Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sit, Stay! Ideas For Erotic Beginner's BDSM!

Many people have the most unique, deep fantasies, often relating to dominance and submission. These fantasies usually stem from things like embarrassing naughty teacher fetishes as adolescents, or the fiendish and conniving mentality of sly teenagers. So the boy in the corner who purposely forgets his homework simply so the teacher will teach him a lesson, and the bossy girl who makes fun of the weaker ones could easily grow into the most kinky and erotically in-tune adults, and hopefully one day find each other!

Well if this is the case for you, and you've found your discipline partners but are not to sure where to begin, then here are a few ideas of this you and your partner can try to pick things up and get the punishments delivered.

It is usually pretty obvious who is the dominate one and who will play submissive, so once that is sorted, start small. Maybe one of you have some specific requests, for example someone with a foot fetish would prefer sexy shoes or boots, or someone who likes to be blindfolded may require a selection of soft eye covers! These are the small details that will mean the difference between roaring orgasms and frustration.

If you are into bondage, then try getting some sexy restraints. You can get wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs that can be used to hold your partner to a chair, post, the bed etc. Or why not try some silky bondage rope and a book on different rope tying techniques. Then you can practice tying each other up and having your way with them.

If one of you likes to role play, then cute and kinky costumes are a must. Naughty nurse, horny fireman, or perhaps something more detailed like a sweet, innocent maiden versus a blood thirsty demon of the night.

You can also add food to your fetish. Tie him up, beat him down and then gently feed him his dinner. Or get him to tie you up and tease you with strawberries and whipped cream. You can of course be vile about it as well! An idea for her: tie her up with her legs spread so she cannot bring them together, then tie up her hands behind her back and get out her favorite clitoral stimulator or vibrator. Then lube it up, and tease her with some sweet fruit and chocolate. Feed her a piece for a hint of the goodness to come, and the begin taunting her with the vibrator. Using sex toys can be a real sweet treat on its own, but this just adds some eroticism to it all!

So play around with her, poking and probing her with the vibrator, until she can barely handle it. Feed her her fruit occasionally, which will help her mentally link this sweet treat with the sensation between her legs. Also, her not being able to push her legs together will help her reach her orgasm faster, and stronger! The right before she orgasms, give her another piece of fruit and watch her amazing orgasm she will have, an orgasm so grand it will tingle all her senses!

This is just one kinky idea you can do to tease each other. Play around and get creative with your bondage gear and sexy fetishes. If he has a foot fetish, or some kind of fetish that can be tickled with sexy clothing or accessories, then why not lay him down and walk all over him with your spikiest heels and your shortest skirt! Get him to give your heel a good sucking on, and maybe he should be licking and kissing your delicate ankle... then oops! An innocent little kick in the cheek! But make sure you tie him up first, so he can't pounce on you!

Anyway you choose to play, enjoy your partner, and enjoy the sexy things you do together. Keep trying new things, and maybe invest in some kinkier sex toys or some more interesting bondage equipment! There is always bondage furniture you can get, like chairs with built in restraints and so on.

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