Friday, January 04, 2008

Have a Sexy New Year!

Welcome to 2008! To all those who have made a new year's resolution to have a sexy year, stay tuned becuase we will have many new posts about making yourself feel sexy! For the men out there, we will have male sex tips as well.

First this tip is for both women and men. A great little idea to put a spark back into the relationship. This is not actually about the sex act itself, but more about sharing intimacy.
Book a room at a local hotel, get the honeymoon suite with a jacuzzi and pack a few things. First, don't let your lover know where they are going, drop them little hints for a few days. Let them know that a one-day vacation is coming and to be excited, it will be just like when you first met. Build up the anticipation like before the first time you ever had sex. Let them know where they are going the morning that you check in your hotel so they can have time to shower and primp themselves for the most erotic evening! If this is a new relationship, it is a great way to get to know each other in a private, romantic setting.

Here's what to pack:
1. A bottle of water-based lubrication
2. A bottle of erotic massage oil
3. A vibrator and a vibrating penis ring
4. A blindfold
5. A feather
6. Scented candles
7. Your sexiest underwear

With these ingredients, you can have a great night, think of it as a second honeymoon. Play and tease each other all night long. Set the mood with scented candles and loose yourself in each other's embrace. It may seem like a simple idea, but it will be a way to break into your sexiest new year's resolution ever!

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