Monday, May 28, 2007

The Different Types of Lubrication

There are many different types of lubrication out there, so what kind should you get? Don't be over whelmed or confused, here is an article to help you determine which type to use for your own needs.

First of all, the different types of lubrication's you can get are: water based lube, flavored lube, silicone based lube, petroleum based and anal lube. They each contain similar ingredients, but some are recommended for sex toys, and some are not. Some are ingestible, and some are not. Here's a closer look.

Water Based Lube
Water based lubrication is the most popular kind because it is safe for use anytime. It mimics natural body fluids, and is sex toy, condom and compatible and ingestible. They usually contain deionized water, glycerin and propylene glycol which are the ingredients which make it slippery and wet.

Water based lube is pretty runny, and will gradually absorb into the skin. This can put a temporary hold on sexual intercourse or masturbation, but there is no need to apply more lube, just add a little water or saliva and it will reactivate the wetness.

There are also natural, sugar-free, water based lubes that contain vegetable glycerin, purified water and hemp seed oil as the slippery ingredients.

Water based lubes are the one to pick if you are a women with vaginal dryness conditions, in particular is a brand called "Astroglide". This brand has been specially formulated for women.

Also, warming lubes are mostly water based. They can be used other places than just the penis and vagina. Try rubbing on the nipples or behind the ears for a sensual experience, or warming lube can be used to rub and warm sore muscles.

Flavored Lube
Flavored lube is typically water based lube and is flavored with sugar. It is ingestible, sex toy and condom compatible, and almost always nicely scented! The downside is they are flavored with sugar, so you have a pretty sticky mess afterwards. But regardless, flavored lubrication adds a whole new aspect of oral sex. If you find a flavor you really like, whenever you smell that scent, you will think of sex and keep coming back for more!

Silicone Based Lube
This type of lube is not compatible with silicone sex toys, as it will literally melt the toy. It is important to be careful with jelly toys also, because some jelly toys do contain traces of silicone, so it is better to stay away from mixing silicone lubrication with any kind of sex toy, except plastic. Silicone lube is fine with plastic adult toys.

Silicone lube is also great for masturbation, and it is very viscous, and does not get sticky or tacky. It can also be used underwater and will retain it's slippery properties. The long lasting properties and silky texture of silicone lube also makes it a great massage oil.

Silicone lube should not be ingested, and it dose contain actual silicone. Also, it should not be used for anal sex, and the anus does not naturally cleanse itself. It is harder to clean up as it is not water soluble. It may also stain clothing or linen.

Petroleum Based Lube
This type of lube is only recommended for male masturbation, as petroleum should never be ingested or used internally. Petroleum is a type of oil, and is only safe for external use. If it is used internally, it will be very difficult to clean out and get it all off.

Petroleum lube is not at all recommended for use with sex toys as it will completely break down and destroy the material. This type of lube is not very common

Anal Lube
If you are going to use butt plugs or anal toys or condoms, specialized anal lube is highly recommended, as anal lube is a thicker water based lube that coats the anal toy and stays there. This property helps with the thrusting in-and-out motion, as it won't rub off easily.

Also, specialized anal lube won't absorb into the skin as easily as regular water based lube. Anal lube has a higher glycerin content which makes it thicker, and is water soluble. Anal lube is safe for ingestion and internal use.

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