Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Masturbation Tips for Women

Clitoral stimulation lays the red carpet for an orgasm!
Your clitoris is the most sensitive spot on your whole body. When lightly rubbed, your sexual response is heightened. If you have not heard already, personal lubricant is a woman's best friend! "The wetter, the better" When all friction is gone from the skin-on-skin contact, the smooth slick feeling will glide you to orgasmic joy.

The first masturbation tip of the day is warming lubricant.
Warming personal lubricant is water based personal lubricant with a unique natural ingredient that warms on contact and warms as you rub.

If you have never tried using warming lubricant, it is highly suggested. The sensation is so unique and so great. How does warming lubricant feel? It feels like a warm wet tongue.
Some men might have heard the oral sex tip about blowing on your clitoris (if any men are reading this, you have just learned a favorite oral sex technique for women) - the warm breath is so sensual and the warming lubricant offers that same sensaual feel. Apply a small amount to your finger tip and lightly circle your clitoris, lay back and feel good!

The second masturbation tip of the day incorporates glass sex toys with the warming lubricant. The glass dildo is popular for it's unique quality to retain temperature.

Put a glass dildo in the freezer for 15 minutes, and enjoy the cold penetrating feeling. It is so invigorating, like jumping in the snow after sitting in a hot tub for a while. The extremes of sensation combine to give a delightful feeling that ignite your sexual arousal to a prickly wonderful feeling. Mixing cold glass dildo sex toys with warming lubricant is like putting a cherry on top of a sundae.

Wow sensation!

Apply warming lubricant on your clitoris with your finger and use the cold glass dildo fresh out of the fridge by rubbing it around your folds and creases and penetrate your vagina teasingly slow as you rub your clitoris with the other hand. Or you can try putting the warming lubricant on the glass sex toy and letting it wander where you like the most. Try both and see what you like the best.

If you follow through with this masturbation tip for the day, remember the Adult Sex Toys Blog that gave you the idea, and be sure to check back again because more great sex tips and sex toy ideas are still to come!

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