Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rabbit Vibrators vs. G-Spot Vibrators

For many women, it's a million dollar question, the rabbit vibrator or the g-spot vibrator? For most women who are experienced with vibrators, they know that each brings a completely different flavor and satisfies a different urge.

The g-spot vibrator allows internal orgasms and the rabbit vibrator allows external orgasms. Many people debate that there is a difference between the two, but gynecologists have studied sexual response in women have noticed that there are two different types of orgasms, the internal orgasm and the external orgasm.

The internal orgasm is brought on by g-spot stimulation and feels more like clenching muscles inside, followed by a craving for penetration. Many women fake this sort of orgasm during sex because it is not possible to achieve this during regular sex in missionary position unless the man's penis is curved upwards.

There are a few sexual positions that enable g-spot stimulation during sex such as doggie style or with the use of a pillow propping up the woman's lower back, but every woman agrees that the best way to stimulate the g-spot for the best orgasm is with a g-spot vibrator. For those who love the internal muscle spasms and feeling of deep penetration, this vibrator is your best friend.

Next is external orgasm which is given by the rabbit vibrator. This amazing creation is for clitoral stimulation which is the easiest form of orgasm for women. Easy and well known because the feel is very intense, it feels as is the clitoris itself itself is having the orgasms, you can feel the difference as it occurs outside and brings tingling feeling to your whole body.

Many women crave penetration at the time of clitoral orgasms so in this case, a bullet vibrator leaves more to be desired, since they are made to be used during sex only, the man should be penetrating and filling that desire for penetration This is exactly what the rabbit vibrator is designed to do, offer the replacement penis should the man not be present to provide the filling feeling.

Which is better? Neither, they are both essential for complete sexual satisfaction. That is not the question really because in order for a woman to really feel sexually whole, she needs to experience both types of orgasms.

Many women will get bored with the same orgasm time after time so it is best to stock up with one of each type and vary the sexual feel. Give yourself the type of orgasm you want at the time you want it, that is the best way!

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Sex toys admin said...

For me or rather for my wife, there is no any doubt what to select, Rabbit vibrator or G-spot - she has both of them :) But frankly speaking, she likes Rabbit vibrator more than G-spot one. I don'w know why it is but it is such way.