Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Experience The Oral Sex Feel Without Oral Sex...

To all the women out there
: Who doesn't love some good oral sex? There is nothing more pleasureable then having a tongue lightly cirling your clitoris, wrapping it like a bouquet of roses, so soft, wet and slick... You know the feeling!

But on some days, you might not have anyone around to provide their wonderful tongue to give you that tingling amazing pleasure. If you don't know this feeling, you can experience it without taking off your pants for any boy (or girl, if you swing that way). The Clit Kisser is your answer to oral sex pleasure.
This sex toy is made especially to pamper your clitoris and make your head spin. This wildy popular sex toy will make you feel so good! Try it, we dare you! Thousands of women have picked themselves up the best sex toy ever made for the clitoris and no one has been left unsatisfied!

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Monday, August 21, 2006

I Can Buy A Vagina ?

Ever have those late night urges and no woman to release your primal instincts on?
Sure, every man has faced this situation. You can buy a real vagina, really molded directly from a porn star. Every tiny detail and fold is captured in these magnificent creations. They look better then real ands feel better then real. Treat yourself, pamper your penis, buy a vagina! Realistic vaginas are the ultimate pocket pussy the best sex toys for men, you can set it down and pump it full all hands free. You can control the tightness by the handles which are hollowed out ass cheeks for the ultimate maneuverability. Women have their rotating vibrators, and men have an exact replica vagina. Get yours now, it will be the best thing you've ever done for your penis!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Food and Sex : : Edible Adult Novelties

Chocolate dipped strawberries are so sensual, feeding your lover grapes is erotic, wearing a whip cream bikini is oddly sexy...
Why the strange food-sex connection?
That's for researchers and psychologists to figure out...

All we know is that edible adult novelites go hand in hand with foreplay and eventually leads to sex - not just any sex but the good kind of sex, full of novelty and excitement.
With that said, here are some ideas for a wickedly temping and delicious night!
Candy Edible Thong and Edible Bra

Slather some Body Butter or edible massage lotion all over, roll around and turn yourselves into dessert!
It is recommended to protect your furniture, bed, floor or wherever during the throes of passion. Put the Super Sheet king-sized red vinyl sheet over any area you have your encounter so you don't have to worry about those pesky love-stains!