Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fun and Sexy Internet Reading

As you surf around the internet, you probably enjoy reading interesting things with sexy articles. We've come across some sexy, fresh new and fun websites that might be of interest to our readers.

This new erotic thoughts blog has interesting perspectives on things regarding sexuality, and sexually suggestive themes in our society. I am very excited to follow this blog becuase her writings are very good and thought provoking!

This second blog is also written by the same author and is a study on sexuality in advertising. A great side-project and ideas for thesis about human sexuality. If you are a college student studying these aspects on society, the sex in advertising blog is of great interest to you.

A final blog by the same author again is called How To Be Sexy. Here she has some fun reads about various ideas and tips on how to have more fun with your sexuality.

We are very honored to mention her new blogs because they have great original content and are a lot of fun to read. We enjoy reading unique articles about sex just as much as you do and want to share what we find! New articles will be added regularly so check back to see what crazy ideas she comes up with next! Enjoy!

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