beads, anal tools, and inflatable anal probes. All of these toys are great and are designed specifically with your need for more pleasure in mind. Sure all these toys are great, but why do people actually use anal toys?

Well, the anus is a muscle filled with sensitive nerve endings. When you place an anal toy inside, a whole new feeling is created. You will feel something you've never felt before, and that is one reason why people play with anal toys!

The sensitive nerve endings are located just inside the opening of the anus, which results in most anal toys being wide at the base, and thinning at the top. The wide base can push on all the nerves creating a stimulating experience, and the tip will slide in easily.

Another reason people use anal toys is because the internal wall of the rectum is backed by the anterior wall of the vagina in women. This means when an anal toy is inserted in a female, the vagina canal is reduced in width. This makes penal or sex toy penetration feel way tighter, and a lot better.

For men, curved butt plugs or anal toys are used because they will reach and apply pressure to the prostate, which triggers great sexual arousal. This can send men flying to orgasm quickly and very strongly.

When experimenting with anal sex toys for your first time, great care should be taken. The tissue that makes up the rectum is very delicate, and can be ripped easily. This is unlikely if you follow these few pointers.

The first time you play with anal toys, start small! The opening of the anus is called the exterior sphincter. Right inside this is the interior sphincter, and both are muscles. Over time, these muscles, like any other, can be trained to accept different levels of pressure. So if you start with a small, thin butt plug, and over time you slowly move to a larger sized anal toy, until you eventually reach a large size, your anus muscle will learn to accept these toys and give you nothing but pleasure!

So besides starting small, only use toys you are comfortable with, and with time and once you are used to one toy, then move on to another. You don't want to expose yourself to too many different objects right off the bat, as this could also rip your rectum tissues. As long as you are careful, you will be fine!

If you are playing with inflatable anal toys, take care in not inflating too much. You only want to inflate as much as you need to either tighten your vaginal canal, or you can feel it on your rectum. You will know when the inflated toys is a the right size for you. Try not to push it any more than that.

Besides these few tips, safety is important of course. Play gently at first and then roughen up as your bum allows. Remember also that your anus does not naturally lubricate itself, so specialized anal lube if a must.

anal lube is different then other lubricants because it is thicker and will stay on the sex toy better. Regular lubricants will smear right all the anal toy if you try and insert it. Anal lube won't smear off, it will stay in a thick layer around the toy. Anal lube is water based and totally safe.

Because the anus is not self-lubricating, it also does not clean itself. You may want to invest in an anal douche it many hours of anal play is in store. Cleaning your anus properly will help repair tissue that may have been lightly damaged, and stop infection. Also, it is simply just nice to have a clean bum!

Anal toys are fun, and will show you a new pleasure unknown to anyone who does not try it for themselves. It is a feeling that is unmatched by any other, and once you experience it for yourself, you will never go back! At first it will be uncomfortable, but after a couple tries, most women swear by anal sex, and will never go back to regular old sex!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sex furniture

Sex is fun, healthy and great exercise, and sharing it with someone you care about makes it that much better. Sometimes sex can be very tiering, or just get kinda boring, and it's natural for these things to happen. All it means is you need to spice things up again! This can be as easy as introducing sex toys into your sexy time, or trying some kinky role playing. Besides that, there is another option which will help make things more interesting. Why not try getting an erotic sex sling, or a kinky sex chair? A fun way to get your juices flowing at an incredible rate!

There are a few kinds of sex slings available. There is one called "Super Strap" that is an adjustable, red nylon sling with plush faux-fur lining around the neck and cuffs. This is an incredibly soft piece of furniture that goes around the neck of the person on their back, and reaches up to cuff around the ankles. You can also use it for other positions, get creative!

This sex sling will help your legs from tiering and help you be able to keep them up for longer. Keep pounding away, and let this sex sling help you control your body! You could also use it on your wrists instead of ankles. Why not try one and see what it does for you.

There is another kind of sex sling called the "Do It Doggie Harness". This one is the perfect aid for doggy style fun. A soft, supple material, this harness is placed in front of the womans pelvis and there are two handles for the man to hold onto. This will make deep penetration easier for both partners. The man can pump harder as he has something to hold onto, and the woman helps him pump harder as it is easier for her to stay in place. This is only one way top use this sex sling, get creative and find out all the others. This harness also comes with a free mask to heat up your sexy fun. Adjustable straps for different lengths of handle.

