Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Myths and Truths About Sex Toys

There are many myths circling around sex toys, enough to leave a person confused and uninformed about sex toys, using sex toys, how if they really are good or bad. Considering sex toys are still rather taboo in our society today, many woman and men are talking to their friends about them and bringing them into their households as great foreplay toys, and general arousal toys.

So what are some of the myths around sex toys? Well, there is the one about vibrators being bad for women to use. This is definitely a myth, as vibrators have helped many woman who have gone through a painful cancer experience and surgery, and may no longer enjoy sex. Vibrators have shown these women many hours of pleasure and sexual release.

There is no actual scientific evidence that vibrators damage a women vagina. This myth was probably created by uneducated people who agree that sex toys are unethical and shameful.

Which brings me to my next myth, that sex toys are obscene and directly related to pornography. This is probably the biggest misconception about sex toys and the men and women who use them. The only way sex toys are related to pornography is that they both fall under the “Adult” category, and that they are occasionally used as props in the films. Besides this, the sex toy market is a clean, safe and discreet one, catering to all types of people with all types of preferences.

Another myth, and one of the only true ones is that sex toys are great fun, healthy, and help out so many people on a daily basis! Think of the poor soul who has a severe STD and does not want to pass it on to another. Sex toys are the only option they have for feeling the orgasmic pleasures that everyone else feels.

If you are interest, and nervous about using sex toys, and have come across this article, well I hope it has inspired you to open up to the fabulous world of sex toys. Come and enjoy what others have been enjoying for years, and see what sex toys can do for you!

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Get In Touch With Your Sexy Side

TheAdultToyShoppe.com has so many items and ideas to help individuals and couples get in touch with their sex sides. Everything from sexy lingerie to kinky love toys and games, all exceptional products created to bring more excitement and sex appeal to your sex play. Now that you have your sex toys and lingerie, what should you do with them? Well here are some ideas for couples on how to really bring out your sexy side and to get things fired up in the bedroom!

A good starting point is to make everything a super sexy surprise! Don't let your partner know that you've ordered and received a nice new selection of kinky sex toys that will tickle their fancy later on! Make all your arrangements perfect, and figure out all the small details. This will make your experience erotic and special. Of course leave room for improvising. I mean don't plan who will have their orgasm when, that is just silly! Plan things like where you will keep your sex toys; maybe under the pillow or in the night stand drawer. Make sure they are easy access so you don't waste any time searching for them. Try also having a variety at hand; the better the selection, the more sensations and excitement you will have!

Don't forget the lubrication and condoms. These items should also be kept close for easy access. Keeping the condoms under a pillow is probably the best place, as long as hands don't slide under and knock them down. This way you can reach them quickly and a very short stop is only required!

Keeping a towel right beside the bed on the floor for the messy ending will save you a lot of hassle. This way once everything is said and done, you can just reach down and grab it with out having to move and get everything everywhere.

Waiting until the right moment, and when he or she comes home, the good old fashioned trail of rose petals to the bedroom is still a very elegant and arousing entrance. Or why not try something new like placing a blind fold, a vibrator and a bottle of warming massage oil on a table right by the front door. Place a little note saying something like, “Take these things to the bedroom, take off all you clothes, lay down and put the blind fold on.” Hide in the bathroom or closet, of course wearing something super sexy (even if you are a guy), and come out only once they are ready and blind folded. Get some music going and drip some of the massage oil on them. Start rubbing around and eventually turn on the vibrator. The humming sound will drive your partner crazy, as they will surely know the sound and get really excited!

You could step it up a notch and instead of vibrator and massage oil, you could put a strap on harness and a dildo on the table! (This make-your-own strap on kit comes with the blind fold and harness in a cute leopard print).

