Thursday, August 28, 2008

Forever Foreplay!

Sex is fun, and sex with sex toys is even better. But what bout foreplay? If you are lacking in your sex life, perhaps the problem is a shortage of foreplay! Fore play includes acts such as sexy talk, passionate kissing, smooth massages, tongue teasing, tickling and taunting, naughty nibbling on various body parts: ears, neck, arms, fingers, legs, tummy, bums and so much more.

You can get creative with your foreplay sessions to keep things mixed up and erotic! Incorporate sex toys with your fun foreplay and experience a whole new level of sexy preparation. Use a small vibrator to tease your partners lips, breasts, feet, and both his and her naughty bits! Finger vibrators are great for foreplay as they are worn around one finger, making it easier to loose yourself in the moment without loosing control or dropping the toy!

Sweet feathers can tickle your partner in a sexy way! Gentle tickling is very erotic and stimulating. Get your partner to lay on their back cover their eyes with a silky eye mask. Then use a feather tickler to gently stroke them beginning at the top and slowly working your way down! Having their eyes closed will add to the sensation, making it impossible to resist grabbing you and giving it to you! You may even have to tie them down with some sexy restraints!

Rub your partners feet deeply until they are in a state of total relaxation. Then move up to massage their ankles, knees, thighs and then a slow but steady massage in between the legs! Anything you choose to do should be sexy and stimulating. Keep your partners pleasure in mind, and you'll be surprised how much more you get our of it! Getting prepared for your sexy time with some hot foreplay will add so much exotic and heavy pleasure to the sex, try it and see!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wild Nights with Other Couples

Are you looking into having a three-some, or want to experience the thrills of group excitement but are nervous and don't have a clue where to begin? Once you and your partner-couple, or multiple couples, have decided all of you want to try it, then there is one simple way that is fun and will open the door to your most adventurous experience; why not try an adult board game! There are many types of adult board games that are best kept to one couple, however there are equally as many that can be played with multiple couples!

These games are not only super fun, they will help you get more comfortable with the idea of being naked in front of your friends! Call up your closest couple and ask them to come over and play a kinky adult game with the two of you! Add a little alcohol, or keep it straight edge and enjoy an erotic and sensational new way of spending Friday nights!

Not all of these adult board games are incredibly physical and sexual, you can get some that are simple and sexy, yet still rather closed and comfortable. Start small and add a little humor to your group time! Playing an adult board game is a great way of connecting on a more personal level with the couple you desire. Both couples will surely be ready to step it up a notch after playing an exciting, humorous and all around pleasureful adult board game! Include as many couples as you can!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Why Wear a Thong?

These days it seems women's clothing is getting tighter and they are wearing less of it. It may sound like the world is taking a turn for the worst, but if done properly, this can be a very inspiring and sexy thing! Wearing a thong will help you look your best while wearing those tight little mini's and short shorts! Besides being a practical piece of clothing, it is no secret that thongs are all around simply sexy!

If you are unsure about wearing a thong, but are curious about all the buzz, this article breaks down this taboo undergarment into it's different functionality and style categories. This should help you see the brighter side to wearing less underneath, giving you more in the long run!

Everyday Thong

This style of thong is for a practical and comfortable wear. While still being super sexy, this style of thong will keep you feeling “in place” and snug. The elastic waistband provides the perfect fit and support, while the thong style back allows you to wear a sleek work pant or a cute mini skirt and never reveal embarrassing panty lines!

Sexy String Thong

A sexy string thong reveals your curvaceous figure and adds a simple yet incredibly spicy addition to your body! This is the thong that drives men wild, and keeps that slight hint of mystery! Men will beg to sneak a peek of whats underneath! You can be completely naked except a string thong, and this will automatically make you 100% sexier! These thongs are great for enticing and seducing your lover, and make you feel a little sexier also! These thongs can also be worn under your everyday clothing.

Wide Strap Thong

A wide side strap on a thong is great for practical wear and keeping your curves looking great. The perfect alternative to a string thong, the wider strap is comfortable and the thong style is still sexy! These style thongs are similar to everyday thong, only these thongs are made from lace, silk, satin, or any other luscious material. This thong will drop any man to his knees and have him begging for more!

Matching Thong

These thongs come with a matching top piece. Something like a bustier, baby doll, halter, bikini top, or any other type of sexy piece. These outfits are known more as “lingerie”! The top piece is usually the main attraction, followed down the body by the complementing thong. In this case the thong is not the center of attention, but boosts the look and ties the whole outfit together.

Fancy Thong

Planning a special romantic evening for two? Be sure to include dessert, but not just any dessert... you need a Fancy Thong! These thongs may have fringe, beads, diamonds, glitter, tassels or any kind of delicate addition that differentiates this thong from an everyday or a string thong. These thongs are only worn for sexy encounters when you need to look your best!

Fantasy Thong

Bring out your wild, feminine side with a Fantasy thong! This type of thong is also only worn once in a while, as it will have much more detail and flare than a Fancy thong. Fantasy thongs give more creativity to your romantic encounter, and can even lead to role playing! Fun, flirty and all around super sexy, Fantasy thongs are glamorous and enchanting!

Fetish Thong

All things bondage come alive with the addition of a Fetish thong. These thongs are usually made from leather, vynal, rubber or any other unusual material. These thongs are going to be tight and very sexy. They will usually be black colored, but do not have to be. Typically, a fetish style thong matches perfectly with s blindfold and some sexy bondage restraints! These thongs can have chains, zippers or any other decorations that are farm from girlie. These decorations are taunting and fierce, with a flare for dominance!

Vibrating Thong

A girl's best friend! Vibrating thongs add pleasure to everyday occasion. You can wear a vibrating thong while washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, or get wild and wear one to the grocery store! Vibrating thongs stimulate the clitoris and get her in the mood for more. These thongs can also sometimes accommodate him as well. This means the vibrating piece will rest against the clitoris and the rest will be easy access for him. These thongs are designed for wear during intercourse.

Edible Thong

Purely novelty, these thongs are fun and sexy! Wear this thong and let your lover eat it off you, piece by piece! These thongs come as candy, or as a thin layer of chocolate, strawberry or any flavor of edible material. These thongs make great romantic gifts!