Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sex furniture

Sex is fun, healthy and great exercise, and sharing it with someone you care about makes it that much better. Sometimes sex can be very tiering, or just get kinda boring, and it's natural for these things to happen. All it means is you need to spice things up again! This can be as easy as introducing sex toys into your sexy time, or trying some kinky role playing. Besides that, there is another option which will help make things more interesting. Why not try getting an erotic sex sling, or a kinky sex chair? A fun way to get your juices flowing at an incredible rate!

There are a few kinds of sex slings available. There is one called "Super Strap" that is an adjustable, red nylon sling with plush faux-fur lining around the neck and cuffs. This is an incredibly soft piece of furniture that goes around the neck of the person on their back, and reaches up to cuff around the ankles. You can also use it for other positions, get creative!

This sex sling will help your legs from tiering and help you be able to keep them up for longer. Keep pounding away, and let this sex sling help you control your body! You could also use it on your wrists instead of ankles. Why not try one and see what it does for you.

There is another kind of sex sling called the "Do It Doggie Harness". This one is the perfect aid for doggy style fun. A soft, supple material, this harness is placed in front of the womans pelvis and there are two handles for the man to hold onto. This will make deep penetration easier for both partners. The man can pump harder as he has something to hold onto, and the woman helps him pump harder as it is easier for her to stay in place. This is only one way top use this sex sling, get creative and find out all the others. This harness also comes with a free mask to heat up your sexy fun. Adjustable straps for different lengths of handle.

If it's not a harness your after, why not try an inflatable bondage chair? These are so much fun, and can make play way more comfortable and interesting! Simply inflate the chair and decide who's up first! Sit down and have your partner strap your wrists and your ankles to the soft, bouncy chair and have some wild and kinky sex! Features 6 Velcro restraints in total and a head/back rest. This sexy must-have for any bedroom is made from extremely durable PVC rubber designed for sturdy construction. Go on, have some sexy restraining fun!

There are also sex pillows you can try. Some are simply triangle shaped that wedge either under your bottom while lying on your back, and this raises your pelvis for a great angle of penetration. Or you can prop up your hips and lie on your front for some help with doggy style sex. These are cheap and easy for anyone. Definitely a good idea if you or your partner is prone to a sore back, as it will help shape your spine delicately during sex for a more comfortable position.

There is another kind of pillow which is a strong, inflatable pillow with a velvet touch, soft exterior. This pillow is designed for sex, as all the pressure points of your body are supported by this ergonomically shaped pillow. This lovely piece of furniture is great for trying new positions that might be a little uncomfortable, or sex on the floor! Durable and sturdy, this pillow is a must-have for those couples with a creative spark, and a will to try something new!

One more useful piece of kinky extras is a super love sheet. This sheet is a king sized sheet made out of a durable vinal, perfect of sloppy sex! You can lube each other up and slip and slide all offer the sheet with no soaking through or mess underneath. This versatile sheet can be used on the bed, a chair, a table, the floor, or anywhere sex takes place! Wipe it down, fold it up and store it easily in any closet, or under the bed! A great way of having messy wet and gooey sex!

Out of all these great sex items, anyone can try any of them! That's the great thing about sex furniture, even the elderly can use them! Start with one piece of furniture, and move to another. Why not try them all! All these pieces of furniture are great for creative minds who love new positions. Try 'em all and see which one you love best!

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