Monday, May 21, 2007

Why Use Sex Toys?

There are people who just don't understand the world of sex toys, and if you are one of them, then this article is for you. Here are some different kinds of sex toys, why they are good, and what they are used for. From this list of information, you can decide if sex toys are for you and why you should or shouldn't use them.

First are external sex toys. Examples of these are clitoral teasers, nipple clamps, bondage items, i.e. handcuffs, vibrating cock rings, and little bullet vibrators. These toys are used to get you into the mood, or to keep you aroused during intercourse and to increase sexual pleasure. These toys are for people who are in touch with their erotic side and like adding extra pleasure, or can be for people who are new to the sex toy experience, and want to start with small external toys. Clitoral teaser arouse the female by vibrating her clitoris and surrounding areas. They prepare a women for sex, or can simply be used to reach orgasm. Nipple clamps are a sexy addition to any sexual encounter, and heighten arousal by keeping contact to the nipples. Handcuffs and restraints are fun, and can be very sexy for role playing props. Vibrating cock rings are excellent to maintain an erection and aide in reaching orgasm. Bullet vibrators are like mini vibrators, that can be used externally around the erogenous zones, or just barely inserted.

Next are internal toys. These are mostly vibrators, dildo's, pocket pussy's, strap-on's, finger vibe's, pleasure balls, and anal toys. These kind of toys aid in heightening pleasure and reaching your orgasm. Internal sex toys are great to use during intercourse to greatly arouse both partners. These types of sex toys are very different one from another. For example, the anal toys are great to insert, and inflate if it has this feature, and keep there during sexual intercourse. On the other hand, strap-on's are not kept inserted, but slide in and out, mimicking real penal penetration. Pocket pussy's are more for masturbation for men, as the insert the penis and thrust as you would a real vagina. Pleasure balls are inserted in the female while she gets ready for her evening, or even while she is on her way to her partner. They aid in arousing the female and preparing her for her sexy evening. Although they are all for internal purposes, they are all different and made from different materials. It is best to browse through and decide the best one for you.

Sex toys can be for anyone and everyone. But now that you know what kinds there are and what are mainly for, why use them? Well, sex toys bring a new level of excitement to any relationship. They help keep things interesting and defiantly help reach your ultimate orgasm. They can be creative and fun and help you feel things you've never felt before.

Sex toys are very personal, and can bring a person to a new level of sexuality. Knowing you have a discreet finger vibe in your purse, or that you use a cyberskin masturbator in your spare time can lead a person to feel like a sexier self. When two people share their sex toys fantasies together, their intimate bedroom time can be wilder and way more exciting.

Some people have a harder time reaching their orgasm, and therefore, sex toys really help them, out. As much as they like and want to have sex with their partner, it can be very frustrating for them to not orgasm, and for their partner to not be able to bring them to it. For these people, sex toys are a must. Also, couples who have been together a long time, and have temporarily lost their kinky spark, sex toys can revive their lust for each other, and perhaps save their relationship!

There are many reason why people use adult toys, and related items; such as flavored massage oils, sex games, sex books, and furniture, and each person must find their own. Hopefully this article has helped you understand sex toys a little better, and given you some ideas of ones you'd like to try. Sex toys are a great thing, and have help many people reach that ultimate plateau of pleasure we hear about, and want to experience for ourselves.

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