Monday, June 25, 2007

Fun Adult Novelties

Looking for something new and exciting to add to your sex life? Or maybe a funny gift for a bridal shower or bachelor party? Well, if you're not familiar with seductive sex toys, or don't want to go that wild with a crazy gift, then why not try a sexy and fun adult novelty! There are many different things to choose from, and all are kinky and fun, and over the edge!

Why not try buying yourself a pair of edible undies? These are a great way of getting closer with your lover and getting them down and dirty in between your legs! Cute, fun and tasty, there are a few different kinds you can get. Why not try delicious cherry, or yummy chocolate, or even a tasty passion fruit? Or you could go for straight candy! There are candy g-strings and bra's, all made with little candies on a string. Have fun playing with these sexy and delectable treats that will heat things up in ways you never thought you could! Edible panties come in men and womens articles, and also make the perfect gag-gift!

If you're not the type with a sweet tooth, why not get a sex game? Try a pair of sex dice for some new position ideas. Roll the dice, and see what action you must perform to what body part, then go ahead and play dirty! There are also sexy board games that are fun and kinky that you can play with alone in the bedroom, or have a laugh with some close friends. Along with the games, you can also get some erotic playing cards. Sexy men or beautiful women, both decks are sure to distract you from any card game! These amusing board games and card decks are a great gift for a newly wed couple, or a long awaited anniversary!

For a lighter idea, why not try fun cookie cutters or silly ice cube trays! Make the most phallic cookies and share them with your partner for some giggly fun, and make your own kinky ice cubes to put in your drink, or to put in your partner! Any way you do it, these are hilarious gift ideas, and a great way of adding sexy humor to any adult play time!

For a birthday, anniversary or holiday gift, try getting a beautiful coupon book. All coupons are romantic and fun, and the perfect little surprise for your someone special. Tear one out and deliver a romantic promise to someone you love and watch their eyes light right up with love and a curious grin! Perfect for a romantic celebration and the long lasting relationship.

Any of these novelties could be perfect gifts for close friends, newly weds, humorous family members or anyone else you can think of! Maybe even buy one for yourself, as these items are perfect for spicing things up between partners, adding erotic and romantic fun to your night time love making! Have fun with your adult novelties, and let them bring many hours of excitement and sexy adventure to your relationship!

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