Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Male Masturbators

Men need sex toys too, it can't be all only for women! Male masturbators are fantastic sex toys that stimulate and arouse specifically men. Made for men, these sex toys know what you need, where you need it, and how to please it!

Some male masturbator sex toys are designed for visual stimulation as well as physical. These are the ones shaped like or molded from real life pussies. These masturbators are the most life like sex toys available, and high end ones will even feel like real skin. These realistic ones are made from Cyberskin, or Futurotic material, which are the closest materials to real life skin. These sex toys are well worth their money, as the experience of masturbating with a real life, plush, lush and supper soft pussy is one you'll never want to pass up!

Some male masturbator sex toys are made from materials such as jelly and silicone. These can be shaped like vagina's, or maybe something a little more imaginative, like a flower or just a cylinder. These masturbators really get the job done, especially the silicone ones. These are soft, stretch, pliable, flexible, and most importantly, comfortable. These masturbators are not really for visual stimulation, but they are perfect for satisfying you and relieving you of any sexual tension.

Masturbation sleeves are simply cylinder shaped piece of material, like jelly, silicone, latex, rubber, cyberskin etc. that are usually ribbed for added stimulation. These are easy, quick and satisfying. Simply slip your manhood in the masturbation sleeve and begin thrusting.

Lubrication is required for easy insertion, and comfortable thrusting. Silicone lube should not be used for silicone sex toys, as the material can melt. If you do use silicone lube, your experience will be more pleasureful than if you use water based lube, as silicone lube never dries up or stops being slippery. This is the best lube for masturbating, you can go as quick as you want, as rough as you want, and silicone lube will keep up perfectly!

Some male masturbation sex toys have a sucking function. These mimic oral sex, and arouse the man with a light suction. This will feel just like a little virgin girls mouth on your manhood, giving you her first blow job, the best blow job! Well, not necessarily, but it does feel very erotic, and very sensual.

There are male masturbation sex toys that has beads inside the material that massage your penis while you use it. Thrust yourself in and out, and feel the erotic pleasures of the masturbating beads. They usually don't move, but they can move around with the material.

Realistic male masturbation sex toys don't always have to be vagina's either, there are some that are shaped like a pretty girls rear. These masturbation asses are tight and mostly always ribbed. They are made to visually stimulate you, and if you like giving anal sex, then these masturbators are for you!

Which ever you choose, male masturbators will get the job done and satisfy you how ever you need it! Male sex toys are very pleasureful and unique, and have helped men all over the world enjoy their masturbation moments more.

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