This is just one idea to get in touch with your sexy side. Being mischievous and clever, and setting up a sexy erotic night is such a good way of feeling sexier yourself, and really getting closer with your partner. Try mixing in some vibrating jelly cock rings and some flavored blow job lubrication to really spice things up! What ever you do and how ever you do it, have fun and play safe. Remember to always think about how sexy you are, and this will radiate around you, and your partner will be sure to notice!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Travel With Sex Toys

A lot of people travel, and all the time. Weather it be for work or for play, you don't need to be unfulfilled during your excursion! Many discreet, small sex toys are very powerful, and super satisfying, and are perfect for traveling with!

For instance, the smaller clit toys are perfect for traveling women. They stick discreetly in most empty spaces, or in your purse, or even with your makeup, and they will deliver the best quickie ever! And the majority of mini bullets, eggs and clit toys are very quiet vibrating, so they are perfect for hotel rooms with thin walls!

Masturbator's for men are also really good for packing. The Cyberskin ones or the jelly ones are super squishy and flexible, so you can squeeze them in between your clothes, or with your shampoo bottles. When the urge hits, pull it out, slip it on and jerk away! Get a waterproof one and take it into the shower in the hotel for a quick, invigorating experience!

Dildos are also perfect for packing. The do not vibrate, so they are quiet, and they can slide in the side of your suit case perfectly. Use them privately in your hotel room for an erotic encounter!

And think about it, when you are traveling, you are supposed to be either working, or touring, and not anything sexual. So masturbating in a hotel room by yourself is a sceret, and a naughty one at that! That its self is a hot turn on, and will help you finish up quiker and with more satisfaction!

Couples who go on holidays together can get cock rings with mini vibrators on them which are very small and discreet. Use them in your hotel room, and experience one of the best orgasms you can have! These small cock rings are perfect for going anywhere, from your honeymoon to a weekend at the lake.

If you are not up for brining sex toys, then why not try just some good ol' flavored lube! This will heat up your sex by making it wet and slick! Lube comes in all flavors from Raspberry to Pina Colada, and everything from heating lube, tingling lube, silicone, water based, oral sex aid lubrication and everything in between. Slick on each others thighs and lick it off, or get the oral sex aid to make each others naughty bits taste heavenly!

Of course an easy to pack sexual item would definitely be sexy lingerie! Packs just like the rest of your clothing, but adds spice to your sex later in the evening! Why not put on a kinky, lacy two piece number and order some room service strawberries & champagne! A perfect way to end your day.

If you are alone, order your favorite dessert, and get out the sex toys you brought for a truly relaxing, and personal time. Going on a work holiday doesn't have to be stressful, you can turn your lonely evenings into some much needed alone time! No family, no work, just you and your horny intentions! Get a little kinky, and have a good trip!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Healthy, Happy Sex

Sex is a very healthy activity, even more so when you do it with someone you really love. As long as you're playing safe, things can go very well, you can loose weight and be happier inside. But things can get dull, and here are some tips on having healthy, happy sex.

Have sex when you feel the urge coming on. Chances are after a while, you both will have your urges at the same time, brining you closer together in the mind. Sharing this experience together is a good way for getting closer and relating to each other. This is also a good way of getting to know what each others likes and dislikes, and knowing the person inside a lot better.

As long as you are playing safe, and wearing some kind of birth control, like a condom. This prevents against STD's and pregnancy. A good idea of something to do together is to get tested if you've had other partners. Go together and get tested at the same time, this way you can get your results together and celebrate the hopeful good news.

Sex toys are of course a really great way of having healthy, safer sex. You can stimulate each other all night and wake up happy and relaxed. Try buying each other sex toys as gifts, and you can figure out more about your partner and relate to which your favorites are. If you have never used sex toys with each other, waiting to see your partners surprise when they open their gift will be unbearable!

Little things like rubbing her feet, and breakfast in bed is all sexual activities leading up to sex play. Rubbing body parts is a way of touching, which stimulates the mind to think "oh this feels good, and i love when they touch me", which will lead to "oh yes, this turns me on!". After a night of sex sex and more sex, breakfast in bed for your drowsy partner is a very cute way of saying a discreet 'thank you for last night'. The thoughtful action might even get you some morning sex! All around touching and sensitivity are important aspects of a relationship that should be shared all the time for real happiness.