If it's not a harness your after, why not try an inflatable bondage chair? These are so much fun, and can make play way more comfortable and interesting! Simply inflate the chair and decide who's up first! Sit down and have your partner strap your wrists and your ankles to the soft, bouncy chair and have some wild and kinky sex! Features 6 Velcro restraints in total and a head/back rest. This sexy must-have for any bedroom is made from extremely durable PVC rubber designed for sturdy construction. Go on, have some sexy restraining fun!

There are also sex pillows you can try. Some are simply triangle shaped that wedge either under your bottom while lying on your back, and this raises your pelvis for a great angle of penetration. Or you can prop up your hips and lie on your front for some help with doggy style sex. These are cheap and easy for anyone. Definitely a good idea if you or your partner is prone to a sore back, as it will help shape your spine delicately during sex for a more comfortable position.

There is another kind of pillow which is a strong, inflatable pillow with a velvet touch, soft exterior. This pillow is designed for sex, as all the pressure points of your body are supported by this ergonomically shaped pillow. This lovely piece of furniture is great for trying new positions that might be a little uncomfortable, or sex on the floor! Durable and sturdy, this pillow is a must-have for those couples with a creative spark, and a will to try something new!

One more useful piece of kinky extras is a super love sheet. This sheet is a king sized sheet made out of a durable vinal, perfect of sloppy sex! You can lube each other up and slip and slide all offer the sheet with no soaking through or mess underneath. This versatile sheet can be used on the bed, a chair, a table, the floor, or anywhere sex takes place! Wipe it down, fold it up and store it easily in any closet, or under the bed! A great way of having messy wet and gooey sex!

Out of all these great sex items, anyone can try any of them! That's the great thing about sex furniture, even the elderly can use them! Start with one piece of furniture, and move to another. Why not try them all! All these pieces of furniture are great for creative minds who love new positions. Try 'em all and see which one you love best!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Never Overlook the Nipples!

When most people think of kinky sex, they think of erotic sex toys being thrusted into the female, or wrapped around the penis of the male. Well, that is not always the case. A widely overlooked erogenous area on a female are her nipples. Nipples can have a huge impact on your audience, weather you're an exotic dancer, or just a lover in the bedroom.

It's true that the only functin nipples really have is to breast feed babies, but that is for later on in life, when you're settling down for a while. Until then, the only function nipples have is to make you a more sexy female, and to drive your partner into a submissive bow on the floor by your feet. It's true that hard nipples do make men crazy, mostly becuase they are taboo. Female nipples are 'not supposed' to be releavled in public, and this little belief within society is what makes men drool when a women has hard nipples under a tight, white t-shirt! Well, that just goes to show, for a female, her nipples can be a very sexy weapon to turn your man into putty to be molded how you please!

First of all, there are sex toys you can get that enhance the look of your nipples. There is one that is called the Nipple Bulb. It is a little hand-held suction pump that you place over your nipples and gentle pump until they are erect. Then, slip one of the included nipple rings over the hard nipple, and these will hold the blood in your nipples, keeping them raised and perky. Now do this in another room before your grand entrance to the bed room, and upon arrival, your partner will be stunned with how sexy you look. Such a small adjustment can deliever very sexy results!

There are also entire breast stimulators you can get that are placed on the entire boob, and pumped gently to make your whole breast more perky and tight. It's the same idea, excpet no ring to keep them that way! They will stay perky for a couple of hours, and then return to normal on their own.

Nipple enchancers are great if it is a first sexual encounter with someone, and you want to look your best. There is a small travel sized kit you can get that includes a nipple enhancer, and a clit enhancer. So puff up your clitoris and harden your nipples, and floor your new partner as soon as you take off your clothes! This handy travel kit is also great of excotic dancers or anyone in the adult entertainment industry. You always have to look your best, and these nipple and clitoral pumps can help.

For a different idea, why not try a pair of wireless vibrating nipple clamps? They are tiny, adjustable clamps that are placed on the nipples, and when turned on, vibrate to add extra pleasure to your erogenous zone. These are a sexy idea for some kinky anniversary fun! They look great, and they benefit whom ever wears them with their errotic vibrating action.

