Saturday, April 15, 2006

How To Masturbate - For Women

To make your masturbation experience better, it is highly recommended to wet your fingers first using a personal lubricant, water or saliva. Do not use vaseline or any petroleum based lubricant because it is difficult for your body to expel these compounds. Personal lubricant is recommended becuase saliva or water will absorb into the skin and evaporate easy and quickly so you will dry out before you are done!
The best personal water based lubricant to use for masturbating is ID Pleasure Lubricant with L-Arginine The active ingredient, L-Arginine gives a tingling sensation that enhances sensation to maximize your experience! Feel the zing! A long time ago, women used to use toothpaste on their fingers to give a cooling, tingling sensation. Needless to say, this is not to healthy for your vaginal area, ID Pleasure Lubricant with L-Arginine is the safe answer to that same invigorating feeling.

Tips on how to masturbate - stimulating your clitoris:

You can directly stimulate the clitoris, this is best method to do first becuase it warms you up for the sexual exprerience and helps to get you in the mood.
Spread your lips with two fingers on one hand and slowly circle the exposed clitoris with a finger from the other hand, or squeeze it between your finger and thumb, pinch your clitoris and wiggle your fingers as if you were applying a pinch of herbs over pasta.
Be gentle becuase this is a very sensitive area, make sure your fingers are wet so that they slip and slide easily. Dry fingers will pull the skin and cause discomfort after a while.
Push your finger tip into the space between your clitoris and the vaginal lips folds at the top, near the pubic bone. This hidden area is packed with ultra sensitive nerves. If you have long fingernails, this might not be such a good idea becuase the fingernails will rub the skin and cause discomfort bue to the extreme sensitivity.
Squeeze the lips around your clitoris, as if you are wrapping your clitoris with your vaginal lips. Hold your lips closed with the clitoris neslted inside and put pressure on it while you rock your fingers back and forth. As you masturbate in this fashion, you will notice your clitoris feels like a firm little button, this is becuase it is engorged with blood, your sexual response if fully under way! Rock the little button back and forth and in circles, push it, pull it, pinch it and squeeze it. This is what masturbation is all about!
Stimulate the area in as many different ways as you can and soon you will find what makes you tingle the most!

Cup your entire vaginal area with your hand, press your hand and wiggle your fingers while pinching your vaginal lips in between fingers. Rub your pelvis on your hand and you will feel your firm clitoris as it it were a little penis with an erection!

Tips on how to masturbate - vaginal stimulation:

It is quite difficult to finger yourself so it is best to use a sex toy or a vibrator to experience satisfying vaginal masturbation. However, you can tease the area with your fingers.
Hold your vaginal lips open and slide a fingertip from the base of your clitoris all the way to your vaginal opening through the valley bewteen you vaginal lips. Circle the vagina and slip the finger back up, circling the clitoris. Masturbate using a figure-8 pattern around the area. Start slow and gradually pick up speed.
As you approach the vaginal area, put your finger tip inside the opening up to your first knuckle and flick your finger back and forth slowly. Be careful not to do this with too much force becuase that is a sensitive area and it might cause some discomfort.
To experience further vaginal penetration, use a vibrator, if you want both clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation at the same time, consider purchasing a
clitoral vibrator, also known as a rabbit vibrator which stimulates both of these areas simultaneously.
This advice on how to masturbate is only a suggestion. There is no right way and no wrong way to pleasure yourself. Do what feels right for you. It is not necessary to have an orgasm every time you masturbate but using the above technique, it might help make it easier. If you still do not have an orgasm, do not worry, just enjoy the sensations of masturbation, do not set high standards of an orgasm every time, just lay back, fantasize and enjoy!

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