Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Anal Sex Toys For Beginners

Some people are squeamish about letting any sex toys get close to this area of their body. Even if you are one of those people, don't you want to “try something at least once”? If the answer is yes, and sex toys around the anus is something you are willing to experience, even if it's just so you can say you have done it, then here are some tips about anal sex toys, what kinds there are, and what you should do with them. Anal sex toys are really not the intimidating, before you start, why not take some time to look through all of the different types, seizes and styles, and get your bearings of what an anal sex toy really is.

First of all, anal sex toys range from all sizes. For beginners, start small. There is no rush into a large, throbbing and inflating anal plug. The anus is a muscle like any other muscle in your body, and muscles need to be trained in order to grow, and especially get comfortable accepting sex toys. The muscle part is mostly just the opening, or the sphincter, which is what need to be trained. Like all muscles, if you go slow and work it in, eventually you can train your anus to love anal sex toys, and the sensations that they deliver.

Start with small anal toys, small ranging from a 0.5 inches to 1.25 inches wide shaft. Anything in this size should be comfortable and easy to insert. Anything larger may be uncomfortable and prove to be too large for a beginner.

Try starting with jelly anal sex toys. These are easier for beginners, as these sex toys are squeezable and squishy, which will be more comforting on the anus. Anything hard like rubber or plastic is very rigid, and will cause discomfort for someone who is not used to inserting a sex toy into their anus. Also, ensure you have sufficient anal lubrication in order to ease insertion. Anal lube is different from other lubrication because it is thicker, and will stay smeared on the sex toy better than regular water based lube. Anal lube is generally water based for easier cleaning.

For beginners, try simply inserting the anal plug of your choice and wearing it during sex. Lay on your back and let your partner do most of the work. This way you will be able to soak up all the sensations and see if you like it. Before you decide if you do like anal sex toys or not, you have to use them a couple of times. The first time will most likely be uncomfortable and awkward. The second time may also be awkward, and the third time you will begin to really feel what it is like. Now that you know what to expect, try moving around a bit, going on top or any of your favorite positions. After about a week, you will be able to really get a feel for anal sex toys, and make a decision weather or not anal sex toys are for you.

If you decide that you do in fact enjoy anal sex toys, then there are a couple of things you should try. Anal beads are a great way of increasing the sensations of your orgasm. Anal beads are small jelly, silicone, rubber, plastic, or metal beads on a string, or a jelly string or some kind of attachment to each other, and have a small retrieval ring on one end. They are most of the time graduated, which means a smaller bead at one end, and they gradually get larger. These are easy to insert, simply lubricate and slide them in. Wear them during intercourse, and right before you orgasm, grab the ring and pull them out. This will stimulate you, and you will experience an orgasm like no other! An orgasm only anal sex toys can deliver!

Once you are used to anal sex toys, and comfortable to try a new step up, then you can move to vibrating anal sex toys. These will stimulate the male prostate gland, which is considered the male G-Spot. An orgasm felt be stimulating this area i different from a regular orgasm. It is more intense and more erotic.

Females using anal sex toys experience a full feeling anus, which in turn pushes against the wall of the vagina, making it feel smaller and tighter. When a woman uses a vibrating anal sex toy, not only does it feel nice on her anus, but the man penetrating her will also feel the vibrations, which definitely benefits both partners.

If you have any question about anal sex toys, how to use them, or simply need a suggestion, be sure to contact the customer service email, phone number, or live chat on the website you are thinking of making a purchase from. That is what they are there for, and they will have no problem answering these some times embarrassing queries you may have.

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