Thursday, July 26, 2007

Healthy, Happy Sex

Sex is a very healthy activity, even more so when you do it with someone you really love. As long as you're playing safe, things can go very well, you can loose weight and be happier inside. But things can get dull, and here are some tips on having healthy, happy sex.

Have sex when you feel the urge coming on. Chances are after a while, you both will have your urges at the same time, brining you closer together in the mind. Sharing this experience together is a good way for getting closer and relating to each other. This is also a good way of getting to know what each others likes and dislikes, and knowing the person inside a lot better.

As long as you are playing safe, and wearing some kind of birth control, like a condom. This prevents against STD's and pregnancy. A good idea of something to do together is to get tested if you've had other partners. Go together and get tested at the same time, this way you can get your results together and celebrate the hopeful good news.

Sex toys are of course a really great way of having healthy, safer sex. You can stimulate each other all night and wake up happy and relaxed. Try buying each other sex toys as gifts, and you can figure out more about your partner and relate to which your favorites are. If you have never used sex toys with each other, waiting to see your partners surprise when they open their gift will be unbearable!

Little things like rubbing her feet, and breakfast in bed is all sexual activities leading up to sex play. Rubbing body parts is a way of touching, which stimulates the mind to think "oh this feels good, and i love when they touch me", which will lead to "oh yes, this turns me on!". After a night of sex sex and more sex, breakfast in bed for your drowsy partner is a very cute way of saying a discreet 'thank you for last night'. The thoughtful action might even get you some morning sex! All around touching and sensitivity are important aspects of a relationship that should be shared all the time for real happiness.

Sex helps you loose calories by giving you exercise and making you sweat. Muscles you may not use very often are exercised during sex, which strengthens and tones. The faster, harder and rougher the sex is, the longer it lasts, and the number of different positions you play in are all factors of how many calories you loose, and how much muscle is strengthening. Try to last longer and make sure both of you reach your orgasm, and feel the blood rush happily through your veins!

Sex also releases endorphins in your brain that trigger "happy"! These chemicals tell your brain that you are relaxed, having a good time and are really happy, which brightens your day, and bring you closer to your partner! If you've got some kind of fetishes, like tying each other up or a foot fetish or something, make sure you fulfill them, maybe not all the time, but at least twice a week. Try role playing also for some new exotic fun!

Sex is a healthy activity for couples, and for the individual. Good, close and personal sex will bring you both together, stronger and happier. Perky up your happiness and have safe, loving and wild sex with your partner, as much as you please! This is a great form of exercise and a great way of calming and relaxing your brain, especially right before bedtime!

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