Friday, July 06, 2007

Jelly Dildo's vs. Cyberskin Dildo's

Ever wonder what the main differences were between a jelly dildo and a cyberskin one? There are a couple of aspects, not necessarily better or worse, it all depends on what you are looking for. If you like to be able to move fast, or if you prefer a real life look, it all comes down to the material of the dildo! Here are some of the differences you should know about when picking your dildo.

Jelly dildo's are very floppy and flexible and once they are lubricated, a jelly dildo will slip and slide around. You can thrust a jelly dildo in and out as fast as you want, as they are very sleek and will go as fast as you can! Cyberskin dildo's, they won't move as fast, as the material is a little more course instead of slick like jelly.

Cyberskin dildos have a more dense core, but it is not a solid core. The reason for this is to mimic a real penis accurately. It's like how with a real penis, when erect, you can bend it a little bit, but not very much. Well that is what a Cyberskin dildo is like as well. Along with the real feeling core, Cyberskin dildo's have a real feeling outside sleeve. Sleek and smooth, the otter sleeve is as close to the real thing as you can get. If you close your eyes and you have a real penis, and a Cyberskin one, you will barely be able to tell the difference.

Jelly dildo's can come in any shape and size available. With massive ripples, or bulbous humps, or ever spiky nodes, Jelly can be molded into anything! Cyberskin on the other hand can only be straight with fine detail, as the material is too light to support a radical design.

Jelly is also very cold, and may heat up with friction, but is just chilly for the most part. This is one reason why Jelly is a “fun” material for a dildo. Not only dose cold feel great in a womans vagina, but the sleek design and the variety of shapes makes for jelly to be an exciting, flirty sex play toy.

Cyberskin is a naturally warm material, again like a real penis. Cyberskin dildo's may warm a bit more with friction, but the start room temperature and maintain that the duration of usage. Cyberskin is perfect for anyone wanting a real man, without the rest of the man! A great dildo for those passionate, intense sex play sessions.

Over all, it depends on what you want in a dildo for which one is better. Cyberskin is very real, smooth, warm and shaped as a real penis. A classier material for very personal uses. Jelly is wild and fun in any shape and color, fun and sleek, slick and floppy, great for a fun and jumpy sex play. Not so personal, as jelly is widely used and is advertised greatly.

Both materials are fun and will send you to your wildest orgasm with no problem. Have fun trying them out, and if you can't decide, why not just get both!

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