Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Ultimate Masturbator!

Masturbation in men can grow boring, therefore some kind of new toys need to be introduced into the routine. You can buy a personal masturbator, or a nice cyberskin pocket pussy and that will deffinatly help keep things interesting and feeling great. These are a good choice for the next step in masturbation, but what comes next? Is there anything better than a mold of a sexy lil' pussy made from material that feels oh so real? The answer is YES!! The next step to the ultimate, mind blowing, teeth clenching, fist squeezing, toes curling orgasm is the Next Gerneration, Optimum Power, Thrusting Power Climaxer! This thing is a machine, literally! It is the most high tech and sophisticated masturbator out there for any man willing to give her a go!

The basic set up is a plastic cylinder shaped container with a jelly sleeve inside. At the base of the jelly shield is a little plstic peiece to keep your penis from touching the little motor at the base. At the top of the cylinder is the opeing where you put your penis, and it is fitted with a removable, detailed cyberskin anaus molded opening. Attached to it all by a 2 foot wire is a hand held batery pack with a multi-speed slider. And the final piece is the removable, hand held pump.

OK, so first of all you lube up your penis for comfortable insertion into the tight softouch plus anus. Once inside, turn on the masturbator and feel the textured jelly noduals dance around our penis, tickling and stroking you. The jelly sleeve is attached to a small motor with a little electric arm that moves up and down to do the thrusting so you don't have to. Find your prefered thrusting speed, and attach the pump. Now pump until the right suction pressure is felt. Now oh does that not feel great?

The high grade pump bulb is fitted on a non-crimping tube, so it won't ruin if it is bent or squished, and it also has a quick release valve for safety. The pump tube measures almost 2 feet. The main cylinder measures almost 8 inches long with 4 inches translucent, and 4 inches wide. The hand held controller measures 6 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. The cyberskin anus opening measures 3.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. There is a plastic lid to cover the top when not in use. This sex toy takes 4 AA batteries which are not included.

There is nothin that creates a sensation like this bad boy dose. It sucks, it tickles, it thrusts, and it masturbates all at your prefered speed and pressure. Go fast for a quick orgasm, or slow it down and take your time for a real exotic sexual expierience! The cyberskin top is a silky, velvety feeling and is removable for easy cleaning. Clean before and after use. No matter who you are or what you do, this masturbator is for you!

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