Friday, August 31, 2007

Sex Toys Are Great!

Sex toys are perfect additions to a happy marriage, or relationship. They bring love, respect, and above all, hotter, wilder and kinkier sex! Bringing sex toys into your relationship will bring the two of you closer mentally, and physically, and will leave you both smiling all day long.

Sex toys also help reduce stress. A good orgasm will please a man and a woman in their minds by reducing special chemicals that ease the mind, and bring a more peaceful state. This is what our bodies are meant to feel, and when we do experience a great orgasm, we all become happier people!

Now there are many myths surrounding sex toys and health issues. Some people think vibrators for example can hurt women and they will not be able to experience a great orgasm again after they use a vibrator. This is very untrue. Anything can be dangerous, and vibrators are no exception. If used inappropriately, or for any other use, of course vibrators can be dangerous. But if a vibrator is used solely for it's use to pleasure a woman, then everything should be fine. Consulting your doctor before you invest in a vibrator if you are not sure is probably is a good idea.

But vibrators have given the pleasure of an orgasm to many women who have had operations for some types of cancers. This is a great thing for these women. They may never be able to feel the pleasure of a man again, but the intense vibrations and strong sensations of sex toys may be the only thing they have! This is a wonder to these woman, and people trying to tell them that vibrators are bad, I'm sure they have gone through enough to even bother!

There is also the example of the older couple who are still so in love, and want nothing more than to please each other. But what about the poor man who is not as young as he used to be? He may need a little bit of help getting a full erection so he can please his wife. This can be solved simply with sex toys! No embarrassing prescriptions or doctors appointments needed, simply invest in a male strap on dildo, or even just a cock ring! This way he can have is erection, and she can have her orgasm!

Besides helping many people who cannot experience sex the way others can, sex toys are all around great little additions to self pleasure! A woman taking a bath, why not take a little waterproof vibrating clit toy with her and have a real tub time experience! Just a quick little masturbation aid, she can reach her orgasm quickly and with great satisfaction!

Also for men, a masturbator can make his self pleasing time more erotic and exciting! This all has to do with the orgasm creating happy chemicals in the brain. A man wants an orgasm, as it will keep him calmer, instead of all worked up, happier, and even less horny around other women. The worst thing is a man who has a very high sexual appetite being around pretty girls and having all these thoughts running through his mind. If he goes home at night and satisfies his needs, perhaps he can control his urges and keep himself less restless! Male masturbators come in all shapes and sizes, from jelly flowers with suction chambers to mimic oral sex, to an ultra soft, ribbed tunnel surrounded by a molded vagina!

Sex toys in general are great for helping couples rekindle their sexual flame, and for simply pleasing a solo masturbation session. Whatever your reason for using sex toys, never be ashamed, and always be excited! Sex toys bring many people happiness, calmer minds, and more peace on a daily basis! So go on, and enjoy sex toys. They are not only for porn stars, and they are definitely not dirty and degrading, but rather for every adult who wants something new in their sex life. Sex toys are for everyday people and couples, and may be enjoyed privately by all kinds of partners daily, with no shame or disgrace. Enjoy your sex toys, and share your passion with your partner. Let sex toys give you better nights together, and more fantasies to share!

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