Monday, September 22, 2008

Home Made Costumes Ideas for Halloween

Looking for that perfect Halloween costume? Here are a few ideas on costumes that will stop any man dead in their tracks and give you that sexy look you are after. Besides the spooky costumes like a witch or a devil, you can be something sweet like a French maid or a wild dominatrix!

A fancy fairy is a sweet costume to bring out your flirty side. This costume can be easy to put together. Simply get some accessories like a wand and a tiara from a dollar store or discount shop. You can get the dress from a thrift store and add your own fun extras like lace, beads, extra layers etc with fabric you either have laying around or from various other clothing pieces you find at the thrift store!

A French maid costume can be maid simply by wearing a sexy, short black dress and add a skimpy waist apron and a feather duster. Make sure to put of lots of sexy make up to make you look a little sluttier, as the whole French maid idea is supposed to be seductive and sexy! Wear this costume with a sleek pair of fish net stockings and some tall heels and you've got a perfect costume!

Another easy costume is a cute waitress! Get yourself a small pink dress and apron and a pad of paper. You can take your partners kinky order and give them only the best service money can buy! If you have any sexy lingerie, wear it underneath any of your kinky costumes and surprise your partner with a hot body after they take your costume off of you!

This can be an incredibly sexy holiday, and can be the perfect occasion for kinky play! Incorporate your favorite sex toys with your hot costumes and make it a Halloween to remember!

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