Saturday, September 23, 2006

The NEW Diving Dolphin!

Sex toys for couples have come a long way. They evolve so that everyone's different tastes are satisfied.
Originally, the Diving Dolphin was this big, bulky jelly cock ring with two vibrating bullets attached by their own battery pack. Yes, it feels great but it's not a good choice if your man is small because the thick jelly reduces penetration by about .5 inch.
Also for some couples, fumbling around with cords is no fun. But then again, some couples like it because you can control your own vibration, have it hard or take it slow.
<--- The original Diving Dolphin. A powerful, fun and excellent sex toy addition to your sex toys box, but it's not for everyone... But that might not appeal to everyone. Introducing the NEW Diving Dolphin!
<--- Click it to see why this new invention is soon going to be a must-have for all erotic couples who know a good time.It's not necessarily out with the old and in with the new, but now a couple that might have been turned off with the old concept Diving Dolphin might will be intruiged by the new Diving Dolphin. Go ahead, dive in!

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