Friday, June 15, 2007

Why People Use Anal Toys

When most people think of anal toys, they probably think of wired, kinky, sex addicts or people who just like things a little different. In reality, there are a ton of regular, old fashioned people who enjoy the added pleasure of anal toys. Once you open the door to this exciting and adventurous world, you will find not only do anal sex toys add so much more pleasure and sensations to your sex play, but also that it is not always a kinky, wild sex adventure for porn stars.

There are many kind of anal toys, ranging from simple butt plugs and curved butt plugs, anal beads, vibrating and multi-speed vibrating butt plugs and anal beads, anal tools, and inflatable anal probes. All of these toys are great and are designed specifically with your need for more pleasure in mind. Sure all these toys are great, but why do people actually use anal toys?

Well, the anus is a muscle filled with sensitive nerve endings. When you place an anal toy inside, a whole new feeling is created. You will feel something you've never felt before, and that is one reason why people play with anal toys!

The sensitive nerve endings are located just inside the opening of the anus, which results in most anal toys being wide at the base, and thinning at the top. The wide base can push on all the nerves creating a stimulating experience, and the tip will slide in easily.

Another reason people use anal toys is because the internal wall of the rectum is backed by the anterior wall of the vagina in women. This means when an anal toy is inserted in a female, the vagina canal is reduced in width. This makes penal or sex toy penetration feel way tighter, and a lot better.

For men, curved butt plugs or anal toys are used because they will reach and apply pressure to the prostate, which triggers great sexual arousal. This can send men flying to orgasm quickly and very strongly.

When experimenting with anal sex toys for your first time, great care should be taken. The tissue that makes up the rectum is very delicate, and can be ripped easily. This is unlikely if you follow these few pointers.

The first time you play with anal toys, start small! The opening of the anus is called the exterior sphincter. Right inside this is the interior sphincter, and both are muscles. Over time, these muscles, like any other, can be trained to accept different levels of pressure. So if you start with a small, thin butt plug, and over time you slowly move to a larger sized anal toy, until you eventually reach a large size, your anus muscle will learn to accept these toys and give you nothing but pleasure!

So besides starting small, only use toys you are comfortable with, and with time and once you are used to one toy, then move on to another. You don't want to expose yourself to too many different objects right off the bat, as this could also rip your rectum tissues. As long as you are careful, you will be fine!

If you are playing with inflatable anal toys, take care in not inflating too much. You only want to inflate as much as you need to either tighten your vaginal canal, or you can feel it on your rectum. You will know when the inflated toys is a the right size for you. Try not to push it any more than that.

Besides these few tips, safety is important of course. Play gently at first and then roughen up as your bum allows. Remember also that your anus does not naturally lubricate itself, so specialized anal lube if a must.

anal lube is different then other lubricants because it is thicker and will stay on the sex toy better. Regular lubricants will smear right all the anal toy if you try and insert it. Anal lube won't smear off, it will stay in a thick layer around the toy. Anal lube is water based and totally safe.

Because the anus is not self-lubricating, it also does not clean itself. You may want to invest in an anal douche it many hours of anal play is in store. Cleaning your anus properly will help repair tissue that may have been lightly damaged, and stop infection. Also, it is simply just nice to have a clean bum!

Anal toys are fun, and will show you a new pleasure unknown to anyone who does not try it for themselves. It is a feeling that is unmatched by any other, and once you experience it for yourself, you will never go back! At first it will be uncomfortable, but after a couple tries, most women swear by anal sex, and will never go back to regular old sex!

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