Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Penis Pumps and Extensions

There are many men out there who are afraid their penis is not as big as others, or they fear that they are not pleasing their partner because of their size. Well you might be big enough for her, but if you are not happy with what you've got, then you could consider using a penis pump, or a penis extension!

Penis pumps first, they are usually a plastic cylindrical with a latex sleeve on one end for an air tight seal, and the other end will have the pump. Weather it be a tube with a hand squeeze bulb, or a trigger style pump, it is easy and safe to pump slowly, and will mostly always have a quick release valve for added safety.

Place your penis inside the cylinder, and make sure the air tight latex seal is tight around you. You'll want to put a little bit of lubrication on the latex seal to make it more comfortable and less friction. Start pumping slowly until you see your penis is larger. How it works is that the pump suctions air out of the cylinder, which makes the blood fill your penis as full as it can! During this stage, if any discomfort is felt, stop and release the pressure in the cylinder and remove the pump. You will feel suction of course, and slight pressure, but if it hurts, or if you feel it is too much, do not continue using the pump until another day.

Once you are fully erect, slide the pump off your penis (another reason to lube the latex seal first!), and enjoy your super rock hard penis! Now at this point you could put a cock ring on, or maybe before you start pumping put the cock ring on, and this will help keep your erection hard and stiff and ready for sex. Don't forget that cock rings should only be worn for about 20 minutes or so, or you will suffocate your penis, and this could lead to a medical condition.

Some penis pumps have little perks that make using them more fun and arousing. Some will have a vibrating option, and some will have a little inflatable latex tongue that tickles the head wile you pump your penis. These are not necessary for higher performance, but they are fun little perks to add to your sexual experience!

Now some types of penis extensions are similar to a condom. They have a penis head style top that you place on top of your penis, and roll the rest down your shaft, like a condom! This adds a couple inches of length for you, and hits those deeper spots in your partner.

Other types of extensions are Cyberskin shafts that slide over your penis, adds length to you, and feels very real for your partner. Cyberskin is the closet material to real skin, and if your whole penis feels like Cyberskin, your partner won't be able to tell! The material will also rub your penis, so unlike condoms, you will feel like it is you that your partner is rubbing. Cyberskin is a good choice for people who do not want to jeopardized sensations.

You can also get extensions that are strap ons. These are hollow dildo style sex toys that you place your penis inside and place the strap around you. These will also add the length and stay in place perfectly for the ultimate sex play!

These two products are great for help men with erection problems, or who want to add that extra bit of length to their penises. They are safe and easy to use if used properly. Follow the instructions and enjoy your new length and firmness!

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