Sex helps you loose calories by giving you exercise and making you sweat. Muscles you may not use very often are exercised during sex, which strengthens and tones. The faster, harder and rougher the sex is, the longer it lasts, and the number of different positions you play in are all factors of how many calories you loose, and how much muscle is strengthening. Try to last longer and make sure both of you reach your orgasm, and feel the blood rush happily through your veins!

Sex also releases endorphins in your brain that trigger "happy"! These chemicals tell your brain that you are relaxed, having a good time and are really happy, which brightens your day, and bring you closer to your partner! If you've got some kind of fetishes, like tying each other up or a foot fetish or something, make sure you fulfill them, maybe not all the time, but at least twice a week. Try role playing also for some new exotic fun!

Sex is a healthy activity for couples, and for the individual. Good, close and personal sex will bring you both together, stronger and happier. Perky up your happiness and have safe, loving and wild sex with your partner, as much as you please! This is a great form of exercise and a great way of calming and relaxing your brain, especially right before bedtime!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Penis Pumps and Extensions

There are many men out there who are afraid their penis is not as big as others, or they fear that they are not pleasing their partner because of their size. Well you might be big enough for her, but if you are not happy with what you've got, then you could consider using a penis pump, or a penis extension!

Penis pumps first, they are usually a plastic cylindrical with a latex sleeve on one end for an air tight seal, and the other end will have the pump. Weather it be a tube with a hand squeeze bulb, or a trigger style pump, it is easy and safe to pump slowly, and will mostly always have a quick release valve for added safety.

Place your penis inside the cylinder, and make sure the air tight latex seal is tight around you. You'll want to put a little bit of lubrication on the latex seal to make it more comfortable and less friction. Start pumping slowly until you see your penis is larger. How it works is that the pump suctions air out of the cylinder, which makes the blood fill your penis as full as it can! During this stage, if any discomfort is felt, stop and release the pressure in the cylinder and remove the pump. You will feel suction of course, and slight pressure, but if it hurts, or if you feel it is too much, do not continue using the pump until another day.

Once you are fully erect, slide the pump off your penis (another reason to lube the latex seal first!), and enjoy your super rock hard penis! Now at this point you could put a cock ring on, or maybe before you start pumping put the cock ring on, and this will help keep your erection hard and stiff and ready for sex. Don't forget that cock rings should only be worn for about 20 minutes or so, or you will suffocate your penis, and this could lead to a medical condition.

Some penis pumps have little perks that make using them more fun and arousing. Some will have a vibrating option, and some will have a little inflatable latex tongue that tickles the head wile you pump your penis. These are not necessary for higher performance, but they are fun little perks to add to your sexual experience!

Now some types of penis extensions are similar to a condom. They have a penis head style top that you place on top of your penis, and roll the rest down your shaft, like a condom! This adds a couple inches of length for you, and hits those deeper spots in your partner.

Other types of extensions are Cyberskin shafts that slide over your penis, adds length to you, and feels very real for your partner. Cyberskin is the closet material to real skin, and if your whole penis feels like Cyberskin, your partner won't be able to tell! The material will also rub your penis, so unlike condoms, you will feel like it is you that your partner is rubbing. Cyberskin is a good choice for people who do not want to jeopardized sensations.

You can also get extensions that are strap ons. These are hollow dildo style sex toys that you place your penis inside and place the strap around you. These will also add the length and stay in place perfectly for the ultimate sex play!

These two products are great for help men with erection problems, or who want to add that extra bit of length to their penises. They are safe and easy to use if used properly. Follow the instructions and enjoy your new length and firmness!

Monday, July 16, 2007

What's Makes the Rabbit Vibrator So Popular?

You've surely heard about it, and may have seen them for yourself, but what is all the hype about Rabbit Vibrators? Well, it's true that they are one of the best lines of vibrators out there, and have had such great reviews.

