Friday, September 07, 2007

Pleasure Balls

Pleasure balls are small sex toys that are used by women all over the world. They are part of history, and are said to have originated in Japan. The Japanese women would use them to relieve sexual tension, and store them in a small pouch. Ben Wah balls, or pleasure balls, are small, plastic/metal balls attached together by a cord, or are simply separate and float independently. In Japan, many years ago, they are said to have been made from metal or ivory.

Some pleasure balls are simple, solid balls, and some are known as Duotone Balls, as they have one larger ball, with a smaller, weighted ball inside. The weight will roll around, and the larger outer ball will follow, making the movements erratic and spontaneous.

They are used by women to increase sexual desire, to exercise the vaginal muscles, and to increase sensations felt during sexual intercourse. A woman can wear them all day if she wishes, as long as she can squeeze her muscles and keep them in. A sneeze or a cough can cause the balls to fall out of the vagina.

To use Ben Wa Balls, simply place them inside the vagina, and hold them in by squeezing your muscles. Similar to squeezing your bladder, which is why these have been used by gynecologists to help women with bladder control problems control them. As you go about doing your daily routine, the balls will move around inside, giving you slight teasing sensations. Pleasure balls can be used during intercourse, if done carefully, and may also be used with other sex toys.

A women holding in the pleasure balls in is a form of Kegel exercise, which strengthens the pubococcygeus muscles. This can help control the bladder, and heighten sexual pleasure. Ben Wa Balls are types of sex toys that are solely for women.

During intercourse, wearing your Ben Wah balls will heighten sensations for a man as he will be able to feel them inside the woman. They will roll around his penis and massage him erotically. For the woman, she feel the balls move around inside her as the man pumps in and out. Rough sex is not recommended while wearing pleasure balls.

You can also wear your pleasure balls during masturbation with sex toys. Since Ben Wa Balls are sex toys already, why not add more sex toys! Try wearing your pleasure balls while using a vibrator gently, and massaging yourself while enjoying the internal massaging of the balls.

Mix your pleasure balls with your sex toys, or with your intercourse, or simply wear them to strengthen your vaginal muscles, which will increase your sex in the long run. Ban Wah balls are popular, comfortable and very beneficial for women. See your gynecologist if you are not sure about using Ben Wa Balls. Enjoy your sex toys, and have fun playing with pleasure balls.

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