In the end, hard and errect nipples look very sexy through a t-shirt, and even better naked. When a women looks sexy to her man, she feels even better about herself. Why not try any of these sexy nipple toys for youself, and see what happens. Nipples should never be overlooked, as they add so much pleausre and appeal of a sexy woman!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Comparing Sex Toys: Glass Dildos vs. Crystalessence Material

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, and a wide variety of materials. But which one do you buy? How do you know? Well, if it's a toss up between a glass dildo and a crystalessence one, then here is a comparison to show you the pros and cons of each.

Crystalessence Spiral Vibrator

This vibrators is made out of Crystalessence material, which is a high grade, firm, translucent jelly. It is more sturdy than regular jelly, but is still flexible and bendable. This material does not retain heat and cold, and because of it's density, it muffles vibrations slightly.

There is a vibrating bullet near the head of the penis, inside the jelly with a wire running down the inside. The wire exits at the base of the shaft, and attaches to a hand held controller. The wire from the base to the battery pack measures about 2 feet long. The controller is the batter pack, which requires 2 AA batteries, not included. It has a multi-speed dial, ranging from slow a slow tease, to a strong, steady vibration.

The base of the vibrator is a pair of detailed, sculpted testicles. They act as a platform for which you can stand your vibrator up right. The shaft is straight, not curved. The tip of the vibrator is also sculpted to be the head of a penis. There are beautiful purple and white spirals of color running through the shaft. The shaft measures 6 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

The crystalessence sex toy is easy to clean as it is more hygienic than regular jelly. Soap and hot water, or sex toy cleaner will do just fine. You do need to use proper lubrication for this vibrator, for easy insertion and comfort.

This toy has the look of glass, without the price of glass.

Glass Vibrating G-Spot Lover

This dildo is made from Pyrex, a very strong, shatter resistant glass. The pro to having a glass sex toy is that it will retain temperature very well. If you put this dildo in the freezer for a couple of minutes, or run it under hot water quickly or 5-10 seconds in the microwave, it will retain those thermal conditions for a more unique sexual experience.

The shaft of this dildo measures 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. The base of the sex toy is a round ball shape, which measures 1.75 inches diameter. This end can also be inserted for a larger feeing.

This dildo comes with a removable soft, jelly cockring that holds a mini bullet vibrator against it for the vibrating effect. The cock ring is spotted with jelly nodes for added stimulation. The vibrations can be felt lightly through the glass, but mostly when the dildo is thrusting in and out, the clitoris will hit the vibrating cockring and this adds extra stimulation and heightened pleasure. The mini bullet vibrator requires 1 cell battery, which is included.

Tis sex toy is very hygienic, and can be cleaned by sex toy cleaner, soap and water, or boiled. Because of it's totally non-porous nature, after being cleaned, this toy can be shared safely. This sex toy dose not require lubrication, but it is suggested for women who are drier. A small sample of lubrication is included.

The vibrating g-spot lover is curved shaped to stimulate more directly on the g-spot. This sex toy comes with a soft velvety satin bag for discreet storage.

Overall, these are two lovely sex toys both with their pros and cons. The crystalessence material has the look and appeal of glass without the price or properties. It won't retain temperature like glass, but is flexible unlike glass. A little more to the cleaning process, and lubrication is required.

Glass has a more sophisticated, classy look and feel, but is not flexible. It does retain temperature, but requires a cock ring to get the vibrating effect. It also has a bit more of a price tag to reflect the style and beauty. Extremely easy to clean, and safe to share, glass sex toys have a certain appeal that is unmatched by any other.

In the end, if you still can't decided which one is for you, then why not try both! Both have their pros and cons, it all depends on what you want, and what you haven't tried yet!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Finding and Enjoying the G-Spot

Finding your G-Spot may be a bit tricky, and if you can't find it, it can be very stressful. Everyone woman wants to be able to feel what every other woman talks about! The exciting feeling of g-spot stimulation is a sensation unlike any other, and once you've experienced it, you'll never want to go back to regular stimulation!

