Thursday, May 24, 2007

Waterproof Wireless Bunny

This sex toy came to me as a birthday present from my boyfriend, and made me blush! I am a vibrator fanatic and so this was the perfect gift! This is a completely hands-free, wire-free clitoral and vaginal vibrator, and is oh so powerful! As soon as I got it I went to try it on, and loved it.

The great thing about this wireless bunny is that it has soft, snug adjustable thigh straps so you can wear it under your clothes or just lounging around the house, doing dishes or what not. And it has a multi-speed dial on the back of the bunny to control the level of vibrations you wish to experience. The layout of the toy is a cute little bunny that is hugging the base of a 4 inch penis. The penis is made from a soft, smooth, unscented jelly, and has slight waves of raised lines surrounding the shaft, and the head is moulded to be a circumcised penis. The bunny on the base is where the thin, elastic, straps connect, and also the bunny ears are the clitoral vibrators. The two ears are together, but split a little bit hear the ends, so they do not move freely, but are very flexible, unlike the penis. The penis is firm and cannot be bent even at the head, but the jelly is squishy and sleek. The bunny's ears vibrate very vibrantly and energetically and tickle you as the penis sends waves of pleasure through its vibrations inside.

The vibrations emitted are very powerful while on high speed, and gentle and relaxing on low speed. In between is good speed for bumming around the house. This toy is also waterproof, so you can sport it while in the shower, or watering the lawn in your swimsuit! Being waterproof also makes it easy to clean with sex toy cleaner, or soap and hot water. The thigh straps unsnap and are removable for easier cleaning. The snaps used for the thigh straps are strong though, so they won't come off without being removed. Make sure to clean before and after each use. Make sure to use with lots of lube for the most comfort and easy insertion.

I don't know if this adult toy comes in any other colors, but mine is a cute translucent pink. You can see the motor running up through the penis, and there is nothing in the bunny. Just flexible and pliable jelly. This toy takes two 1 N batteries, and comes with two sets of two, for immediate use! This toy is perfect for a gift as I received, or just an important addition to anyone vibe collection! Enjoy!

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