Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sex Dolls!

Looking for that special someone? Need a never-say-no companion? Well there's no one better than your very own, life like, beautiful, sexy, young and eager for you're hot manhood sex doll! These sex dolls come in many shapes and sizes with different size breasts, booty's and positions for your individual wants, needs and fantasies! But which one is for you? Well, it depends on what you want in your lucky lady, (besides you of course!). Here are some things about sex dolls to help you pick the girl worthy enough for you're wild desires!

Different materials are used in making these luscious ladies, some are more life like than others, and some are more expensive than others. Generally, sex dolls are made from latex, or a rubber latex, which is seamless and inflatable. The vagina, anus and mouth of these dolls are usually molded and made out of a Cyberskin type material for a life like feeling when you penetrate her. Other sex dolls can me made entirely from Cyberskin, a memory foam-like material, which is the closest thing to life like out there. These dolls are about $900.00, but are worth is all the way. Girls made from Cyberskin will please you in no way you've ever felt before! You will experience a very amazing sensation, just as good as real life, if not better as she will never say no!

Next, are you an tits or an ass man? This is something else to look for in a sex doll. Some dolls have HUGE tits for you to cum all over, and some have BIG booty's for you to bend over thrust into, and some just have standard sizes of each asset. Take your pick and enjoy these little perks that real women cannot control. Also, these super sexy dolls come in different positions for you to enjoy. Most are standing, but there are some girls who are bent over on their hands and knees for you to take from behind, some are sitting down to ride you on your lap, and some are squatting down for you to get creative with. There is even a girl who is laying spread eagle begging you to cum satisfy her! Other positions are available, look around and see on which one you'd like to cum! Some dolls also vibrate for added stimulation, and a better orgasm. Push into their mouths, vagina's or anuses and feel the vibrations wave over her body and into yours.

Most of these dolls are life sized, so it's just like a real girl. Different designs for different girls are also available. You can get a young, teen-age cheerleader with perky tits and a virgin pussy, or an older, high class "rich bitch" for you to command and show her who really is the boss. Why not try an Italian babe, or a Latino lover? All of these girl are sexy and fun and wanting to satisfy your deepest, wildest, or maybe even dominating desires.

There are also a series of "famous" sex dolls. These are dolls replicated from Super Stars like Paris, Christina, "J.Ho", and Super Star Porn Stars like Chasey Lain, Nikita Denise, Aria Giovanni, and many of the Vivd porn star girls! Take these girls in any of their three tender love holes, begging to be filled with all you've got!

Which ever you choose, it will most likely be a great choice for you. There are so many different girls to choose from, you will find the perfect never-say-no slut or the perfect older woman. Ranging from $20.00 to $1000.00, pick one and see how she satisfies you!

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