Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How To Clean and Maintain Your Sex Toys

Making sure your sex toys are cleaned properly each time you use them will ensure your sex toys are safe, and ready for you! Each different material requires different care and cleaning, but generally its a small, easy task that will keep you free from bacteria and disease.

When it comes to materials like jelly and Cyberskin, you will need to wash them well, as they are very porous materials and can retain bacteria. Sex toy cleaner is most recommended for these, as soap and water may dry them out over time. For Cyberskin type materials, including Futurotic material, Passion Skin material and all of the really life like materials need to have baby or Talc powder rubbed on them before storing them for long periods of time. This will keep them from drying out and deteriorating. You also need to wrap them in a plastic bag or something to keep the moisture in the toy. Of you leave them open to the air, they will dry out over time.

For rubber and silicone materials, it is not so porous, so it takes more for bacteria to set in. This means anti-bacterial soap and warm water will be fine. To really get in all the spaces, you will want to scrub them really well. Some of these are waterproof, so if you use them in the shower it will make clan up easier. If you wanted, sex toy cleaner would definitely work for these as well. For storing, making sure they are dry first, and store everything separately. I would also recommend wrapping them in a plastic bag for storing as well.

Plastic can be washed with anti-bacterial soap and warm water or sex toy cleaner also. Plastic is very easy to clean and dry, and you can store it by its self or wrapped in a cloth. Plastic will of course never dry out, so you do not need to moisturize or wrap in a bag.

Glass is probably the easiest material to clean. It is absolutely not porous, so you can use sex toy cleaner or anti-bacterial soap and water, or you can boil it, or even just rinse under warm water. There is no chance of the bacteria setting is if you rinse it right away, and for storing, glass sex toys usually come with a nice satin or velvet pouch to place them in.

As for lingerie and clothing items, follow the tag. Either washing or dry cleaning.

When storing your sex toys, always make sure they are not touching other sex toys. They could end up melting together, and you don't want to find out which ones will and which ones won't the hard way. Wrapping your jelly, Cyberskin, and silicone in a plastic bag while not in use is a must, and the Cyberskin types need the Talc or baby powder. Some products say you need 'Renewal Powder', but baby powder is not only cheaper, it is pretty much the exact same thing. Renewal Powder is really just a way of getting more money out of your pocket.

So make sure you clean your toys before and after every use, and especially if you are going to share them with other people. Glass is really one of the only materials recommended to share, as cleaning is easy. Have fun with your sex toys, play happy, play healthy and stay safe!

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