The G-Spot itself rests inside the vaginal canal, on the anterior wall, about 2 inches up towards your navel and behind the pubic bone. Try to find it by placing one finger inside your vagina, then turn your hand so your palm is facing up, and the slide up the vaginal wall until you feel a spot that is sponge like, instead of untextured like every where else. This spongy spot will be about the size of a quarter. When pressure is applied to this spot, at first you will find it makes you feel like you have to urinate, but after a few minutes, it will turn to feelings of ecstasy and pleasure. This spot is known to be a hot spot for giving women orgasms.

So now you know where is it, but how do you stimulate it?

Well, you can use a finger, or get your partner to use theirs, and find the g-spot. Then the best way to gain a sexual response from this spot is to massage it in a circular motion, applying slight pressure until you find the prefect sensation for you. For the first time, why not try massaging this area until you've experienced a real g-spot orgasm.

Now your finger will get boring pretty fast. That is why they have come up with vibrators and other sex toys specially designed for g-spot stimulation.

These toys can be made from any kind of plastic or jelly, and have a curved tip to really pinpoint your g-spot. G-spot toys can be long or short, it doesn't really matter. Some are longer to double as a regular vibrator, and the short ones are typically solely for finding your g-spot and massaging it, sending you into a swirl of pleasure. They come in different colors and price ranges to suit your visual appeal and your budget! Once you lube up your g-spot sex toy, insert and turn so the curved end is facing up. Then move it around slowly until you have found your sensitive g-spot. Turn your toy on, or pick your favorite function, and feel the best feeling a women can experience. This feeling alone is why men get jealous of women!

Overall, your g-spot should not be difficult to find. Just remember it will feel like a small sponge, and when you find that spot, you will know for sure! A pointer for steaming up your sex life if to get a specific g-spot vibrator, and has a session of mutual masturbation with your partner. Once they see you having a g-spot orgasm, they will be crawling to you, desperate to be a part of the action!

Make sure you clean all of your sex toys before and after each use, and use the proper lubrication for each toy. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy your new found love-spot!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Ultimate Masturbator!

Masturbation in men can grow boring, therefore some kind of new toys need to be introduced into the routine. You can buy a personal masturbator, or a nice cyberskin pocket pussy and that will deffinatly help keep things interesting and feeling great. These are a good choice for the next step in masturbation, but what comes next? Is there anything better than a mold of a sexy lil' pussy made from material that feels oh so real? The answer is YES!! The next step to the ultimate, mind blowing, teeth clenching, fist squeezing, toes curling orgasm is the Next Gerneration, Optimum Power, Thrusting Power Climaxer! This thing is a machine, literally! It is the most high tech and sophisticated masturbator out there for any man willing to give her a go!

The basic set up is a plastic cylinder shaped container with a jelly sleeve inside. At the base of the jelly shield is a little plstic peiece to keep your penis from touching the little motor at the base. At the top of the cylinder is the opeing where you put your penis, and it is fitted with a removable, detailed cyberskin anaus molded opening. Attached to it all by a 2 foot wire is a hand held batery pack with a multi-speed slider. And the final piece is the removable, hand held pump.

OK, so first of all you lube up your penis for comfortable insertion into the tight softouch plus anus. Once inside, turn on the masturbator and feel the textured jelly noduals dance around our penis, tickling and stroking you. The jelly sleeve is attached to a small motor with a little electric arm that moves up and down to do the thrusting so you don't have to. Find your prefered thrusting speed, and attach the pump. Now pump until the right suction pressure is felt. Now oh does that not feel great?

The high grade pump bulb is fitted on a non-crimping tube, so it won't ruin if it is bent or squished, and it also has a quick release valve for safety. The pump tube measures almost 2 feet. The main cylinder measures almost 8 inches long with 4 inches translucent, and 4 inches wide. The hand held controller measures 6 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. The cyberskin anus opening measures 3.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. There is a plastic lid to cover the top when not in use. This sex toy takes 4 AA batteries which are not included.

There is nothin that creates a sensation like this bad boy dose. It sucks, it tickles, it thrusts, and it masturbates all at your prefered speed and pressure. Go fast for a quick orgasm, or slow it down and take your time for a real exotic sexual expierience! The cyberskin top is a silky, velvety feeling and is removable for easy cleaning. Clean before and after use. No matter who you are or what you do, this masturbator is for you!