One of the reasons why the Rabbit Vibrator, or the Jack Rabbit Vibrator is so popular is that they have so many incredible features. They can have the typical gyrating head, which means the head of the vibrating penis (they are usually molded into a penis shape) swirls around and massages deep inside you. This is an incredible feeling and many women fall in love with it as soon as they feel it!

Another great feature is the vibrating rabbit clitoral stimulating. The bunny's ears vibrate rapidly to tickle your clit and get you very aroused. On most of the rabbit vibrators, the gyrating motion has a independent multi-speed controller to the multi-speed controller of the vibrating clit teaser.

Some of the Rabbit Vibrators had rows of metal beads in the shaft that will rotate in circles to massage your vagina lips, and the very inside of your vagina. Depending on the rabbit vibrator you get, the beads could be in straight rows, or independently mixed around. This is a unique feature that no other vibrators have.

Some Rabbit Vibrators are smaller than others, and some are even strap-ons. It all depends on what you want and what you want to experience, so really just take a look around and see what you like. Most Rabbit Vibrators are waterproof, so you can take them into the tub or shower and have some real wet fun! Also, they come in all sorts of different colors!

Rabbit Vibrators are unique, and maybe the most popular line of vibrators out there. Overall, the reason Rabbit Vibrators are so popular is that they are very powerful and quiet for discreet usage, they are unique and feel very good for a woman, and well let's face it, the rabbit is a huge sex sign. Alon with beavers and a few other animal icons, yet the rabbit seems to be the biggest, so naturally, Rabbit Vibrators follow the trend!

These wonderful vibrators are a little pricey, but are definitely worth every penny. If you've never tried one, what are you waiting for? It is an unequaled experience that every woman should take part in and feel for herself! If you've got a wife at home, or a loving girlfriend, why not get her a Rabbit Vibrator to show how much you really care!

Friday, July 13, 2007

What's New At The AdultToyShoppe.com

Here at theAdultToyShoppe.com we strive to bring you the best, most exciting sex toys and products available on the market today, while keeping our prices low, and our customer service values high. To make shopping a little easier for you, here is a blog dedicated to our newest products.

Copper Butt Plug
This is a beautiful, sleek and sexy butt plug, made from Silagel, an anti-bacterial, non-toxic material that is easy to clean. Smooth surface and lightly scented for the ultimate pleasure seekers. A must have for all anal players. This beauty measure 5 inches long and 1.5 inches at it's widest point.

Copper Swirl Anal Plug
A super sexy, super sleek butt plug perfect for beginners. The molded swirls will help ease insertion, or will make thrusting in and out feel exhilarating. Made from Silagel, a non-toxic, anti-bacterial material that is easy to clean. A great addition to any sex toy collection. Soft and shimmering, this butt plug measures 6.5 inches long, and 1.75 inches at it's widest point.

Blue Velvet G-Spot Vibrator
A real beauty! This unique vibrator pinpoints the G-Spot and massages it perfectly with it's slanted, rounded head. This vibrator feels so soft like velvet to the touch. Endorsed by Jenna Jameson, this firm and sexy vibrator measures 7.75 inches insertable. The head measures 1 inch wide and 2.5 inches long for perfect G-Spot coverage.

Triple Ecstasy Vibrator
What a vibrator! This sexy wonder has all the sex toy action you need. The main head of the vibrator rotates and gyrates for a deep down satisfaction, while the clitoral stimulating bunny ears vibrate you to orgasm. But that's not all, the newest addition to this already famous vibrator is the anal tickler! Insert while you masturbate for the triple ecstasy effect, or leave it out and rest it against your anus for a vibrating, tickling sensation. The vibrating bullet clitoral stimulator and the anal tickler vibrate independently of each other, giving you the power to customize your orgasm!

Waterproof Jack Rabbit 2
This is the cream of the crop rabbit vibrator. 5 rows of metal beads that rotate together to massage your vagina while the head gyrates to give you that deep down orgasmic sensation. You can reverse the motion of the head, from clockwise to counterclockwise. The vibrating rabbit ears tickle and tease your clitoris, and do so independently of the rotating head, as they each have their own 3 speeds to choose from.

