Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Essentials in Your Sex Toy Collection

Sex Toys are great, and are one of those things that are considered “the more the merrier!” So having a sex to collection, well that is just plain fun and healthy! Fun because there are so many different kinds, sizes, colors, with different functions that you can buy, and healthy because sex is so stress relieving, and using sex toys instead of penal to vaginal penetration is a great pregnancy and STD prevention method! So here is a short list of all the essentials that should be in anyone's kinky sex toy collection!

First of all, everyone needs Lubrication! Maybe even a couple different kinds, like anal lube for back door exploration, water based lube, suitable for almost all sex toys, and maybe some flavored lube for those extra wild nights. Lubrication is a necessary part of sex toy play, and it is not recommended to use any sex toy without it. Not using lubrication could result in too much friction, and possibly ripping of skin, bleeding, great discomfort and unwanted pain. So use lubrication with all your adult toys.

Next in our essentials list is for women, and that is a Clitoral Stimulator! These tiny toys are great for getting a woman aroused, or even helping her reach her oh so delightful orgasm during intercourse. These are the perfect little foreplay toys, and can be used to tickle the man as well. Clitoral stimulator's are meant to be placed up against the clitoris, or the labia, and vibrate powerfully to get the woman going. A perfect toy for beginners, and for people who wish to be way more discreet with their hobby.

Again for women, a G-Spot Vibrator is a necessity! These vibrators are curved to hit the perfect spot, and send a woman into swirls of sexy, orgasmic ecstasy. G-Spot vibrator sex toys can be made from any common sex toy material, such as glass, plastic, rubber, jelly, and any of the higher grade materials. Use a G-Spot vibrator in a strap-on harness for an exquisite sexual experience.

Now one for men, a Masturbator is a definitely must. These are great for using in the shower, although not all are waterproof so watch for that. Masturbators are made out of soft, jelly like materials, like cyberskin. These sex toys are great for men who are away from their girlfriends, or if they just like to masturbate! Masturbators make self satisfaction easier, funner, and feel so much better. Every man should have a masturbator in their collection, as these are also great discreet toys.

Another must is a powerful classic straight shaped vibrator. These are so classic and really deliver satisfaction every time you use it! These can be used by the man on the woman, or the woman alone. A recommended vibrator is the 10 Function Love Vibe. This vibrator is super sexy and feminine, and very powerful. It's got 10 different styles of vibrations, from pulsing, to thump/throbbing to regular constant vibrations. With this many different functions, you can customize your orgasm each time you play!

Another must for women is an Egg or Bullet. These are good for private and personal use because they are so small and compact. They are also very powerful and can be integrated into other some other sex toys. Also great for use during intercourse, or as the perfect foreplay aid. These sex toys come in all sizes from very small, like the Vivid Mini Bullet Vibrator, to a bigger variation, like the Remote Control Bullet Vibrator.

Of course, condoms are a must, as these are the next best thing besides abstinence for keeping STD's and pregnancy risks lower.

There are many other selections of sex toys to play with and add to your collection, like anal toys, dildos, sex furniture, love rings, cock rings, fun sex games, pleasure balls, strap-ons, and maybe a pair of furry handcuffs! These few items in the list of essentials is only the beginning. Find the toys you love most and keep adding. The more sex toys you have, the more ideas for sexy new positions and activities you can experience!

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