Monday, July 09, 2007

Sexercise! - Loose weight during your sex play?

It's a known fact that exercise is good for you, and anyone who participates in sexual intercourse knows, sex is exercise! So could there be a link? Could SEX actually be good for you? Well, the answer is, of course it is! And in so many ways!

It's been researched and proven that sex burns calories, and not just minor amounts. Sex actually does burn enough calories to make a small difference, and research says vigorous, hard sex is the equivalent to an intense workout. You loose approximately 15 calories per 10 minutes for moderate sex, and 17 calories per 10 minutes for vigorous sex. So if you start with a nice 10 minutes of moderate sex, then step it up with 20 minutes of vigorous sex, that's 50 calories you've lost doing something you love! This number is just an estimate and varies on factors such as body weight, temperature (the more you sweat, the more you loose!) position, duration, intensity and things like that.

Not only does sex burn calories, but it also is great for stretching and toning your muscles, getting your heart racing (which in this case is good for you!), raising your metabolic rate, increasing energy and all while burning calories. Research also says that intense, passionate kissing is a workout in its own. It is said that deep kissing can also raise your metabolic rate, and help you loose as much as 2 calories per minute! Add that to intense sex, and whoa!

Research also states that women who engage in sex regularly are able to get aroused more easily, have an easier time reaching their orgasm, and are more eager for sex on a daily basis. Sex will also help boost your immune system, help provide stress relief, help with posture and boost your creativity.

It is also thought that sex is a cure for a migraine. During sex, adrenaline and cortisol are released in the brain, and help stimulate the brain. In turn, a headache can be cured, and prevented in the future. It is also said that migraine sufferers have a stronger sexual desire, and most find that rough sex is the perfect cure!

So over all, sex is a great addition to your regular exercise routine, and is very beneficial for your health. Now, add sex toys to the mix, get creative and feel better and better ever day! Sex toys will help keep your sex routine random and fun, and keep you wanting more. So put a smile on your face, and jump into bed!

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