Thursday, June 28, 2007

Love Rings

Love rings are a great little tool, and an asset in anyones sex play. They are different than cock rings, yet work pretty much the same. Lover rings are cute, fun and fascinating, come in all shapes and sizes, and are designed to enhance a man and womans sexual experience.

Cock rings are simply that, a ring that holds the cock, and sometimes the cock and balls. They wrap around tightly and are not meant to be worn for more than 20 minutes at a time. The reason for these rings to to help men with premature ejaculation, and to help maintain an erect penis. They are so tight that when you put them on, and the blood flows into the penis, making it erect, the ring holds the blood in, and does no let it flow out. That is how the erection stays hard, and that is also why they should not be worn for longer than 20 minutes.

Love rings are the basic, same idea. They wrap around the penis, and some the penis and balls, and in some cases help keep an erection straight and hard. But not all love rings can help with keep an erection, like the cyberskin ones, which are way to stretchy and are just made for fun. The jelly ones, however will help keep an erection, as the material is firmer, and rubber ones will help even more.

The difference is that love rings are fitted with sometimes little noduals that tickle the clitoris as the woman slides down the shaft rub up against the love ring. Some are fitted with a little ring and that holds a mini bullet vibrator that vibrates against the mans penis, and also vibrates the womans clitoris, which will drive her to want to grind hard against the penis, increasing sexual intensity for both partners.

Some love rings have dual action: vibrations and pleasure nodes. Some are fitted with the pleasure nodes on both sides, for anal and clitoral stimulation. Other love rings have a string of anal beads on one side for the man to enjoy while the woman rides him, or they can be left dangling to hit against the thighs and the testicles for a sexy feeling. Other love rings have dual mini vibrators, for the ultimate vibrating experience.

Love rings don't always have the little rubber or jelly pleasure nodes, some have actual shapes for the clitoral stimulator. Some have a little jelly bunny with the stimulating bunny ears, some have the sexy dolphin with the stimulating nose, and some will just have a rubber or jelly piece sticking up to hit the clitoris when she comes in for a landing.

Some love rings have a longer ring piece to cover a long bit of the shaft of the penis. This is a great feature for the man side of things, as it will increase pleasure and sensitivity for the man, while the woman will slide over the rigid shaft of the love rings, and this will get her wanting more. A larger clitoral vibrator may be attached to some of these love rings for an intense orgasmic experience for the woman.

Love rings are lot's of fun, and most except for the really loose cyberskin ones should be left on for no longer than 20 minutes. These wonderful sex toys are great for bringing the spark back into a relationship, or spicing up an already wild sex ride. A great addition to any sex toy collection, or a great toy for beginners wanting to get more involved in the sex toy world. Experience for yourself which love ring best suits your needs, wants and cravings, and have a great, newly hightend love making session to be remembered!

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