Natural Penis Vibrator and Natural Penis Vibrator Brown
These two vibrators are some of the most realistic vibrators out there. The look and feel real, and chances are, with your eyes closed, you couldn't tell real from vibrator! Realistically detailed veins and groves help with the illusion. These are perfect for women craving the real thing, without have all the rest! Great for when the hubby's not home! Enjoy the real feeling of these big bad boys. They both measure 7 inches insertable, and 1.5 inches wide.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fun Clit Toys

Female sex toys are great fun, but classic vibrators and massive dildos aside, clitoral stimulator's are one of the best sex toys for women. They are very versatile, and come in many shapes, and colors with many different fun aspects. Some are hand held and some have thigh straps, some are wireless, and some have hand held controllers. All are great toys, with many benefits for arousing women.

The clit toys that have thigh straps are mostly hands-free, and can be worn during intercourse as they only cover the clitoris, and leave room for penetration. These clit toys make sex much better, as the clit is being stimulated while having intercourse, which will send a woman to her orgasm very quickly! These strap vibrators are perfect for wearing under your clothes, during your shopping trip or while lounging around the house.

There are a few clitoral vibrators that are finger toys, which means there is no thigh straps and no hand held, instead they slip on your finger and sit there. These are good for pinpointing stimulation and really getting the vibrations across. Being on the end of your finger, you can control everything!

Some clitoral stimulator's are hand held, but wireless and can be held anywhere. You can use them to stimulate the clit, or the vagina lips, or even the outside of the anus and the breasts if you want. They are great during foreplay, and can be used to tickle the man as well. During intercourse, you can hold them up to the clit, or where ever you want.

The best clit toys are vibrating sex toys, and most have multi-speed dials. So if you would rather have a slow vibration to keep you on the edge of climax, or if you prefer a quickie, crank it up and send yourself to orgasm fast.

Clit toys come in many shapes and sizes, from a cute little teddy bear toy a triple pronged, hand held vibrator. No specific shapes are better than others, except that some have little pleasure nodes for added stimulation and some are just smooth. It all depends on what you want out of your sex toy.

Another way of getting your clitoral stimulation could be to wear a pair of vibrating panties! These are sexy pairs of thongs or g-strings that have a little, removable mini vibrator. Perfect for wearing in public, or while doing house work.

So which ever clit toy you choose, you will be surely in for a great sensation. Whether is be a strap on one, a hand held or a finger vibe, or a pair of vibrating panties, all of these sex toys have one purpose, to send you to your orgasm, and keep you wanting more.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sexercise! - Loose weight during your sex play?

It's a known fact that exercise is good for you, and anyone who participates in sexual intercourse knows, sex is exercise! So could there be a link? Could SEX actually be good for you? Well, the answer is, of course it is! And in so many ways!

It's been researched and proven that sex burns calories, and not just minor amounts. Sex actually does burn enough calories to make a small difference, and research says vigorous, hard sex is the equivalent to an intense workout. You loose approximately 15 calories per 10 minutes for moderate sex, and 17 calories per 10 minutes for vigorous sex. So if you start with a nice 10 minutes of moderate sex, then step it up with 20 minutes of vigorous sex, that's 50 calories you've lost doing something you love! This number is just an estimate and varies on factors such as body weight, temperature (the more you sweat, the more you loose!) position, duration, intensity and things like that.

Not only does sex burn calories, but it also is great for stretching and toning your muscles, getting your heart racing (which in this case is good for you!), raising your metabolic rate, increasing energy and all while burning calories. Research also says that intense, passionate kissing is a workout in its own. It is said that deep kissing can also raise your metabolic rate, and help you loose as much as 2 calories per minute! Add that to intense sex, and whoa!

Research also states that women who engage in sex regularly are able to get aroused more easily, have an easier time reaching their orgasm, and are more eager for sex on a daily basis. Sex will also help boost your immune system, help provide stress relief, help with posture and boost your creativity.

