Thursday, June 07, 2007

Finding and Enjoying the G-Spot

Finding your G-Spot may be a bit tricky, and if you can't find it, it can be very stressful. Everyone woman wants to be able to feel what every other woman talks about! The exciting feeling of g-spot stimulation is a sensation unlike any other, and once you've experienced it, you'll never want to go back to regular stimulation!

The G-Spot itself rests inside the vaginal canal, on the anterior wall, about 2 inches up towards your navel and behind the pubic bone. Try to find it by placing one finger inside your vagina, then turn your hand so your palm is facing up, and the slide up the vaginal wall until you feel a spot that is sponge like, instead of untextured like every where else. This spongy spot will be about the size of a quarter. When pressure is applied to this spot, at first you will find it makes you feel like you have to urinate, but after a few minutes, it will turn to feelings of ecstasy and pleasure. This spot is known to be a hot spot for giving women orgasms.

So now you know where is it, but how do you stimulate it?

Well, you can use a finger, or get your partner to use theirs, and find the g-spot. Then the best way to gain a sexual response from this spot is to massage it in a circular motion, applying slight pressure until you find the prefect sensation for you. For the first time, why not try massaging this area until you've experienced a real g-spot orgasm.

Now your finger will get boring pretty fast. That is why they have come up with vibrators and other sex toys specially designed for g-spot stimulation.

These toys can be made from any kind of plastic or jelly, and have a curved tip to really pinpoint your g-spot. G-spot toys can be long or short, it doesn't really matter. Some are longer to double as a regular vibrator, and the short ones are typically solely for finding your g-spot and massaging it, sending you into a swirl of pleasure. They come in different colors and price ranges to suit your visual appeal and your budget! Once you lube up your g-spot sex toy, insert and turn so the curved end is facing up. Then move it around slowly until you have found your sensitive g-spot. Turn your toy on, or pick your favorite function, and feel the best feeling a women can experience. This feeling alone is why men get jealous of women!

Overall, your g-spot should not be difficult to find. Just remember it will feel like a small sponge, and when you find that spot, you will know for sure! A pointer for steaming up your sex life if to get a specific g-spot vibrator, and has a session of mutual masturbation with your partner. Once they see you having a g-spot orgasm, they will be crawling to you, desperate to be a part of the action!

Make sure you clean all of your sex toys before and after each use, and use the proper lubrication for each toy. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy your new found love-spot!

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