Friday, February 06, 2009

Valentine's Love

The holiday about love is right around the corner. If you are left without any ideas, try some of our easy Valentine's day tips guaranteed to spark the love, passion and a whole new world of intimacy. Remember, if you can't afford to give diamonds, you could always give vibrators which are a woman's best friend!

1.) Give a massage.
Intimacy and relaxation go hand in hand. Try massaging each other with lovely scented massage oil. Put on slow nature music, have only the light from a few scented candles give the room ambiance for a romantic evening. Make it a professional-caliber massage, lay her (or him) face down, naked except for a towel covering the derriere.

Massage the back, neck and arms. Move in slow circular motions, Be sure to apply lots of massage oil because you don't want any friction. Rub light and heavy, alternate and move slowly, see how they respond with moans and groans. Massage for about 15 minutes to half an hour to let them fully relax.

2.) Go from the massage to the bath.
Have a bubble bath ready for your lover. Get them to go directly from the relaxation of the massage into the relaxation of the bubble bath. The massage oils will spread into the water, making it soft and slippery. Be careful not to slip however because it will be very slippery! Use a bath pillow to support the neck. Surprise your lover with a glass of wine in the bath. Float rose petals in the tub. You can buy rose petals in a bag from any florist and they are not as expensive as you think!

3.) Enjoy extended foreplay.
If you have sex toys, now is the perfect time to bring them out. Make foreplay last as long as you can. It's like practicing Tantric sex, build up and then let them come down. Make them anticipate when you are going to allow the release of sexual tension and explode in an orgasm. Tease and please but don't go too far, you are saving the best for last!

4.) Have Aphrodisiacs on hand
Try some ancient aphrodisiacs like chocolate, oysters and hot sauce. Even if they don't really work, it's all about the fun. Chocolate has proven effects but oysters are still controversial. In my opinion, I would set up a chocolate fondue, even better, feed your lover chocolate covered strawberries in the tub.

5.) Enjoy the grand finale.
Make sex different, do something you never normally do. Use warming lubricant, leave the lights on, try a new position like the wheel barrow. You began the night slow and romantic, you built up passion, now let is explode in a new way, the intimacy of the slow romance contrasting with the vigorous sex with make your connection closer and give new meaning to the romance of Valentine's day!