Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Take Care Of Your Sex Dolls!

So your looking for a sex doll, and you finally decided which one you want. Maybe she is a bit busty, or maybe she is oh so realistic, but either way, you need to care for your sex doll to ensure you get the maximum pleasure from her, and so she will last as long as she can!

As excited as you are, you try and calm yourself as you answer the door. The polite mail carrier hands you over your plain brown box, oblivious to its sweet contents. You, on the other hand, are as giddy as a young boy getting his first blow job! You practically rip the package out of the carriers hands, and slam the door behind you as you run up the stairs. Ripping open the package, your eyes widen with amazement at your beautiful new babe in a box! Get out your sex doll hand pump, and begin inflating your new sex slave.

Now, for your first use, you want to inflate and make sure there are no small rips, tears or anything that will allow the air to escape. The manufacturers are very specific when producing these sweet pleasure dolls, so most likely your doll will be in perfect condition. But, it's best to check. Inflate and let her sit for a couple of hours. If everything is good, then get ready to dive into your sexy slut!

Apply a water based lubrication to yourself, and to any area you are going to insert your penis or fingers, or toys or whatever.. Water based lubrication is important, as other lubricants may harm the latex material. Always consult the instructions booklet before using, but for the lower end dolls, try not to put too much weight on your doll, or it may not be able to handle it, and can burst. They are typically very strong, and your manual will be able to tell you exactly how much weight your doll can hold. For the higher end dolls, they are usually made from a stronger, more life like material and will be able to withstand more weight.

Clean your doll well after every use with sex toy cleaner, or with an anti-bacterial soap and warm water. This is important as the holes that will take your bodily fluids may have crevasses and folds that need to be flushed out in order to stay sanitary. Bacteria can build up if you do not clean your doll properly. The higher end dolls will usually have removable vaginal and anal areas for easier cleaning.

As for the expensive realistic dolls, many have life like features like beautiful flowing hair, glimmering eyes, full luscious lips and notched mouths for the most intensely orgasmic experience you can enjoy over and over.

Weather you like the big booty dolls with extra junk in their trunks, or the slutty super star sex dolls, you will enjoy having a sexy companion with that “never say no” attitude! As long as you take care of your sex dolls and don't leave them stranded on a beach some where, they should last you a long time, for night after night of hot lovin' and explosive cummin'!

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