Friday, July 27, 2007

Travel With Sex Toys

A lot of people travel, and all the time. Weather it be for work or for play, you don't need to be unfulfilled during your excursion! Many discreet, small sex toys are very powerful, and super satisfying, and are perfect for traveling with!

For instance, the smaller clit toys are perfect for traveling women. They stick discreetly in most empty spaces, or in your purse, or even with your makeup, and they will deliver the best quickie ever! And the majority of mini bullets, eggs and clit toys are very quiet vibrating, so they are perfect for hotel rooms with thin walls!

Masturbator's for men are also really good for packing. The Cyberskin ones or the jelly ones are super squishy and flexible, so you can squeeze them in between your clothes, or with your shampoo bottles. When the urge hits, pull it out, slip it on and jerk away! Get a waterproof one and take it into the shower in the hotel for a quick, invigorating experience!

Dildos are also perfect for packing. The do not vibrate, so they are quiet, and they can slide in the side of your suit case perfectly. Use them privately in your hotel room for an erotic encounter!

And think about it, when you are traveling, you are supposed to be either working, or touring, and not anything sexual. So masturbating in a hotel room by yourself is a sceret, and a naughty one at that! That its self is a hot turn on, and will help you finish up quiker and with more satisfaction!

Couples who go on holidays together can get cock rings with mini vibrators on them which are very small and discreet. Use them in your hotel room, and experience one of the best orgasms you can have! These small cock rings are perfect for going anywhere, from your honeymoon to a weekend at the lake.

If you are not up for brining sex toys, then why not try just some good ol' flavored lube! This will heat up your sex by making it wet and slick! Lube comes in all flavors from Raspberry to Pina Colada, and everything from heating lube, tingling lube, silicone, water based, oral sex aid lubrication and everything in between. Slick on each others thighs and lick it off, or get the oral sex aid to make each others naughty bits taste heavenly!

Of course an easy to pack sexual item would definitely be sexy lingerie! Packs just like the rest of your clothing, but adds spice to your sex later in the evening! Why not put on a kinky, lacy two piece number and order some room service strawberries & champagne! A perfect way to end your day.

If you are alone, order your favorite dessert, and get out the sex toys you brought for a truly relaxing, and personal time. Going on a work holiday doesn't have to be stressful, you can turn your lonely evenings into some much needed alone time! No family, no work, just you and your horny intentions! Get a little kinky, and have a good trip!

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