Monday, September 10, 2007

What A Sex Doll Is Really Like

Sex Doll Picture
This article is based on cheaper sex dolls, ranging from $25.00 to about $40.00. The more money you put into your sex doll, like any sex toys, the better quality you will get. For a low end sex doll, this sexy gal sure has enough pleasure packed in to satisfy even the most erotic man, any time of day or night.

Everyone must admit, the best thing about a sex doll is that she will NEVER say no! If you want to take her in the morning, in the afternoon, or right before dinner, she is ready and willing to please, tease and satisfy you. Another great feature of sex dolls is that most of them can come in the shower with you, as they are waterproof.

Made from ultra-soft vinyl, these cheaper sex dolls are pretty durable, but will probably not last for more than 4-5 months of regular use. Once you receive your sex doll, she has to be blown up, preferably with a foot pump. There are two hygienic factory seals you must peel off before you being using her; one covering her anus, and one covering her vagina. This ensures a safe, hygienic sex doll for you. You will also need to use proper lubrication for comfort and easy insertion. Like most sex toys, she is a novelty only and should be respected as one.

Should a rupture should occur in your sex doll, there is a vinyl repair kit enclosed. Follow the instructions to repair your sex doll.

Most of these cheaper sex dolls measure 5'1”, and have a beautiful, real life painted face. Sex doll sex toys have three love holes for you to please, one in her mouth, one in her anus and one in her vagina. Each tunnel measures 5 inches long, varying from doll to doll. The mouth tunnel is colored pink, as well as the vagina, and the anus is the same color as the rest of her, for a more realistic visual effect. For cheaper sex dolls, the rigid edges of the holes may be a little uncomfortable, but using a condom or lining the edges with a soft cloth will help. The holes are reinforced for added durability and strength, so you can go crazy and not break her!

Her breasts are very busty and large, for your visual pleasure! Also, if you like a “titty-fuck”, then her large, heaving breasts are perfect for you. They measure 7 inches long and 5 inches wide, depending on the doll of course. Her nipples are hard and strong for you to suck on and squeeze. You could even get your girl some nipple clamps to spice her up a bit!

Why not mix it up a bit, and use sex toys on your sex doll. Try a inserting a vibrator in her anus while you have your way with the vagina. This will add some extra pleasure for you and your erotic tendencies!

This standard sex doll information is for cheaper sex dolls only. The more money you deiced to spend on your sex doll sex toys, the better quality you will receive. If you want a sex doll that will last you years, then you will be paying around $600.00 - $900.00. These high end sex dolls will also come more life like. Some have sockets on the elbows and knees that can be bent for more flexibility and life-like movements. Also, the expensive sex dolls will have lush openings that will not be uncomfortable for you to penetrate.

The high end sex dolls may also have a real mannequin head with real hair and moving eyes. These dolls can also be seamless and way softer, with real life color and feel. Depending on how much money you spend on your sex doll will depend on what quality you get, just like all sex toys. The less you spend, the less you get. These cheaper sex dolls will do the trick and satisfy you, and also make great gag-gifts. If all you are looking for is a one night stand, or a short couple of months with a companion, then a cheaper gorgeous gal is perfect for you and your budget. You know you are curious, why not indulge in your fantasies, and buy yourself a sex doll!

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