Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ass Palm Pal

This male masturbator was such a good investment for me. I always just liked pussy, but I decided to try this butt-like masturbator for a change. I've never had real anal sex, but I might try it now after loving the tightness of this sex toy.

It is made out of UR3-Ultra Realistic 3.0 material, which is pretty much a silicone/jelly mix. It is kind of translucent, but it's rather kind of cloudy, and purple. The material is very soft and smooth, and very velvety to the touch. It feels a little powdery also, but that is because to maintain the material this adult toy is made from, you need to dabble talcum (or baby) powder on the surface and wrap it in plastic so it dose not dry out. The toy comes already lightly powdered from the manufacturer, but you will need to continue applying the powder.

The front opening is molded to visually reproduce an anus hole. So it's kinda wrinkled and bumpy, although it is purple, it's not 100% real looking. The hole is also very tight like a real ass, but stretches nicely and tightly around your manhood when you push it in. Use a water based lube for this toy, a silicone based lube with ruin your toy. The tunnel inside the toy is bumped instead of ribbed and can really be felt. The bumps kind of massage your penis while you thrust in and out.

Once lubed up, you can thrust yourself as fast as you want with the help of the easy grip design. The outside of the masturbator is kinda ribbed with large finger slots and the other end of the tunnel is open, so you can push yourself inside as deep as you want. The open end helps for clean up too, because you can just stick the tip right through just before you blow your load. This sex toy is completely waterproof, so for even easier cleanup, you can just use it in the shower. After you use it, just wash it down with soap and water, or you can use sex toy cleaner.

This toy is great to use with a partner as well. If they don't really feel 'in the mood' for sex, then you can just ask them to use the masturbator on you. Then you get the togetherness of having your partner there, and you can still reach a very pleasureful orgasm. So if you are used to using masturbators and want a tighter one, or if you are trying something new, this is a great investment. It's super flexible, bendable, tight and soft, and ready for you every time.

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