It is also thought that sex is a cure for a migraine. During sex, adrenaline and cortisol are released in the brain, and help stimulate the brain. In turn, a headache can be cured, and prevented in the future. It is also said that migraine sufferers have a stronger sexual desire, and most find that rough sex is the perfect cure!

So over all, sex is a great addition to your regular exercise routine, and is very beneficial for your health. Now, add sex toys to the mix, get creative and feel better and better ever day! Sex toys will help keep your sex routine random and fun, and keep you wanting more. So put a smile on your face, and jump into bed!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Jelly Dildo's vs. Cyberskin Dildo's

Ever wonder what the main differences were between a jelly dildo and a cyberskin one? There are a couple of aspects, not necessarily better or worse, it all depends on what you are looking for. If you like to be able to move fast, or if you prefer a real life look, it all comes down to the material of the dildo! Here are some of the differences you should know about when picking your dildo.

Jelly dildo's are very floppy and flexible and once they are lubricated, a jelly dildo will slip and slide around. You can thrust a jelly dildo in and out as fast as you want, as they are very sleek and will go as fast as you can! Cyberskin dildo's, they won't move as fast, as the material is a little more course instead of slick like jelly.

Cyberskin dildos have a more dense core, but it is not a solid core. The reason for this is to mimic a real penis accurately. It's like how with a real penis, when erect, you can bend it a little bit, but not very much. Well that is what a Cyberskin dildo is like as well. Along with the real feeling core, Cyberskin dildo's have a real feeling outside sleeve. Sleek and smooth, the otter sleeve is as close to the real thing as you can get. If you close your eyes and you have a real penis, and a Cyberskin one, you will barely be able to tell the difference.

Jelly dildo's can come in any shape and size available. With massive ripples, or bulbous humps, or ever spiky nodes, Jelly can be molded into anything! Cyberskin on the other hand can only be straight with fine detail, as the material is too light to support a radical design.

Jelly is also very cold, and may heat up with friction, but is just chilly for the most part. This is one reason why Jelly is a “fun” material for a dildo. Not only dose cold feel great in a womans vagina, but the sleek design and the variety of shapes makes for jelly to be an exciting, flirty sex play toy.

Cyberskin is a naturally warm material, again like a real penis. Cyberskin dildo's may warm a bit more with friction, but the start room temperature and maintain that the duration of usage. Cyberskin is perfect for anyone wanting a real man, without the rest of the man! A great dildo for those passionate, intense sex play sessions.

Over all, it depends on what you want in a dildo for which one is better. Cyberskin is very real, smooth, warm and shaped as a real penis. A classier material for very personal uses. Jelly is wild and fun in any shape and color, fun and sleek, slick and floppy, great for a fun and jumpy sex play. Not so personal, as jelly is widely used and is advertised greatly.

Both materials are fun and will send you to your wildest orgasm with no problem. Have fun trying them out, and if you can't decide, why not just get both!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Essentials in Your Sex Toy Collection

Sex Toys are great, and are one of those things that are considered “the more the merrier!” So having a sex to collection, well that is just plain fun and healthy! Fun because there are so many different kinds, sizes, colors, with different functions that you can buy, and healthy because sex is so stress relieving, and using sex toys instead of penal to vaginal penetration is a great pregnancy and STD prevention method! So here is a short list of all the essentials that should be in anyone's kinky sex toy collection!

First of all, everyone needs Lubrication! Maybe even a couple different kinds, like anal lube for back door exploration, water based lube, suitable for almost all sex toys, and maybe some flavored lube for those extra wild nights. Lubrication is a necessary part of sex toy play, and it is not recommended to use any sex toy without it. Not using lubrication could result in too much friction, and possibly ripping of skin, bleeding, great discomfort and unwanted pain. So use lubrication with all your adult toys.

