Friday, May 25, 2007

Comparing Jesse's Pocket Pussy and Black Orchid Masturbator

Jesse's Pocket Pussy and Black Orchid Masturbator are two products that are similar in function and price, so which one do you buy? To make it easier on you, here is a detailed comparison of each sex toy, including how to use them, what they feel like, and the materials used in each.

Jesse's Pocket Pussy

This masturbator is made out of hygienically superior futurotic material, similar to a mix of high quality rubber and silicone. This sex toy comes from the manufacturer dabbed with talcum powder and wrapped in a plastic bag, and should be kept that way during storage. The talcum (baby) powder helps keep the toy moist, as it is possible that it will dry out over time. It is a good idea to continue applying powder before storing.

A soft, almost velvety texture makes this toy feel close to real skin. Molded vaginal lips and slight groves along with the pinky, non translucent colors are also similar to a real vagina. The vagina piece is on a flat surface, where the extra tubing is long and sticks out the back. In between the lips is the tunnel where you insert your penis; make sure to use a rubber compatible lube for the most pleasure.

The tunnel is lightly ribbed inside, and extends long enough to cover base to tip of the penis. The end of the masturbator is open to aid in keeping clean. Sex toy cleaner is suggested for cleaning this masturbator, as soap may dry out the material.

Overall, this masturbator is visually appealing, with a close to life-like texture and sensation. Lubrication is required for comfortable use. Cleaning is easy as the tube is open ended, and water can flush right through. The material is durable, but may dry out if not properly cared for.

Black Orchid Masturbator

This masturbator is made from hygienically superior senso plus material, which is similar to a high quality, supple, pliable and squishy jelly. The jelly is translucent and kind of sticky feeling. This masturbator comes wrapped in a plastic bag from the manufacturer. Use with a rubber compatible lube is highly recommended for maximum pleasure.

This sex toy is in the shape of an Orchid, with leaves etched in the side, and petals on top. The tube for your penis runs through the middle, and opens on the top, in the center of the flower. Within the tube are little ribs, and 5 suction chambers, which suck tighter the deeper you thrust, to give the illusion of a oral sex.

The tube in this masturbator is not open ended, however you can ejaculate in it. Totally waterproof, you can use it in the shower, and pull out before you cum to keep cleaning to a minimum. Cleaning with sex toy cleaner is recommended as soap may dry this sex toy out.

Overall, this jelly toy is very flexible with unique suction chambers. Not life-like, yet once lubrication is applied, it can be thrusted in and out very quickly, for a slippery, erotic sensation.
No powder is needed for storing, just keep wrapped in plastic. Cleaning may prove a bit more difficult ans the end is closed. This material may rip is pulled at too much, but is not likely to.

So, these two masturbators are different in their own ways, yet both are very good for their own unique characteristics. If you still can't decide which one is good for you, I recommend just buying them both! Use the first one week, and the second the next week! Have fun!

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