Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Myths and Truths About Sex Toys

There are many myths circling around sex toys, enough to leave a person confused and uninformed about sex toys, using sex toys, how if they really are good or bad. Considering sex toys are still rather taboo in our society today, many woman and men are talking to their friends about them and bringing them into their households as great foreplay toys, and general arousal toys.

So what are some of the myths around sex toys? Well, there is the one about vibrators being bad for women to use. This is definitely a myth, as vibrators have helped many woman who have gone through a painful cancer experience and surgery, and may no longer enjoy sex. Vibrators have shown these women many hours of pleasure and sexual release.

There is no actual scientific evidence that vibrators damage a women vagina. This myth was probably created by uneducated people who agree that sex toys are unethical and shameful.

Which brings me to my next myth, that sex toys are obscene and directly related to pornography. This is probably the biggest misconception about sex toys and the men and women who use them. The only way sex toys are related to pornography is that they both fall under the “Adult” category, and that they are occasionally used as props in the films. Besides this, the sex toy market is a clean, safe and discreet one, catering to all types of people with all types of preferences.

Another myth, and one of the only true ones is that sex toys are great fun, healthy, and help out so many people on a daily basis! Think of the poor soul who has a severe STD and does not want to pass it on to another. Sex toys are the only option they have for feeling the orgasmic pleasures that everyone else feels.

If you are interest, and nervous about using sex toys, and have come across this article, well I hope it has inspired you to open up to the fabulous world of sex toys. Come and enjoy what others have been enjoying for years, and see what sex toys can do for you!

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