Next in our essentials list is for women, and that is a Clitoral Stimulator! These tiny toys are great for getting a woman aroused, or even helping her reach her oh so delightful orgasm during intercourse. These are the perfect little foreplay toys, and can be used to tickle the man as well. Clitoral stimulator's are meant to be placed up against the clitoris, or the labia, and vibrate powerfully to get the woman going. A perfect toy for beginners, and for people who wish to be way more discreet with their hobby.

Again for women, a G-Spot Vibrator is a necessity! These vibrators are curved to hit the perfect spot, and send a woman into swirls of sexy, orgasmic ecstasy. G-Spot vibrator sex toys can be made from any common sex toy material, such as glass, plastic, rubber, jelly, and any of the higher grade materials. Use a G-Spot vibrator in a strap-on harness for an exquisite sexual experience.

Now one for men, a Masturbator is a definitely must. These are great for using in the shower, although not all are waterproof so watch for that. Masturbators are made out of soft, jelly like materials, like cyberskin. These sex toys are great for men who are away from their girlfriends, or if they just like to masturbate! Masturbators make self satisfaction easier, funner, and feel so much better. Every man should have a masturbator in their collection, as these are also great discreet toys.

Another must is a powerful classic straight shaped vibrator. These are so classic and really deliver satisfaction every time you use it! These can be used by the man on the woman, or the woman alone. A recommended vibrator is the 10 Function Love Vibe. This vibrator is super sexy and feminine, and very powerful. It's got 10 different styles of vibrations, from pulsing, to thump/throbbing to regular constant vibrations. With this many different functions, you can customize your orgasm each time you play!

Another must for women is an Egg or Bullet. These are good for private and personal use because they are so small and compact. They are also very powerful and can be integrated into other some other sex toys. Also great for use during intercourse, or as the perfect foreplay aid. These sex toys come in all sizes from very small, like the Vivid Mini Bullet Vibrator, to a bigger variation, like the Remote Control Bullet Vibrator.

Of course, condoms are a must, as these are the next best thing besides abstinence for keeping STD's and pregnancy risks lower.

There are many other selections of sex toys to play with and add to your collection, like anal toys, dildos, sex furniture, love rings, cock rings, fun sex games, pleasure balls, strap-ons, and maybe a pair of furry handcuffs! These few items in the list of essentials is only the beginning. Find the toys you love most and keep adding. The more sex toys you have, the more ideas for sexy new positions and activities you can experience!

Monday, July 02, 2007

G-Spot Vibrators

Stimulating the G-Spot results in an amazing orgasms that every woman should experience for herself. The best way to find and explore the G-Spot is with a G-Spot specific sex toy. Whether its a vibrator or a strap on, G-Spot toys deliver an experienced unmatched by any other sex toy.

The G-Spot is located just inside the vagina, on the anterior wall about 2-3 inches below the belly button. You will be able to tell what the G-Spot is, as it is only about the size of a quarter and feels sponge like. At first when you find the G-Spot and begin stimulating it, it may feel like you need to urinate. This is normal, and the sensation will soon become very satisfying.

These sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, and also make a great birthday or anniversary gift for a loved one. If you have a girlfriend of wife that you want to buy a gift for, even a “just because” gift, then why not try a G-Spot vibrator? Especially if she has never experienced a G-Spot orgasm before, because when she does, she will surely crave it every day! Can you keep up to her wild demands?!?
Some G-Spot vibrators are ribbed, and some have swirls, all designed for G-Spot stimulation with added extras. They range from standard plastic to rubber to jelly to glass, all unique and very fun! If you wanted extra pleasure with your G-Spot vibrator, try putting a clitoral stimulating love ring on your vibrator, and pump away, tickling your clit and steaming up your G-Spot! For an ultra climatic sexual sensation, try wearing your favorite butt plug while stimulating yourself with a G-Spot vibrator.

However you use one; shower, bath, alone or with someone else, G-Spot vibrators are some of the best sex toys every created! Ranging from cheap to expensive and everything in between, once you pick up your G-Spot vibrator, you'll never go back to regular vibrators and dildo's.