Monday, June 11, 2007

Never Overlook the Nipples!

When most people think of kinky sex, they think of erotic sex toys being thrusted into the female, or wrapped around the penis of the male. Well, that is not always the case. A widely overlooked erogenous area on a female are her nipples. Nipples can have a huge impact on your audience, weather you're an exotic dancer, or just a lover in the bedroom.

It's true that the only functin nipples really have is to breast feed babies, but that is for later on in life, when you're settling down for a while. Until then, the only function nipples have is to make you a more sexy female, and to drive your partner into a submissive bow on the floor by your feet. It's true that hard nipples do make men crazy, mostly becuase they are taboo. Female nipples are 'not supposed' to be releavled in public, and this little belief within society is what makes men drool when a women has hard nipples under a tight, white t-shirt! Well, that just goes to show, for a female, her nipples can be a very sexy weapon to turn your man into putty to be molded how you please!

First of all, there are sex toys you can get that enhance the look of your nipples. There is one that is called the Nipple Bulb. It is a little hand-held suction pump that you place over your nipples and gentle pump until they are erect. Then, slip one of the included nipple rings over the hard nipple, and these will hold the blood in your nipples, keeping them raised and perky. Now do this in another room before your grand entrance to the bed room, and upon arrival, your partner will be stunned with how sexy you look. Such a small adjustment can deliever very sexy results!

There are also entire breast stimulators you can get that are placed on the entire boob, and pumped gently to make your whole breast more perky and tight. It's the same idea, excpet no ring to keep them that way! They will stay perky for a couple of hours, and then return to normal on their own.

Nipple enchancers are great if it is a first sexual encounter with someone, and you want to look your best. There is a small travel sized kit you can get that includes a nipple enhancer, and a clit enhancer. So puff up your clitoris and harden your nipples, and floor your new partner as soon as you take off your clothes! This handy travel kit is also great of excotic dancers or anyone in the adult entertainment industry. You always have to look your best, and these nipple and clitoral pumps can help.

For a different idea, why not try a pair of wireless vibrating nipple clamps? They are tiny, adjustable clamps that are placed on the nipples, and when turned on, vibrate to add extra pleasure to your erogenous zone. These are a sexy idea for some kinky anniversary fun! They look great, and they benefit whom ever wears them with their errotic vibrating action.

In the end, hard and errect nipples look very sexy through a t-shirt, and even better naked. When a women looks sexy to her man, she feels even better about herself. Why not try any of these sexy nipple toys for youself, and see what happens. Nipples should never be overlooked, as they add so much pleausre and appeal of a sexy woman!

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