Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dildos For Beginners

If you have never used a dildo before, and are curious about them, then here is a simple guide to help give you some insight on dildos, how to use them, and how the feel. There are many different materials and styles of dildos, all with the purpose of pleasure and sensations you will love to share with your partner, or keep to yourself. Sex toys are wonderful things, and dildos are definitely part of that!

Dildo's are great for women who are working their way into the wonderful world of sex toys, have no previous experience, and are not sure what they like. Unlike other sex toys, dildo's do not vibrate, but they do have features that make them real, comfortable and sexy.

If you are not used to sex toys, and if this is your first dildo, try starting at your comfortable width. Measure your man and use that width, or if you are not sure, perhaps try a thinner width like 1 inch. This way you can experience sex toys inside you, and get to know your own body comfortably. Take your time, and when it comes time when you are craving something bigger, then look around and try the next size up.

If you are experienced with sex toys, then you might already know what you like. If this is your first dildo, even though you like sex toys, then can pick a larger size and should not have a problem. Perhaps try something 1.5 inches to 2 inches wide, as dildo sex toys are different than other sex toys, but they still have your cravings in mind.

To use a dildo for the first time, try and keep it simple, like a standard dildo. Lubricate the dildo, and lay on your back. Place the dildo up to your vagina. Massage the lips and the clitoris, and slowly insert the dildo into your vagina. Move it around, and massage your vagina and probe it as deep as feels good. Learn your body, and experiment with your sex toys. Find out what really feels good for you, and where the sensations are mostly felt. When you decided what feels nice, and how you like to use your dildo, then try a newer model.

There are many dildo sex toys to choose from, try something ballsy if you want something new. Ballsy dildos are usually life like, with large testicles as a base. The base usually has a flat surface on the underside so you can stand it up if you like. There are also dildos that have a suction cupped base, so you can suction these sex toys to a chair, or the ledge of the bathtub for tub time fun.

If you like a squishy, fun, feminine dildo, then try a jelly dildo. These dildo sex toys are slick, and slippery when wet. You will enjoy a jelly dildo sex toys, as you can squeeze them with your vagina muscles as hard as you want, which is also great exercise.

If you want to try something realistic, go for a Cyberskin dildo. Cyberskin sex toys are the most realistic available. They are soft, smooth and feel like skin. Using a cyberskin dildo, you may even forget it is not a real man! Cyberskin sex toys are high class, and higher priced, but well worth it.
Some dildos are smooth, and some are rigid with bumps, veins, and folds for added stimulation and sensation.

This is only a simple guide to dildo sex toys. If you have more questions, don't be shy to contact the customer service of the shop you are looking at. They are there to help, and should be able to answer your questions about sex toys. If they cannot answer them, them perhaps that is not the shop for you. If the customer service portion of any website cannot answer your questions about the products they are selling, then they must not really be passionate about what they do.

Welcome to the unique and exciting world of sex toys, and enjoy the sex toys you choose.

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